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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: Canon: Crossover

Caster Guns

   The characters Gene Starwind and Ronald MacDougall both use magical guns known as "Casters". "Casters" in the world of Outlaw Star utilize a lost form of technology and magic and are considered rare antiques. Their ammunition, caster shells, come in 20 numbered varieties, the numbers connoting the varied effects; #4, #9, and #13 are the rarest kinds, as they could only be made by the wizards of Tenrei and the magical power of the shell draws upon the life force of the user to create a devestating effect more powerful than the normal shells. The caster shells are actually pre-made spells loaded into cartridges, which can be used even by people with no magical affinities. Casters in Outlaw Star use a form of magic that is extremely effective against Tao magic, the magic used by the majority of the show's antagonists.
   In Star Wars RPG, Caster Guns could be the product of a by-gone era when the Jedi were at their height and the Sith were still around.  one side or the other could have created Caster Guns to utilize the Force in a more devestating manner.  Jedi Knights might have made them to help agents of the Republic battle Sith when they did not possess the Force to do so.  Sith Lords could of had them made to empower dark agents not trained in the Force, to better sneak into a locale and assassinate an enemy such as other Jedi Knights.
   Whatever the case, Caster Guns would make a great addition to any Star Wars game, fitting nicely in the gran scheme of the Star Wars Universe as the galaxy itself is large enough for many things from outside the setting to fit into, and much of it still unexplored.
   Caster Guns and their shells are both very rare items.  Finding a Caster Gun is ony the beginning, as the gunner using it needs to locate and aquire shells to use the gun.  This should be hard to do, and the gunfighter should never have more than a handful at any given time.  The rare shells themselves give the gunfighter a lot of firepower, and they should be more the focus of an actual adventure to aquire them, much like in the Outlaw Star anime series, as Gene Starwind and the crew go to Tenrei for him to gain three of these shells for his ensuing battle with the Kei pirates at the Galactic Leyline.

IMPORTANT NOTE!: The list of known caster shells is very limited.  Therefor, I humbly request that any interested parties please leave comments on what you think would make up good caster shells to help fill out the list of twenty.  Even if you have more than twenty ideas, please post them anyway, the more, the merrier!!!

Model: Caster gun (manufacturer unknown)
Type: Caster gun (spell-based firearm)
Scale: Character
Skill: Atchaic weapons: caster gun
Ammo: 1 (must reload after every shot)
Cost: Varies by collector (should be very expensive)
-Caster Gun: 4, X (legality may vary upon location)
-Caster Shell: 4
Fire Rate: 1
Range: Varies by caster shell
Damage: Varies by caster shell

List of KNOWN Caster Shells:

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Rare caster shells require the user's life energy to use.  Every shell used will be an automatic Wound effect on the user.  Using three rare shells consecutively will require a Stamina check against Heroic Difficulty.  Success means the caster gunner is Incapacitated.  Failure means they have died.  If the caster user succeeds this Stamina check, using another rare caster shell requires the same check.  If the caster gunner already has a Wound, these effects stack with other Wounds inflicted upon them.)

#3: Fires a large, red energy blast.
-Range: 1-3/12/25m
-Damage: 8D (heat damage)

#4: Rare shell created by Urt.  Fire a black singularity that envelopes the target in an intense implosion, like a miniature black hole.
-Range: 1-3/6/10m
-Damage: 15D, also requires Heroic Difficulty Strength check to resist the singularity, failure means death.

