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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon: Crossover

Name: Clover (Cloverfield)
Type: Amphibious Predator

Dexterity: 2D
Perception: 1D
Strength: 9D

Special Abilities
            Teeth: Clover has powerful jaws and can bite and hold their prey with amazing strength, their Teeth do Strength+5D Damage.
            Massive Size: Clover is a massive creature, its sheer size makes it resistant to damage, giving it a bonus 4D in rolls to resist damage.
            Parasitic Infestation: Clover has some 2000 Parasites covering its hide, these detach and hunt for food returning only when they are in danger.
            Aquatic: Clover is comfortable both under the water and on land, capable of swimming and breathing water easily.

Move: 40
Size: 107m Tall, 366m Long

Description: The monster is a 350 foot high quadruped with long tri-fork finned tail. The uppermost double-jointed limb pair is longer than the other two, ending in a multi-fingered hand which can bend backward so that the creature can walk on its fingers. The double-jointed, squat legs are powerful enough to support the creature’s mass, and yet still allow it to move relatively quickly for an organism of its size. Each of its feet is 30-40 feet in length, roughly the size of a city transit bus. The creature is covered in gray skin that exhibits a white pallor, possibly due to an absence of light on the ocean floor. The skin is also host to thousands of dog-sized parasitic creatures.

Its head has sharp, bony features and two eyes with pupils large enough to almost obscure their requisite sclera from view. Its face resembles that of a piranha or an angler fish. There are a set of membranous sacks on either side of the head behind the eyes, which inflate and recede back into the head. Some speculate them to be "ear membranes", much like those of a frog. Some fans have speculated that they are filled with some type of fluid to help it adjust to the different pressures it encounters on land. Others say they help the monster breathe the air which would be thin to it, due to its large size.

Tucked between the monster's legs are two "external esophogi". The esophogi are used to eat creatures much smaller than itself (humans and any other large animals). In the Cloverfield/Kishin manga, the monster's external esophogi are shown using long, thin tubes to wrap around the victims and bring them in, though how much the manga can be trusted on these matters is unclear. The esophogi were first clearly seen when Hud looks up at the monster before it bites him. Fans originally misinterpreted the tubes to be limbs before their true nature was revealed. The esophogi end with teeth-like projections. It devoured several dozen Central Park carriage horses with, as well as (most likely) the people that Marlena mentioned the monster was eating when it moved down Broadway.

The creature's skin show a strong resistance to projectile weaponry, due to the immensely high resistance deep-sea creatures have shown against heat and pressure due to their environmental conditions. Shells from M-1 tanks, AT-4 rockets, 80 Mk 82 bombs, and other high powered ordnance failed to do anything other than aggravate the creature.

Diet: The Monster's diet covers a large array of foods. The first hint at the monster's diet was when a photo of whales the monster had partially consumed appeared on In Cloverfield, Marlena says she saw it "eating people". The exterior esophogi are the right size to consume humans, amongst other things. Other amateur video footage of the Cloverfield event reveal that the monster was also seen eating multiple horses at the same time with these tubes. However, it also eats humans with its mouth, as it bit one of the main characters in half.

Parasites: Parasites are the Secondary Monsters. The Monster's skin is covered with 2000 of Parasites. The Parasites jump down to attack people. They (Rarely) jump back on The Monster If they are in grave danger.

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