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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: Canon: Crossover


   The Guyver unit listed in the other entry is meant to be general
rules for all Guyvers, though the pic used is that of Sho Fukamachi,
the main character from all Guyver related material (such as animated
OVAs, movies and series, as well as manga comics).  However, these
stories also had other Guyver units, such as Unit II, bonded to
Chronos' Agent Lisker, had a damaged Control Metal which was
subsoquently destoryed and led to his death; and Unit III, which was
found by and bonded to Agito Makishima.  Unlike Sho who did not want to
kill if he could avoid it and was the hero of the story, Makishima was
the perfect anti-hero to offset this.  Makishima's background had his
family directly tied to and affected by Chronos and their plans, as his
Uncle was one of their head CEOs who had led Agito's parents to kill
themselves.  Makishima was then adopted by his Uncle and raised in the
cold and unloving environment that ensued and driven by his desires for
revenge on his Uncle and by extension the Japan branch of Chronos.

   When he came across the third Guyver unit and equipped it, it had a
very distinct appearance, looking more menacing than Sho's Guyver unit
I or Lisker's unit II, with a black color scheme for the chitonous
plates, spikes over portions of these plates, and with the vibrational
blades on the forearms being double bladed and looking as though they
could cause much more damage.  Functionally in the story, there was no
difference in their abilities and the only real difference was the
hosts using the Guyver's, as Sho was more peaceful and Agito being more
aggressive, vengeful and cold.  This alone could be the cause of the
different appearance in the units, as they may be able to shape
themselves based on a host's personality.

   Here, however, this is not the case!  Guyver Unit III is treated as
a slightly more powerful model in close combat, while all ranged
abilities are the same.  All stats for Guyver Unit III are the same as
Unit I except as where noted here!

