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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: Canon: Crossover


   The Guyver Gigantic is an upgrade for the normal Guyver units.  It
rests in the same sub-dimension as the normal Guyver units and is
called forth after the host has equipped the normal unit, which then
fits over the unit like the normal Guyver does over the host.  The
Gigantic's size is two to three times the height of a normal human,
much larger than the normal guyver or even most standard Zoanoids.  For
the most part, it enhances the normal guyver's abilities to Walker
scale, with a few specific abilities of its own.  The Gigantic could be
used in conjuction with the standard Guyver unit in a Star Wars game in
the hands of a creative GM if desired, though this is HIGHLY
RECOMMENDED to be done very lightly, very rarely, and that's if used at
all.  With the power this thing has it COULD take out a STAR
DESTROYER!!!  That said, have fun and enjoy!

   It was created after a battle where Sho Fukamachi and Agito
Makishima lost against the Zoalords as they blasted them away as well
as destroying the Creator's ship at Relic's Point.  While they were
about to be destroyed, Sho reached out to the ship begging for more
power to protect everyone.  His body was disentigrated, but the Control
metal of his Guyver Unit I was saved by the ship and encased in a
shell-like device that was in the process of creating a new form of
Guyver for him to use.  The ship folded space to save Sho, Agito and
their friends from utter destruction at the hands of the Zoalords,
depositing them in different locations around the globe, with Agito's
recovering injured body and Sho's large crysalis appearing in the Rocky
Mountains of the United States.  Makishima, having lost his arm and
part of his chest in the fight, awoke in a cocoon beside the crysalis,
seeing that he was still healing and discovering that half a year had
passed since the battle.  He was in no shape to fight off Chronos when
they came for the crysalis and so hid to fight another day.  A full
year passed by the time the crysalis finally opened, revealing Sho
Fukamachi as the Guyver Gigantic, a form of the Guyver that was two to
three times larger than a normal person.  With the Gigantic, he took up
the battle against Chronos once more, having more power than ever
before, and even able to challenge many of the Zoalords themselves with
the shear destructive power that the Guyver Gigantic could bring to

   In the manga, Makishima has shown an ability to co-opt the Gigantic
for his own purposes when he exerts his willpower strongly enough.
When he does so, the gigantic changes to have a darker color scheme
more fitting with his Guyver Unit III.  Though, the Gigantic Exceed
mode has only been used by Sho Fukamachi thus far.

Model: Ouranos/Advent/Creators Guyver Gigantic
Type: Bio-booster armor enhancement
Scale: Walker
Skill: Powersuit operations (Biomechanical operations?)
Cost: N/A
Availability: 4 (Unique)
Game Notes:
-WALKER SCALE ENHANCEMENTS: All enhancements and weapons of the normal
Guyver Unit are Walker scale and double their normal range, unless
stated otherwise here.  This means all physical enhancements to the
Guyver host are now at +4D along with their related skills.
-POWER AMPS: These are more devices strewn about the Gigantic's body
and limbs and create an 'omni-directional force field', and these
devices can be used to generate this field even if limbs with the Amps
have been severed from the Gigantic's body.  These will be used as
standard Starship Shields in Star Wars with Walker scale dice at 4D (8D
character scale!) and can be deployed at any fire arc (front, right,
left or rear) like a starship, distrubting the dice accordingly.
-ENHANCED HIGH FREQUENCY SWORDS: These now do Walker scale damage, +4D
to damage dice of the normal Guyver Unit.  While they can still be used
in close combat, they are now flexible and can literally reach out like
a sort of directed thrown weapon.  Range is 0-5/10/30m, and uses either
Melee Combat or Thrown Weapons skills.
-THREE HEAD BEAM ORBS: There are now three head beam orbs in the head,
with a large one in the center that does Walker scale damage at +4D to
the normal Guyver's damage (10D) and double the range (1-8/24/50m), and
two normal sized Head Beam orbs, one to either side of the larger one,
that do normal Character scale damage and range.  These can be used at
the same time to make three individual attacks in any perceivable
direction, at no penalty, or for a fire-linked attack with the larger
beam's damage with a bonus in pips equal to the damage dice of the
smaller two beam orbs (10D+12!).
-MORE VIBRATION GLOBES: These are like the Sonic Emitter from the
normal guyver unit, but at Walker scale damage (12D) and three times
the range (1-15/45/90m)
-GIGA-SMASHER: Like the Mega-Smasher on the normal Guyver, but with
Walker scale damage (14D, 12D if only using one side) and enhanced
range (3-30/90/1,000m).
-FLIGHT JETS: These are powerful thruster jets in the Gigantic's back
that propel it to faster flight speeds than the normal guyver's Gravity
Controller ever did previously.  Space Speed: 7, Atmospheric Speed:
350; 1,000kmh.
-GRAVITY FIST/POWER PUNCH: While the Guyver Gigantic's Walker scale
enghancements and normal guyver enhancements combine for a powerful
physical punch (+7D!), it can deliver an even more powerful punch when
it uses its jets for speed and channels power into its hand, with
another +6D added to it (+13D!!!).
-GRAVITY RAM: This is the Guyver Gigantic's most powerful attack next
to the Giga-Smasher and before going into Gigantic Exceed mode (see
below).  It can unleash a massive amount of destructive power in a
given ranged area around it, going off like a grenade and does
15D/14D/13D/12D damage at a range of 10/20/50/100m radiating out away
from the Gigantic.

