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Section of Site: Droids D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: DROIDSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Hand-to-Hand Combat Droid
Model: AccuTronics I-1 Combat Instruction droid
Height: 1.8m
Move: 12
Brawling parry 6D, melee combat 6D, melee parry 6D
command 4D (tutorial only)
brawling 6D
Equipped with:
-humanoid body
-2 audio receptors (human range)
-2 photoreceptors (human range)
-body armor (+2D physical, +1D energy all locations)
Availability: 3, X
Cost: 9,000 cr (no longer available for sale on the open market)
capsule: The I-1 was a well-publicised failure for AccuTronics. They had planned to capitalize on a growing concern by the public to be able to defend oneself in the face of an attack by criminals (this was during the darkest days of the fall of the Old Republic, when crime rates were at an all-time high). The idea was that this droid would be sold to entrepeneurs across the galaxy, who would then use the droid to instruct citizens in the art of self defense. Initially orders for the droid poured in, but unfortunate incidents after the first shipment of I-1s arrived caused a recall order, as well as numerous lawsuits. It seems that the droid had been rushed, and the programming was imperfect. Since fighting was necessary to the function of the droid, life preservation programming was never installed. Instead programming was installed so that the droids would use their combat to teach their opponents in the art of combat, rather than use combat to harm their opponents. I-1s did indeed teach their opponents, but they tended to have trouble figuring out how much force to use, and in a number of cases the droids injured, and even killed their pupils, all the while explaining to them how they were leaving their defenses wide open, and how if this were real combat they would be in serious trouble. I-1 combat droids were promptly banned, although many from that first shipment made their way to the black market, where they were quickly snapped up by those who wanted efficient droid bodyguards.

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