Model: Ouranos (The Advent/The Creators) Bio-Booster Armor Command Unit
Type: Biomechanical enhancement armor command unit
Scale: Character
Skill: Powersuit operations (or perhaps Biomechanical operations?)
Cost: N/A
Availability: 4
Game Notes:
-ENHANCEMENTS: +3D+2 Strength, Dexterity, Perception and all related skills.
-ARMOR: +2D+2 to Strength to against all damage (including bonus above, +5D!).
-ENVIRONMENTAL SUIT: The Guyver units allow hosts to be fully
functional in hazardous environments of all kinds.  Where a certain
kind of atmosphere would prove fatal to normal people, the Guyver can
filter such gases to be breathable, or if need be, shut them out
completely and rely on an internal air supply and filtration system
that replenishes oxygen for the host and can allow them to breath and
function indefinitely in dangerous environments, even in the cold
depths of space.  Combined with the Gravity Controller for space
flight, space life is made very easy for a Guyver host.
-HYPER-SENSE: The host of a Guyver can percieve in every direction
while the armor is equipped, as there are two orb-like bio-mechanical
devices on either side of the head.  These allow the host a sort of
'all-around' vision.  Also, the Guyver allows x-ray vision, as well as
the ability to percieve various energy wavelengths, such as infrared
and ultraviolet, but these are all visual based.  These grant +3D to
the Search skill, as well as any other dice rolls for spotting things,
even things that people would not normally percieve with the naked eye.
-ENHANCED JUMPING: A Guyver host's jumping distance is three times the usual distance for their species.
-SONIC EMITTERS: These are orb-like devices near the mouth of the
head.  They can act as voice amplifiers (loud-speakers) and can also
nullify any effects that neutralize sound in a given personal area (as
well as possibly cause such an effect itself!).  The most devastating
effect they can produce is a sonic blast that can vaporize Zoanoids and
other living creatures in a single blast!  1, Range: 1-5/15/30m,
Damage: up to 8D+2.
-MEGA-SMASHER: This is considered the Guyver's most powerful weapon, a
pair of fire-linked particle cannons contained under the chest plates.
The plates open by the muscle-like tissue linking the Guyver's plates
together, revealing a sort of bluish soft membrane underneath.  These
membranes then discharge to produce the Mega-Smasher's blast.  2
Fire-linked, Range: 1-10/30/100m, Damage: 11D (9D if only using one
side).  The blast also encompasses the entire front 'fire-arc' of the
character, discharging in a rough cone-shaped area for the short range,
then continuing outwards in a rough straight line into medium and long
range.  However, the Mega-Smasher has a slight delay before firing, and
will always go LAST in any combat round, and many times a Guyver host
in combat has had to set up its opponent with a feint before using the
-HEAD BEAM: This is a small orb-like device on the forehead, just above
the Control Metal.  It can be aimed by moving the host's head at a
target then discharging the beam.  Fire Control: (Equals Dexterity of
the host), Range: 1-4/12/24m, Damage: 6D+2.
-HIGH-FREQUENCY WAVE-VIBRATION SWORDS (Vibro-Swords): Strength +4D+1 (Maximum damage has no limit!)
-GRAVITY CONTROL ORB: This is another orb-like device, located at the
'belt buckle' of the Guyver unit.  It grants the Guyver the ability to
control gravity around it to an extent, allowing it to fly (Space
Speed: 3, Atmospheric Speed: 260m; 750kmh) and to create miniature
singularities (black holes) that it can fire at a target and guide by
thought, usually called the Gravity Cannon.  Fire Control: (equal to
Willpower dice of the host), Range: 1-5/15/30m, Damage: 10D+2 (if it
comes into contact with energy shields, it negates them and loses
damage dice equal to the shield dice, then does the rest of the damage
to the target).
-REGENERATION: While the Guyver is equipped to the host, it has amazing
regenerative abilities, of the unit and the host both.  Any weapons or
portions of the Guyver unit will repair themselves over time, with
weapons regenerating within 1D hours if fully destroyed.  If the host
takes damage as a Wound, Incapacitated, Mortally Wounded or Death
result, each damage status takes 1D rounds to regenerate to the next
step up, then takes another 1D rounds, and so on.  Death takes 1D
minutes, though.  If death was the result of extreme damage and loss of
body tissue (like the brain?), then the return from death takes 2D
minutes, and the host will not regain conciousness until FULLY
regenerated (from mortal wounds, incapacitated and normal wounds,
etc.).  If an entire limb has been removed, it will fully regenerate
within 1D hours.  The Guyver has been known to regenerate a host even
after their head has been smashed in with over 50% of the brain being
destroyed, returning the host to conciousness within minutes.
-AUTOPILOT: If the host is ever incapacitated (unconcious or dead), the
guyver unit can go into autopilot to defend itself and the host if
attacked, as the Guyver unit itself is somewhat sentient.  While the
host regenerates, the Guyver has base skills in combat of 6D+2.  It
will continue fighting as long as it is provoked, and its actions will
be nothing less than lethal intentions, to neutralize any threat as
quickly as possible.  While in Autopilot, the Guyver has full access to
all of its abilities and weapons.
-CONTROL METAL: This is the key component to the Guyver units, another
semi-orb-like device in the forehead with a sort of circular LED light
visible on it.  The Control Metal is what keeps the Guyver from
overwhelming the host and destroying its body (which would turn it into
a mad, raving monster as it degenerates and dissolves as it dies) while
mentally linking it to that host and giving it control over the Guyver
and its abilities.  It also records all biological data of the host,
from genetics, birthmarks, and even their entire memories, so that it
can fully restore them if they are ever destroyed or damaged to the
point they should have died (See REGENERATION).  The Control Metal also
allows the host to communicate with Ouranos/Advent/Creator ships (and
assumedly other technology of their creation) and control such devices
as desired.  While linked to any such ships or devices, the Guyver host
can use their Willpower as the base skill for ANY functions of such
ships or devices if no other skill seems applicable.
-WEAKNESS: The Control Metal is also the Guyver's weakness.  If it is
ever destroyed, the Guyver will dissolve around the host, causing them
immense pain and turning them into a raving monster that automatically
attacks the nearest living organism, trying to kill it.  In this state,
all of its abilities deteriorate at a rate of -1D per round (but its
energy weapons are already useless, it must rely on close combat).
When an ability reaches 0D, it has dissolved and disappeared, and when
it's last abiliy disappears, the Guyver host is dead, having dissolved
with the rest of the unit.


   The Guyver Units, also known as the Unit-G,are mysterious
symbiotic bio-mechanism that bond with a host, thus enhancing the
host's own capabilities. The Guyver Unit was designed as an all-purpose
environment suit for its Creators (believed to be a group of aliens of
different species). Although referred to as 'armor', the guyver changes
many aspects of the hosts internal systems replacing parts and even
removing unnecessary organs. And not only does the Unit-G increase the
powers of a human being when he/she wears it, more than when the
Creators themselves wore the armor, but it also frees them from the
will and telepathic commands of the Creators themselves. This led to
the naming of "Guyver", which in the Creators langauge means "Out of

   While extremely hardy, there are a number of things that can
damage or destroy a Guyver. The various Enzyme-type Zoanoids were
specifically developed to exude a type of acid that dissolves the
Bio-Booster Armor. A battle-trained, experienced Zoalord has enough
pure power to destroy a Guyver, as do some of the Hyper Zoanoids.
Finally, the Creators developed a tool called the 'Unit-Remover'. It
actually deletes host data from the Control Metal, forcing the Guyver
to return to its inactive state. The condition of the human host after
being subjected to the Remover's effects is unclear. Unlike the
Zoanoids, the Guyver is humanoid in form - mostly because all known
hosts are human. The Guyver would have been used by the command crew
element of Creator spaceships and in later chapters, Shō uses his
Control Metal to speak telepathically with one of the craft.

