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Section of Site: Droids D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: DROIDSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Storm Berserker
Model: MerenData Storm Berserker-Class War Droid
Type: Automated Shock Troops
Dexterity: 6D
   Blaster: 8D, Brawl Parry: 8D Dodge: 9D, Melee Combat: 8D, Melee Parry: 7D
Knowledge: 2D
   Alien Species: 4D, Intimidation: 8D, Languages: 5D, Survival: 6D, Tactics: 7D,
   Willpower: 6D
Mechanical: 1D
   Communications: 5D, Repulsorlift Operations: 6D, Sensors 4D
Perception: 4D
   Command: 6D, Hide: 5D, Search: 7D. Sneak: 6D
Strength: 6D
   Brawling: 9D, Climb/Jump: 7D, Lifting: 8D, Stamina: 7D
Technical: 2D
   Armor Repair: 4D, Blaster Repair: 5D, Computer Programming/Repair: 5D,
   Demolitions: 5D, Droid Repair: 6D, Ground Vehicle Repair: 5D, Missile Weapons
   Repair: 4D, Repulsorlift Repair: 5D, Security: 6D
Equipped With:
*Humanoid Body (Two Arms, Two Legs, One Head)
*Multi-Function Vocabulator With Ultrasonic And Subsonic Settings
*TransLang IV Communications Module
*Two Full Electromagnetic Spectrum Capable Photoreceptors
*Two Audio Receptors With Ultrasonic And Subsonic Sensitivity
*One Chemoreceptor With 2 Foreign Air Particle Parts Per Trillion Sensitivity
*Broadband Transmitter/Receiver Package With A 100 Kilometer Range
*Multi-Function Wide-Band Omnidirectional Sensor Array
   Passive: 20 meters/1D
   Scan: 200 meter/2D
   Search: 1 km/3D
   Focus: 20 meters/4D
*Repulsorlift Engine: 150; 430 kmh With 1 Kilometer Flight Ceiling (1 Hour Flight
Time Before 3 Hour Recharge Period Is Required)
*+3D Armor Versus Physical And Energy Attacks On All Locations
*Retractable Shoulder-Mounted Blaster Cannon: 8D Damage; 300 Shots;
6-140/600/1,000 meters
*Retractable Fingertip Vibroclaws: Strength+3D Damage
*Lowickan Firegem Self-Destruct Module: Blast Radius: 0-50/100/300 meters
                                                              Damage: 8D/6D/4D Walker Scale
                                                              30-Second Destruct Delay
Move: 25
Size: 2 meters
Cost: 150,000
Capsule: Storm Berserker-Class War Droids are specially made specifically for the Colossus-Class Tank Droid and sold exclusively to the Keltarrin Protectorate. These terrifying battle droids are programmed with exceptionally complete and complex alien species and language information to better enable these droids to interrogate and deal with the enemy. They have the same style of hard-wired quadruple-redundancy hardened personality cores as are found on their big brothers, the Colossus droids. The Storm Berserker's main weapon is it's retractable blaster cannon which it wields with formidable accuracy. The secondary weapon system are the fingertip-mounted retractable vibroclaws that can shred durasteel in moments and cut a raging Wookiee down to size in mere seconds. Physically the Storm Berserkers look like blood red storm troopers with black trim. Relying on the lingering horror of Emperor Palpatine's storm trooper legions for a psychological edge, the Keltarrin Protectorate has managed to create a war droid of such frightening visage that many enemies would rather surrender than go into combat with such a foe. The self-destruct system of the Storm Berserker is worthy of note due to the amount of destructive potential it represents. Should a Storm Berserker be disabled and become unable to continue combat it immediately sends out a coded alert signal to all other Storm Berserker and Protectorate armed forces within the blast radius informing them that a thirty second countdown has begun. Other units in the area have precisely that long to reach a safe distance before the droid's power core goes super-critical and shunts the energy into a hard radiation burst directed at the lowickan firegem inside the droid. This sudden radiation burst causes the gem to explode with frightening force. (For more about the Lowickan Firegem see The Truce At Bakura Sourcebook page 139)

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