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Tion Medon (Pauan Port Administrator)

Tion Medon (Pauan Port Administrator)
M7/Caseless Submachine Gun (SMG)

M7/Caseless Submachine Gun (SMG)
The Vermillion

The Vermillion
Guyver Bio-Booster Armor

Guyver Bio-Booster Armor

Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: Rise of the EmpireCanon: No

TEMPLATE TYPE - Bounty Hunter
SPECIES - Mandalorian
MOVE - 9

            Blaster: 8D
            Brawling Parry: 7D
            Dodge: 6D+2
            Grenade: 6D+2
            Melee Combat: 6D+2
            Melee Parry: 6D+1
            Missile Weapons: 6+2
            Vehicle Blasters: 5D+1
            Armor Weapons:5D+2

            Bargain: 5D
            Command: 6D+2
            Hide: 5D+1
            Persuasion: 7D
            Search: 7D+1
            Sneak: 5D+1

            Alien Species: 4D+1
            Cultures: 6D
            Intimidation: 8D
            Languages: 5D+1
            Planetary Systems: 5D
            Streetwise: 6D+2
            Survival: 7D+1
            Value: 5D+1
            Willpower: 7D+1

            Brawling: 6D+2
            Climbing/Jumping: 5D+2
            Stamina: 6D+2
            Swimming: 7D

            Astrogation: 5D
            Repulsorlift Operation: 8D+1
            Space Transports: 7D+2
            Starship Gunnery: 6D
            Starship Shields: 6D
            Sensors: 7D+1
            Jet Pack Operation: 5D+1

            Armor Repair: 4D+1
            Computer Programming/Repair: 4D
            Demolition: 7D
            Droid Programming: 4D+2
            Security: 7D
            First Aid: 6D
            First Aid; Clone Commandos: 7D
            Slicing: 5D+2


EQUIPMENT - Verpine sniper rifle 7D
Verpine shatter gun 6D
Three-sided knife STR+2D
Westar-34 blaster 5D

5,000,000 credits

Model: Mandalorian Heavy Battle Armor (gold)
Type: Personal Battle Armor
Game Effects:
           Basic Suit:
                       +4D Physical
                       +3D Energy
                       +1D Strength (used for physical activity, not for
resisting damage.)
                       No DEX penalties

           Wrist Lasers:
                       Skill: Armour Weapons
                       Ammo: Powered from armour power supply
                       Range: 3-5/25/50m
                       Damage: 5D

           Flame Projector:
                       Skill: Armour Weapons
                       Ammo: 20
                       Range: 1m diameter 1-5m long
                       Damage: 5D

           Grenade Launcher:
                       Skill: Missile Weapons
                       Ammo: 4
                       Fire Rate: 1/2
                       Range: 1-50/200/300
                       Damage: Varies

                       Allows 70m horizontal or 50m vertical jumps.
                       Has 10 charges, may expend one charge every other round.

           Turbo-Projected Grapple:
                       Uses either a physical or magnetic grapple.
                       0-3/10/20m range.
                       Mounted on the right arm.
                       Missile Weapons skill.

                       Attached to grapple, has 100kg capacity (wearer and his

           IR/motion Sensor:
                       +1D PERC in darkness and/or against moving targets, ahead
and to both sides.

           Sensor Pod:
                       +2D Search, 25-100m

                       +3D Search, 100-500m

           Sound Sensor:
                       +1D PERC in quite situations only.

           Broadband Antenna:
                       Can intercept and decode most communications frequencies.
Can patch into shipboard and vehicular communications systems.

           Environmental Filter:
                       Filters out most harmful particles from the air or seal
with two hours of air.

Character Bio - Kal Skirata, born Falin Mattran—sometimes called Kal'buir
(Mando'a for "Papa Kal") by the clone commandos that he trained— was a
Mandalorian instructor for clone commandos in the Grand Army of the Republic.
After being orphaned, he was adopted by Munin Skirata. As Skirata grew up, he
became the husband of Ilippi Skirata, the biological father of Tor, Ijaat, and
Ruusaan Skirata. He would also become the adopted buir of Omega Squad and the
Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos. Through RC-1136 of Omega Squad, and Jedi
Knight Etain Tur-Mukan, he was the adopted grandfather of Venku Skirata later
renamed Kad Skirata. Falin Mattran was born on the planet of Kuat, the son of a
Kuat Drive Yards engineer and his wife. When Mattran was around 6 years old, his
family had moved to Surcaris because his father was contracted to do some
engineering on the KDY warships that were stationed there. War had broken out on
Surcaris shorty after the Mattran
family had arrived on the planet, and Falin was orphaned when both of his
parents were killed. The only thing he had salvaged from his father's body was a
three-sided knife, and because he was alone after his parents died, he trained
himself how to use it, eventually getting to the point where he could hit any
target he threw the knife at.

After surviving for a year in the war-torn rubble of Surcaris on his own,
Mattran was discovered by a Mandalorian named Munin Skirata, who he had promptly
attacked with his father's knife. Munin was amused by the attack rather than
angry, and decided to adopt Mattran into his Mandalorian clan, renaming him "Kal
Skirata"—with "Kal" meaning "Blade" in Mando'a[1]—and took it upon himself to
train young Kal.

