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Section of Site: Droids D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: DROIDSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Pest Control Droid
Model: AccuTronics M0-SR Pest Control Droid
Height: 0.25m
Move: 16
Blaster 3D, Running 6D
brawling 3D, climbing/jumping 4D
Equipped with:
-light blaster (range: 2-3/5/10; damage: 2D+2, ammo: 6)
-12 legs with claws (adds +2D to climbing/jumping, does STR+1D damage in brawling)
-optical sensor (sees in infra-red range, as well as spectrum seen by humans)
-audio sensor (human range)
Availability: 2, F
Cost: 1,000 cr (new)
capsule: The AccuTronics M0-SR droid was designed to skitter through air ventilation shafts and waste disposal areas, seeking out and destroying vermin. The M0-SR is highly effective in its intended role, and is able to go almost anywhere that its prey can go. The main body of the droid is segmented to allow maximum flexibility in tight places, and is a mere 30 cm long. The body is roughly cylindrical in shape, with a diameter of about 5cm. The thin legs with their sharp claws are placed in three sets of four, with the legs of each set being equilaterally placed around the diameter of the body. The legs will wrap close around the body to allow the droid to get into particularly small holes. The M0-SR droid is not terribly bright, although it is cunning enough to perform its job. The M0-SR will only attack creatures which it has been programmed to recognize as pests, and its simple matrix is able to hold the profiles of 8 different species at a time. Unless specifically programmed otherwise the M0-SR will always attempt to close and attack pests with its claws, only using its blaster if it is unable to get close to the pest it is hunting. The M0-SR has been relatively successful, and sees especially brisk sales on swamp and jungle planets with abundant and dangerous local pests. Some unscrupulous individuals have attempted to modify M0-SR droids for use as assassins, but this has thus far proved a dismal failure due to the complex instructions which must be given to the terribly simple droid. In one famous incident a not-so-bright would-be assassin reprogrammed an M0-SR droid to recognise humans as pests, intending to release the droid into the quarters of his target. The hapless miscreant, who also happened to be human, was promptly attacked by the droid, and spent the next several weeks in a prison hospital.

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