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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: Canon: Crossover

McDougall's Caster Gun

   In the anime series, Outlaw Star, Gene Starwind, the main protagonist, uses a weapon called a Caster Gun (see seperate entry on site).  The gun's ammunition are shells that have previously prepared spells, and these are discharged by loading them into the gun and pulling the trigger.  The gun itself has details that look reminiscent of turbines, and these begin to spin to build up a charge as the gun fires, and then the spell is released upon a target for its specific effect.
   The series also has a pair of antagonists named the McDougall brothers.  The older brother, Ronald McDougall, near the end of the series, comes into possession of his own Caster Gun and uses it against Gene in a Caster gunfight.  His Caster functions the same as Gene's, loading caster shells and discharging them.  The main differences between the two were that while Gene's was shaped like a handgun, Ronald's had a staff-like handle to it.  It also had a strange arrangement of rings attached to it.
   These rings turned out to be a caster barrier, and could nullify any caster shell fired at it.  This made Gene's caster gunfight become more interesting...

Model: Caster gun (manufacturer unknown)
Type: Caster gun (spell-based firearm)
Scale: Character
Skill: Atchaic weapons: caster gun
Ammo: 1 (must reload after every shot)
Cost: Varies by collector (should be very expensive)
-Caster Gun: 4, X (legality may vary upon location)
-Caster Shell: 4
Fire Rate: 1
Range: Varies by caster shell
Damage: Varies by caster shell

Game Notes: The stats for McDougall's Caster Gun are the same as the other entry for the normal Caster Gun, except as noted with the Caster Barrier Shield.  The Caster Barrier nullifies any other caster shells effects when fired at whoever possesses the Caster Barrier on their Caster Gun.

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