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Section of Site: Supplements D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Era: ImperialCanon: No

The New Republic

    The Relationship between the New Republic and the Conheav Sector, like all New Republic-Imperial relations, are strained to say the least. The New Republic sees Conheav as one of the most organized and powerful factions in the area, and therefore as a major threat, but can't justify an all-out war with them, although trade sanctions have been introduced against certain Conheav products. In truth this matters little to Moff Lesbeat since there are plenty of other markets for those products, such as other Imperial factions, and the many independant worlds. The fact that there is a small buffer zone of independant worlds between Conheav and New Republic territory is a great preventative measure that keeps a full-scale conflict from arising, although Lesbeat sends occasional raids into New Republic space.
    Despite the Republic's generally 'hands off' approach to Conheav Sector, there are certain New Republic assets within the sector, and many of the neutral worlds caught in the middle have become hotbeds of New Republic diplomacy and espionage. Among the assets actually within the sector are 2 small bases that are carefully hidden from prying eyes. The first of these, Fere Station, is a deep-space asteroid base far from the main hyperspace routes. Fere Station is located roughly in the middle of the triangle created by the Kalpol, Nethin and Tuarte systems (although of course the New Republic has no idea that Nethin is any more than a lifeless system). Fere Station was constructed shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star, primarily as a starfighter base, but also to serve as a fleet resupply station if necessary. Fere station was first assigned a squadron of X-wings and two squadrons of Y-wings, and it was anticipated that this station would be the nerve center of the Rebellion in the sector. As it turned out the lack of popular support in the sector made Fere Station into a low priority, and first the X-wings, and then the Y-wings were withdrawn for use in more vital areas. These fighters were replaced by a motley collection of whatever the base commander, a human named Brin Tober, could get her hands on. Currently Fere base has the following operational fighters:
12 Cloakshapes (with maneuvering fins and hyperdrive sleds, see Dark Empire Sourcebook)
8 TL-118 Starhammers (modified for hyperdrive, see Instant Adventures)
4 C-73 Trackers (unmodified, see Alliance Intelligence Reports or Pirates and Privateers)
12 Tocsan 8-Q Fighters (unmodified, see Pirates and Privateers)
There are also a number of other fighters at the base, such as Z-95 Headhunters, various Uglies and other assorted types, but these fighters were recovered from battle sites and are used only for parts. As such none of these remaining fighters could even remotely be considered usable, and it would take a great deal of time and effort to repair any of them to the point where they could be used. Brin Tober has modified a stolen HT-2200 freighter (see Pirates and Privateers, Stock Ships, or Adventure Journal #5) so that it can carry all 4 of the base's C-73 Trackers 'piggyback' through hyperspace. This means that all of the fighters operating out of Fere Station are capable of long-range missions. In fact these fighters see very little action since Tober wishes the base to remain a secret. The only raids that she permits are those that can be blamed upon pirate groups such as the Black Fangs. These days the station sees more use as a transfer point for New Republic personnel and equipment traveling through the sector, although there is little enough of this traffic. Every few months the small base is resupplied by the New Republic Nebulon-B Frigate Vigilant, whose normal area of operations is on the New Republic border as a patrol craft. Lately Fere Station has gained in importance due to the fact that the New Republic privateer Elcid Barret has been using it as his restocking area to feul his raids within Conheav Sector. Barret's relative success has emboldened Tober somewhat, and she is considering expanding her raids.
    The second New Republic base, Post A9963TR, is newly built, and is a top-secret New Republic Intelligence listening post. Nobody outside of NRI knows that the post exists, although Lesbeat suspects that there may be a listening post somewhere within the sector. Post A9963TR is located within the Croteck asteroid belt in the S'Ytnom system, and is disguised as an Imperial sensor array to monitor the near-constant training exercises within the belt. In fact the base, which was painstakingly built around an existing sensor array, sends all of the sensor data collected to the Imperial controllers as the sensors were originally designed to, but also sends the data to the New Republic. The post has been equipped with a communications array which allows them to listen in on all Imperial communications being routed through the subspace signal amplifier in the system, and the 4 man crew of the base spend almost all of their on-duty time attempting to decode this information. The base is equipped with 2 carefully disguised Y-wings (two-seat models) for use in case an evacuation is necessary, and every month a small, stealth-equipped NRI freighter slips past the system's sensor net (with the aid of a few bribed Imperials who believe that they are being paid by smugglers) to restock the listening post and rotate the crew out.

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