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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: The Last StarfighterSubtype: StarfighterEra: Canon: Crossover

Centauri's Starcar

Craft: Centauri's Starcar
Type: Custom flying space car
Scale: Starfighter
Skill: Driving, Starfighter Piloting
Crew: 1
Crew Skill: Varies by users
Passengers: 4
Cargo Capacity: 50 kilograms
Consumables: 2 days
Cost: Not available for sale
Hyperdrive: x2
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 3D
-Space: 6
-Atmosphere: 330; 950kmh
-Ground: 200; 563.27kmh (350mph)
Hull: 2D
-Shields: 1D
   Passive: 20/0D
   Scan: 35/1D
   Search: 75/2D
   Focus: 3/4D

   The Starcar was Centauri's personal vehicle for getting around in 'The Last Starfighter'.  While looking very 'space age' with its silver trim and sleek design, it could actually blend in quite well in Earth society and culture, making Centauri look as he preferred, rich and well off, adding to his charismatic nature.
   When Centauri first appears, he is driving the Starcar and retrieves Alex Rogan from the Starlight Starbright trailer park.  When they leave, Centauri drives the car along mang slim, tight roads that swerved dangerously for highspeed vehicles, yet the car was able to achieve around three hundred and three miles per hour (303 mph), as shown while passing a police car with a positioned radar gun.  When the car passed through a tunnel, a construction scene was blocking the other end, and Centauri quickly changed the car into flight mode.  The rear panels opened outwards to reveal thruster engines (which didn't work properly at first, showing that the Starcar has a few kinks in it, similar perhaps to the classic Millenium Falcon and everyone's first clunker) that ignited and propelled the car into the air.  As it rose in altitude, the front and rear wheels retracted inwards, and panels colored like the rest of the silvered hull folded over their recessed areas, giving the Starcar a more aerodynamic shape as it began leaving the atmosphere.
   Centauri would make three trips in the Starcar, first to take Alex to Rylos, then back to Earth when he refused to be a Starfighter Gunstar gunner, then back to Rylos again when Alex realized Zan-Do-Zans were coming to Earth to kill him and prevent the Star League from having even a single Starfighter gunner to fight on their behalf.  On the last trip, Centauri was wounded by a Zan-Do-Zan before taking off, and seemingly dies after landing his Starcar at Rylos' Star League base after the attack, narrowly avoiding a crash (though he gets better later!).
   As the car passes Saturn's rings, it entered a method of faster than light travel (applied here as the classic Hyperdrive) that appeared as a tunnel-like apperture with red dots speeding past that could have been stars.
   While the Starcar is shaped similarly to a car, it is made of advanced technology, probably from Rylos of the Star League.  It literally has a license plate on the rear entitled 'RYLOS'.  While on the ground, it is Speeder Scale to hit the Starcar.  But when flying it is Starfighter Scale, as it makes use of its engines for flying maneuvers, giving more for advanced sensors of other starfighter scale craft to pick up on.  Its hull is still Starfighter Scale for defending against attack damage, though somewhat weak due to its civilian nature.

   The Starcar was listed as doing 303 mph while driving on tight roads.  In Star Wars RPG D6 rules, this would be over 482 kmh, which is well above what is listed in the Star Wars RPG Speed Tables.  This also means that the speeds listed above for flying are not nearly as fast as they probably should be.  Many things converted to Star Wars RPG have this problem, but there are many ways to handle this, as listed below.
   The first idea that comes to mind, is that the ground speed could remain the same, using the Starcar's advanced Maneuverability to handle tight turns on dangerous roads rather easily.  While flying, it could use a form of repulsorlift engine like most flying craft in Star Wars, and be given a listed speed (which I have done above, just to simplify things).  And when in space, it could keep the listed space speed of 6, since space and atmospheric flight are always different, as one deals with the ordeals of flying in an atmosphere with air resistance playing on the flying craft, while space travel does not have this and allows for more powerful ion engines (or other advanced propulsion) to be used to accelerate to greater speeds that quickly rocket away from a planet.
   For simplicity, the stats given here are the first idea.  But players can change this up as they feel if needed.
   Another idea is to adjust the flying speeds to be faster than the ground speed, which would be more likely.  This will make for a flying craft that will leave fighters like A-wings, TIE Interceptors and Tie Defenders in its dust.  While Centauri might very well own such a speedy personal spacecraft, he was also depicted as not being very rich and trying to strike his fortune, so this is also unlikely.
   The first idea fits into Star Wars technology, while the second fits more realistically.  Players and GMs should choose which they feel more comfortable with.
   Also, I didn't have the time to figure out the math behind the D6 speed chart, so, uh, I slapped something on the Ground option just to make it work, lol.

Comments made about this Article!

15/Sep/2011 02:05:16 Posted by {}

Dobbertin Hydrocar 2002 up to 2010

This four-wheel-steering prototype has had her bottom wet.

The first photo is without the side pontoons.
the third photo is without wheel wells and pontoons.

Engine: Merlin hardcore all aluminium 750 hp 572 Chevy
Gearbox: Quadzilla 4L80E Transfer-box: Atlas
1- Front wheels only for the road.
2- Prop only for the water.
3- Front wheels and prop for launches and landings.

An aluminium Dana 60 front drive axle with a Tractech locker.

Automatic water preparation:
The side-mounted pontoons drop several inches into the water, so the central hull is higher on the water. On board pneumatic systems raise the winged rear deck/engine cover and they close the wheel compartments to minimize drag.

15/Sep/2011 02:30:12 Posted by {}

the starcar is more similar of delorean of back to the future ,enterprise or A wing .

08/Oct/2011 19:14:50 Posted by HellStormer1 {}

Enterprise???? You mean like their shuttle pods?

23/Oct/2011 23:22:45 Posted by {}

the tecnology is like a delorean of back to the future ,enterprise or A wing; and the size is like shuttle pods!

24/Oct/2011 00:08:34 Posted by {}

the front wheels technology of wetnellie(lotus submarine) the movie ,The Spy Who Loved Me is same of the starcar!

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