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ConheavNewsNet Issue 0278:

Treaty Signed With Certfi Sector
    In an historic move Moff Lesbeat signed a treaty with High Admiral Moia of neighbouring Certfi Sector today. This comes after months of negotiations between the two Imperial leaders in which such issues as trade agreements, passage rights, and mutual defence were discussed. In the years immediately following the tragedy at Endor, the forces of our two sectors have occasionally found themselves at odds with each other due primarily to accusations of piracy perpetuated by both sides, but this direct confrontation ended 8 months ago when Lesbeat and Moia agreed to set aside their differences with a cease fire in the interests of ensuring peace in our section of the galaxy. Shortly thereafter a group of sector rangers operating in the Kalpol system to capture the notorious bandit Taad Sayes happened across evidence that Sayes had been employed by New Republic Intelligence to perform piratical raids on Certfi sector shipping while implicating forces from Conheav sector.
    Once this evidence came to light Lesbeat and Moia sat down to begin treaty talks in earnest. Some of the highlights of the newly signed treaty include a free trade agreement which will allow the rich resources of Certfi sector to be imported, while allowing Conheav manufactured goods to be exported. This was initially unpopular, but in a statement from Moff Lesbeat's office it was asserted that "this agreement will mean increased output for our industry as we gain an unrestricted market. Any possible loss of jobs in the resource industries will be more than offset by a corresponding increase in the manufacturing sectors. Furthermore, while no tariffs will be placed on incoming rawmats from Certfi sector, when awarding government contracts, all other things being equal, preference will be given to local suppliers." Another highlight is the fact that Conheav forces will be allowed free passage through Certfi space, and vice versa. This does not, however, allow foreign forces any jurisdiction, and they are specifically forbidden to engage in combat unless the victims of an unprovoked attack.
    The final major issue was whether a mutual defence agreement should be included. High Admiral Moia was strongly in favour of such a stipulation in order to help defend Certfi sector from the encroaching forces of Warlord Ellion, Supreme General Daley, and the New Republic. Moff Lesbeat felt that such an agreement would ultimately be detrimental to the security of Conheav sector since "we are not currently at war with any factions, despite skirmishes with New Republic forces. Conheav sector has nothing to gain from a mutual defence agreement, and everything to lose. What purpose would it serve for us to send our forces to aid in a conflict that is not our own? The only result would be the needless deaths of many of our young men; these are our sons, our brothers, and our fathers. If they are killed now away from their homes, not only will we be deprived of them, but without them to defend us when the need arises we may be deprived of everything that we hold dear." In order to appease Moia, Lesbeat agreed to allow Moia's forces to train at the facilities on Ord Perpan in the S'Ytnom system for a discounted price.
    The treaty was signed aboard High Admiral Moia's flagship, the Star Destroyer Faminewind while in orbit around Lechar. For a complete copy of the Lechar treaty please see your local municipal headquarters.

Contract Awarded to Lobic Yards Ltd.
    Immediately following the ratification of the Lechar treaty High Admiral Moia announced the granting of a contract to Lobic Yards Ltd, a division of local arms giant Lobic Arms. This contract is reported to be upgrades to the Star Destroyer Battlehammer, although the exact nature of the upgrades are classified. The contract is expected to create no less than 3,000 jobs for the economy of Agebew in the Kalpol system. A statement from High Admiral Moia's office implied that if the work done by Lobic Yards was satisfactory Certfi sector will be sending more capital vessels to the yards for similar upgrades.
    Lobic Yards spokesman Medi Foroone commented that "this contract is a huge step towards greater economic security, and really shows the influence that Moff Lesbeat has on our continued prosperity. This contract would not be possible if not for the recent Lechar treaty. If this is a sign of things to come I am extremely hopeful for the future. This particular contract is made all the more important to Lobic Yards because it will allow us to successfully compete with the Kuat Drive Yards facilities around Conheav Prime. I am confidant that when KDY's current contract to upgrade naval vessels is completed Lobic Yards will be in a position to win the next local military contract."
    For information on purchase of Lobic Yards stock please contact your local FinanNet node.

Terrorists Attack Lobic Arms Plant
    A bold terrorist attack destroyed a Lobic Arms manufacturing plant on Agebew yesterday, killing at least 43. Imperial Army personel, functioning as rescue workers, continued to sift through the wreckage, hoping to find survivors. Three Lobic Arms employees remain unaccounted for. Extremists representing the Agebew Council for the Environment (ACE) have claimed responsability for the deadly attack, the most recent in a series of increasingly violent acts of sabotage perpetrated by the organisation. This attack is the first time in the history of the ACE that the actions of the group have resulted in deaths, although over 200 have been injured by ACE attacks in the past.
    Police Chief Muggiw stated that "those responsible for this heinous act will be caught and prosecuted to the fulest extent of the law. In the past rumours have linked the ACE to New Republic agents, but we have had no proof. This attack seems to have been perpetrated using New Republic-issue rocket launchers, combined with a squad of infiltrators. This in itself is not conclusive proof, but the implications are obvious. Because of the possible political aspects of this case the Agebew police force will be working closely with the Imperial Security Bureau."
    Agent Budde Blanck, representing the ISB, announced that all ACE gatherings, whether peaceful in nature or not, are now banned, and anyone affiliating themselves with the ACE will be considered to be perpetrating treasonous acts. Agent Blanck also revealed that the bodies of at least 2 ACE terrorists were recovered from the scene, and that one of these bodies has been positively identified, leading to the questioning and arrest of 5 individuals suspected of aiding in the vicious attack.
    If you have information regarding this or any other crime please contact any local Imperial authorities.

Prominent Scholar Commits Suicide
    Assistant Professor Mageda of the University of Konbalar was found dead in his room at the Ourcam Asylum on Noinu this morning, having hung himself using his own bedsheet. Mageda was a well-respected xenoarchaeologist, best known for his controversial theories about the ruins on Mogtnom. Mageda, a native of Noinu, was one of the youngest people to complete a doctorate at the acclaimed University of Konbalar. The brilliant scholar was institutionalized after an apparantly traumatic expedition to Mogtnom. The details of what occured on that expedition are unknown, but a source close to Mageda claimed that after the trip he would speak of nothing but "the wind that oozes and binds."
    The family of the deceased has requested that in lieu of flowers donations be made to the University of Konbalar department of Xenoarchaeology.

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