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Section of Site: Droids D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: DROIDSEra: ImperialCanon: Crossover

Type: Arakyd - MedTech J3N-E Police Droid
Fourth Degree Droid

Dexterity 3D
-Blaster 4D
Knowledge: 2D
-Law Enforcement 4D
Mechanical 2D
Perception 2D
-Search 3d
Strength 3D
-Brawling 5d
Technical 2D
Move 12

Equipped With
Cybernetic Humanoid Body with synthetic skin and hair
Tactile Sensors
Two visual and two auditory sensors - human range
Human range olfactory sensors
Human Range Vocabulator
Advanced Personality Matrix
Cost: 16,000 credits


Foot Patrol
Move to 15, running +2d, blaster +1d, brawling +2d, streetwise +1d, intimidation +2d, Search +1d, First Aid +1d

Str +1d, Dex +1d, +1d subdermal armor reinforcement, dodge +2d, Blaster +3d, Grenade +2d

Per +1d, Kno +1d, Law enforcement +2d, investigation +3d, streetwise +2d, Value +1d, Search +2d, Intimidation +1d, Persuasion +1d, Security +1d

Vehicle Patrol
Mec +1d, Vehicle Operation* +2d, Sensors +2d, Vehicle Weapons* +2d, intimidation +1d, first aid +1d
*Here choose the correct vehicle operation/weapon combo, such as 'Starfighter Piloting' and 'Starship Gunnery', add Vehicle Shields +1d if intended vehicle has shields

Per +2d, search +3d, blaster +2d, Security +2d, Sneak +1d, Sensors +3d - Expanded Range Visual and Auditory Sensors, Expanded Range Olfactory sensors, Forensics sensors, Multichannel Sensor Array, Long duration power supply

Equipment - Whatever their purchaser outfits them with, they can use normal human equipment.  Heavy Blaster Pistols are often preferred, and may or may not be set on stun.


J3N-E droids are a cooperative venture between Arakyd makers of the popular/notorious probe droids, surveillance droids and other hardware for the Empire and MedTech a leading producer of cybernetics.  As many worlds threw off Imperial rule a key problem came to light that after corrupt or criminal former Imperials were ousted from positions of authority oftetimes there was noone to take their place, a problem very keenly felt in the area of law enforcement.

Seeking to fill this market (and get away from its image of producing sinister Probe Droids) Arakyd partnered with MedTech to create the J3N-E, using Arakyd's experience with aggressive droid design combined with MedTechs experience in cybernetics.  The resultant G3N-Es are wholly non-sinister looking, outwardly quite similar to female humans (though usually with blue or green synthetic hair to help differentiate them).  Another bonus of the human-form design was that the buyers could simply using their preexisting gear to outfit the droids rather than acquiring custom equipment for them.

Thanks to the high end cybernetic bodies J3N-Es are somewhat stronger and faster than a typical human, and are sold in several variant packages intended to fulfill numerous roles.  Personality wise they are extremely enthusiastic about their jobs and fanatical about law and order, such that there have been mishaps where they arrested their own superiors over petty misunderstandings of legal codes and other incidents which have resulted in many units being returned.  J3N-Es are often single minded in pursuit of a criminal once one has been identified, sometimes not cognizant of collateral damage, and while they prefer to use their brawling or stun settings to subdue criminals are not adverse to more lethal methods if necessary.  This has raised worries about the designs stability, especially given the fairly high combat ability of the assault package, however many people praise the droids enthusiasm noting they are tough on crime.

There is very little second hand market in J3N-Es, because people who tend to wish to purchase used combat capable droids usually are the same people who do not want a droid with a fanatical belief in following the law.  There are however rumors that some criminals find them amusing to use for illegal gladiatorial fights or other unsavory.  

Comments made about this Article!

28/Apr/2010 16:57:18 Posted by Anonymous {}

Hellstormer1: "At first glance, I want to chuckle at this one. But then I look over tge stats, and...WOW! Panzer, this is a good piece of work, man.

I remember there was also a nurse who was used repeatedly like this character, will you be doing for her?

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