   A Guyver Unit itself is semi-sentient and can act on its own to
a limited extent if its host is unable to direct it. In this mode, it
will usually take no action except to defend itself from what it
perceives to be a threat. Guyver I was in this mode when he first
assumed his bioboosted form, when he was regenerated by the Control
Metal in Kronos headquarters and when he killed the Zoanoid his father
had been turned into. It is presumably also this semi-sentience that
prevents the host from disengaging the armor if they have sustained
injuries that would prove fatal without the Guyver's protection and
ability to rapidly heal from damage. Guyver I has demonstrated the
ability to regrow approximately 50% of the host's brain and skull in a
matter of minutes.

   The first Guyver was an experiment by the Creators aeons ago.
They were curious as to how their newly developed weapons would react
to their standard armament (Guyver Unit). However, the Guyver (dubbed
Guyver 0) attacked the Creators, destroying one of their ships. The
human would not remove the armor when ordered to. The Creators
programmed the humans to be telepathically controlled by them and so,
as this human would not listen, the bio-booster human was named
'Guyver' (a word meaning "out of control" in the Creators' language,
though other versions give it as "beyond the norm" and Bioboosted Armor
Guyver gives the meaning as "not to specification"). They gave the
'Unit Remover' to Archanfel who then proceeded to remove the Unit from
the human and incinerate him.


   As the human race was developed as a weapon, the unit gives humans
super-strength, incredible speed, strong armor and various weapons and
-Sonic Emitters: The two orbs at the Guyver's mouth that produce
highly destructive sound waves known as the "Sonic Buster" (Shōha
Bakuha). Literally means "opening vibrating metal spheres".
-Mega-Smasher: Two high-power particle cannons contained beneath
the Guyver's chest armor. It should be noted that the Mega-Smasher is
considered, in Guyver canon, to be the most powerful particle beam
weapon in existence on Earth. It has been shown heavily gouging Mount
Minakami, as proof of its raw power. The upgraded version in the
Gigantic version of the armor are even more powerful at 100 times the
power of the Mega-Smasher. The Gigantic version of the Mega-Smasher is
called the Giga-Smasher. In Bioboosted Armor Guyver, the Mega-Smasher
is shown to require a significant amount of time to recharge after
being fired. Its original name literally means "entire chest particle
-Head Beam: A multi-directional laser mounted just above the
Control Metal on the Guyver's head. In the 2005 anime series, Lisker
explains it utilizes excess body heat.
-High Frequency Wave-Vibration Swords: Blades that extend from
the Guyver's forearms. These blades vibrate at an extremely high
frequency allowing them to cut through almost any material with ease.
Also known as Sonic Swords. Its name literally stands for "high
vibration wave swords."
-Gravity Control Orb/Controller: The Gravity Controller siphons
gravitational energy from a higher dimension. Two main uses include
giving the Guyver the ability to fly and to unleash destructive gravity
waves in the form of a directed "Gravity Cannon", also known as the
"Pressure Cannon" (Jūatsuhō). It could also be used to block
attacks like a small temporary shield.

-Hyper Sense: Each Guyver displays two metallic orbs on either
side of its head. These orbs give the Guyver the ability to sense
electromagnetic fields outside of their direct line of physical sight.
The manga often displays this as an outline of whatever body the Guyver
is sensing. It also appears to have some thermal sensing properties.
This ability was demonstrated early by Guyver I and has gone unnamed
until its recent usage by the unknown female Guyver. The Gigantic
exhibits two sets of these organs.
-Control Metal (Seigyō Sōchi/Kōsei Kinzoku): It
is located on the Guyver's forehead, this metal button-like sphere
regulates the energy flow between the organism and the host's body, as
well as preventing the alien parasite that the Guyver system is based
on from literally eating its host alive. It also stores the genetic
structure and memories of its host, so that if the host is injured or
killed, it regenerates that host from even the smallest bits of genetic
material. If the Control Metal is destroyed, the Unit absorbs its host.
The Control Metal has tentacles that reach into the host's brain and is
the hard wiring of the Unit that allows the host to use the systems of
the Guyver. During the joining with the Guyver, the host's body is
changed permanently. The Guyver leaves two growths on the back of the
host that act as a form of 'transceiver' to Guyver while also being
able to sense other Guyver hosts nearby. When the host calls for the
Guyver, a signal is sent and the Guyver is activated. When not needed,
the armor is stored in what can best be described as a sub-dimension;
it follows the host constantly so as to be instantly available when
needed. When the Guyver is called by its host, its appearance causes a
destructive burst that damages anything within a few feet of the host's

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