#5: Fires a whirlwind that evaporates into water after impact with the target.
-Range: 1-5/20/40m
-Damage: 8D Wind(Nonlethal, used for knocking people back by strong winds, counts as falling damage if they hit a barrier), 8D Water (if water would damage or otherwise affect the target)

#9: Rare shell created by Hadul.  Fires a crimson energy blast, after impact it sends target flying by strong concussive force.
-Range: 1-3/7/15m
-Damage: 15D plus Heroic Difficulty Stamina check to resist automatic death (Concussive force upon impact, also causes knockback/falling damage, knocking opponent almost straight upwards for maximum distance and effect)

#10: Fires a red and black energy blast.
-Range: 1-3/12/25m
-Damage: 10D (mix of heat and dark energy damage)

#11: Fires a redish energy blast, creates an explosion upon impact.
-Range: 1-4/16/32m
-Damage: 10D/9D/8D/7D (explodes outwards upon impact)

#12: Fires an eletrical energy blast that does stun damage to living targets, and (I assume) causes electrical (ion?) damage to technological items.  Looks like a lightning bolt when fired.
-Range: 1-3/12/25m
-Damage: 8D

#13: Rare shell created by Ark.  Fires a yellow energy blast that overpowers and kills target.  When used against another blast, it spreads into a shrapnel effect.
-Range: 1-3/7/15m
-Damage: 10D plus Heroic Difficulty Stamina check to resist automatic death.  If countered by another blast, it explodes outwards like shrapnel, 10D/9D/8D/7D.

#19: Used once, was a dud.  True effect, unknown.
-Range: N/A
-Damage: N/A

NOTE!: Again, please, post your comments on other kinds of shells!  It would be greatly appreciated by the guys running, as well as anyone else who comes across the write-up!

Comments made about this Article!

07/Feb/2010 08:52:31 Posted by Anonymous

Hellstormer1: This is another I vaguely remember...

#--: Fires a beam of repulsing force, much like the reverse of a tractor beam, that presses strongly against whatever target it hits, but does NOT push the caster gunner.
-Range: 1-4/16/32m
-Damage: 10D (Pushing Strength)

Also, the previously posted Lightblast and Darkblast have ranges of 1-3/12/24m.

09/Feb/2010 07:57:11 Posted by HellStormer1 {}

Oh, seems to register me as logged in by my mobile. SWEET!!!
In previous games when my group involved the Caster Gun, I eventually introduced Protomatter Caster Shells, and hinted that there was an entirely different set of 20. Though I never gave away all the details about them or what I made them to do, these details will be posted here as comments.

Protomatter Caster Shells are created under the same principals as normal Caster Shells, except they utilize unstable Protomatter (thank you, Star Trek!) in their creation as an effect-amplifying catalyst for the caster effect. When pulling the trigger on a Protomatter Caster Shell, the caster gunner needs to hold the trigger. The Caster Gun's turbines begin cycling around the barrel like normal, but they do not stop to discharge. For every round the trigger is held, the Damage raises one scale higher than normal.

Side-Effect: when a Protomatter Caster Shell is used, 1D must be rolled. For every scale up, the 1 on this wild die gets a +1. When the shot is fired, this wild die must be rolled. If the result is under the penalty 1 and any bonus it had, the Caster Gun's crystaline interior of the barrel has been cracked, perhaps fractured severely, and must be repaired, or fully replaced. Due to the archaic nature of Caster Gins, a gunfighter would have a better chance finding another gun, and making the appropriate Archaic Weapons Repair ro to switch out the parts. If a damaged Caster Gun is ever used after sustaining such damage, it's shell effect engulfs the gunner themself.

Protomatter Caster Shells can be of the same kind as normal Caster Shells. I made others versions, and will post these later.

06/Sep/2010 05:19:36 Posted by Keel {}

AH, a list. This will be quite handy in future animations.

Might I suggest what 19 might do? Judging from Gene's total confidence, it's likely #19 is powerful. Let us say... green energy, shot in a widespread blast, only to swerve back in on the target. Like arrows as they fall towards their target from above.

Don't mind me, though. I'm just an Animator looking for Ideas.

29/Jul/2011 16:51:37 Posted by Anonymous {}

Some form of "Dissintergration" shell, must be aimed at a location and removes either XD6 armour or location? sounds like a pain

21/Nov/2012 18:46:00 Posted by PsycoStonerZERO {}

#1 Orange energy blast

#2 fires gold star shaped energy blades

#6 Fires a bolt of crimson lightning

#7 sonic blast

#8 shotgun spread green energy blasts

#14 Shoot a beam of light that envelops them in healing energy

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