GIGANTIC EXCEED: Gigantic Exceed is a transformation the Guyver
Gigantic undergoes when utilizing its full power and showing its true
form.  It grows to a height of roughly 52m, becoming Capital scale as
well as enhancing ALL weapons and enhancements to Capital scale at
another +8D to these (When comparing the Exceed to the normal Guyver
units, the overall bonuses are +12D!).  All ranged weapons now have
times three range from the normal Guyver Gigantic.
-GRAVITY IMPLOSION: This is the most powerful attack of the Gigantic
Exceed.  It creates a singularity, or black hole, that sucks in the
target and all surrounding matter (use rules for tractor beams for the
attack's strength and all items in the surrounding area).  This attack
will utterly atomize the area it goes off in, with any walls, ground or
buildings completely disappearing within the black hole.  It has 10D
Capital scale damage, but the range is limited to the Gigantic Exceed's
perceptions.  This is under the discretion of the GM, but everything
within view of the attack should be affected by something similar to a
tractor beam.  The attack may need to build strength at first, but once
it reaches full power, anything character scale, or even objects around
Capital scale or less, should be sucked into the attack and take damage
(if it has a chance of surviving, otherwise it is automatically


   After Sho and Agito's defeat at Relic's Point, Sho, who was linked
to the Relic ship through his Control Metal, summoned the ship to help
him and the others. In doing so the control orbs of the ship (used as
the interface between the Guyver and the organic ship) fused together,
then pulled Agito and the remains of Sho into it, sealing itself off
and relocating itself. Not long after the incident, Agito found a pupa
with him and residing inside was the remains of Guyver I, tissues of
the ship and the fused control orbs. Sho, desiring more power to fight
against Archanfel, had subconsciously used the newly-fused control orbs
to build an upgrade module for the Guyver unit. One year passed and Sho
was finally resurrected as the Guyver Gigantic.

   The power of the Gigantic is estimated to be at least twenty
times superior to the original Guyver. There is currently only one
Gigantic suit which can be worn by either Agito or Sho, but only one
can wear it at a time and it can be snatched from someone already
wearing it if the person summoning it has more willpower over the
current host. This proves to be a problem as Agito has his own plans
for the Gigantic Armor and maybe even more as he has obtained two more
control orbs from a dead ship in Arizona. So far the Gigantic is known
to improve virtually all the weapons of the Guyver and even adds some
new ones.


-Power Amps: They give the Gigantic the ability to produce an
omni-directional forcefield similar to a Zoalords Barrier Technique.
Usage of the power amps can include the control of surrounding body
parts even if severed from the main body.

-Enhanced High Frequency Swords: They are now able to become flexible and can grow and curve to amazing distances.

-Three Head Beam Orbs: The large center orb has fifteen times the
intensity of a normal Guyver's Head Beam, and the two smaller orbs have
the same output of a normal Guyver Head Beam.

-More Vibration Globes: There are two more Vibration Globes at its mouth and they are concealed by plates that open out.

-Giga-Smasher: It is one hundred times more devastating than the
Mega-Smasher because of the two extra Gravity Control Orbs, one
embedded in each chest plate, which grants it extra power.

-Jets: There are jets on its back which give it the ability to reach amazing speeds of flight.

-Gravity Fist/Power Punch: A high-powered jab, mostly used in
conjunction with the back thrusters, channeling energy into its fist
for a powerful discharge upon target impact.

-Gravity Ram: By extending the chest spike and channeling
energy into it, activating Barrier shield and powering up all three
gravity orbs, the Gigantic accelerates using the thrusters on his back.
This has the same effect as seen caused by evil Aptom's high-frequency
spear, which means the surrounding area is totally obliterated without
any visible trace as though atomized.


-Gigantic Exceed is a transformation (only used by Sho
thus far) that increases the Gigantic's size to 52 meters, with all the
orbs and chest spike glowing and (in Sho's case) the body color
changing into a dark red and black. According to the data file in
volume 25, this is the "true form" of the Gigantic. The three gravity
orbs and power amps operate at full capacity, constantly drawing the
necessary energy needed to keep the Gigantic's size from "another
dimension". All of the Gigantic's weapons and abilities are available
in this form and their power is increased in proportion to its size.

-Gravity Implosion is a new weapon used by Sho as
"Gigantic Exceed." It behaves like a black hole by sucking in
surrounding matter and energy leaving no trace. It seems that this is
highly controlled as it appeared to dissipate as soon as Guyver one's
opponent was vanquished.

Comments made about this Article!

03/Oct/2012 14:54:18 Posted by bg {}

The Guyver Gigantic is an upgrade for the normal Guyver units.

03/Oct/2012 14:55:53 Posted by fsjg {}


15/Oct/2012 05:04:25 Posted by HellStormer1 {}

It\'s sort of an upgrade, yes. All I had to go by was what I saw in the anime series, and what I could read online concerning the manga comics. It\'s an upgrade in that it makes a Guyver host more powerful than before (anime series), but it\'s also a separate item that can be used by any Guyver that has the strength of will to take it (info from online sources related to the manga).

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