Skirata later married a non-Mandalorian, Ilippi, with whom he had three
children: Tor, Ijaat, and Ruusaan. However, she had trouble dealing with his
long absences and refused to allow him to take their eight-year-old sons into
battle with him, per Mandalorian tradition. Ilippi eventually left him, taking
with her all three children. Early in his career as a mercenary, his ankle was
shattered by a Verpine shatter gun due to his failure to follow an order. The
injury would later become a grievance for most of his career, only being healed
after his adopted clone sons forced him to undergo surgery.

When Jango Fett was recruiting the Cuy'val Dar, Kal was recruited due to fellow
Cuy'val Dar, Walon Vau's recommendation. He and Jango went back a long way, and
had an up and down relationship. Kal was a very aggressive Mandalorian
traditionalist and was devoted to the welfare of his troops.

When Ilippi died, Kal's sons tried to find him, to let him know. However,
because of the extreme secrecy surrounding the existence of the clone army, he
could not contact them and after they couldn't find him to come to their
mother's funeral, they parentally divorced him. This was something that was
considered a great disgrace among Mandalorians, but Kal felt that it was worth
it, for the safety of the clones he had now become quite attached to. Eight
years before the Battle of Geonosis, Kal was brought to Kamino when he answered
Jango Fett's call for trainers for the clones, joining the ranks of the Cuy'val
Dar—literally "Those Who No Longer Exist" in the Mandalorian tongue. He was
disgusted with the Kaminoans' arrogance and indifferent attitude toward the
"reconditioning" (a euphemism that often meant killing) of clone children who
didn't pass quality control standards.

Kal first met the Nulls when the Kaminoan technicians considered them failures
that would be destroyed. Null-11 attempted to defend himself and his brothers by
stealing the hold out blaster Kal kept within his boot, aiming at Kaminoan, Orun
Wa. Though Kal cared little for the fate of the Kaminoan scientist, he managed
to talk Null-11 down for fear of repercussions toward the boy.

Kal became sympathetic to the clones, and took the Nulls under his wing, giving
them names and training them personally, instilling the heritage and values of
the Mandalorians in them. The Nulls, in return, were very fond of Kal, and would
only answer to or accept orders from him alone. He also formed alliances and
contacts with many other Cuy'val Dar while there, forming a "closer"
relationship with Walon Vau, Wad'e Tay'haai, Mij Gilamar, Rav Bralor, Dred
Priest, and many other Mandalorians. With the Battle of Geonosis, Kal's contract
as a Cuy'val Dar was finally over. But when the battle was won and the Null ARCs
were expected to be put into stasis, they resisted and took control of an entire
barracks block. Skirata had to be called in under willing CSF arrest to help
calm down the Nulls, but he helped on the condition that he would be re-enlisted
in the Grand Army of the Republic and there would be no punishment for the
Nulls.  few months after the
mission on Coruscant, Kal Skirata, along with Ordo and Mereel, traveled to
Kamino to find information on the whereabouts of the missing Kaminoan scientist,
Ko Sai.

Not long after, Kal and Ordo were forced to rescue Walon Vau from Mygeeto after
he fell into a crevasse after a bank heist at the Dressian Kiolsh Merchant Bank.
When they managed to recover him aboard their ship, the goods from the heist
were given to Kal by Vau, forcing Kal to change how he thought of Vau and
forging a more comradely relationship between the two.

After the rescue, Kal formally adopted Ordo according to Mandalorian tradition.
Though Kal had been angry at Etain for getting pregnant, he felt guilty
afterward for bullying her. He managed to track Ko Sai down and capture her with
the help of Mereel after a firefight with a group of Mando'ade who were her
bodyguards, something that made Kal believe Mando'ade should stop working for
others and work for themselves. After learning of the order to euthanize Fi, Kal
and Ordo left for Coruscant, leaving Etain on Mandalore at his home and made a
call to Obrim for aid in retrieving Fi.

After the birth of Venku Skirata, Kal offered to let Etain stay on Mandalore
with Venku if she left the Jedi Order, something she refused as she felt it
would be betraying the other soldiers who served under her. Both he and Etain
decided to pick the moment when they would tell Darman about Venku and rented a
place for Laseema on Coruscant where he and Venku would stay. After retrieving
Fi, Kal officially adopted all members of Omega Squad and the Nulls according to
Mandalorian tradition, expanding the Clan Skirata. Skirata felt that it was his
absolute duty to let the clones of Jango Fett know their Mandalorian legacy;
Boba Fett viewed him as a fanatic. When Skirata found out that Etain Tur-Mukan
was pregnant with Venku, he was more than willing to take the baby from his
mother and even hunt her down, to achieve his goal. He had no qualms about
torturing prisoners, and Fett considered him one of the dirtiest fighters.

A complex man, Skirata disliked many of the things that the Kaminoans did to the
clones, and was deeply disturbed by the treatment of his "boys". He was able to
smuggle in treats and other restricted things for the clones, and wanted them to
embrace their Mandalorian heritage. He also hated living on the water world of
Kamino, as it made his shattered ankle play up. The Kaminoans also unnerved him,
and irritated him with questions about how he felt being "defective". Kal had
only ever felt sorry for one Kaminoan; a female who had given birth to a child
with green eyes. Due to the fact that the Kaminoan caste system was based around
the eye colors of gray, blue and yellow, the child had been labeled as a threat
to the Kaminoan's ordered society, and had been exterminated shortly after
birth. He also had serious differences with Walon Vau (differences which
bordered on outright hatred), as he felt Vau was sadistic toward the clone
troopers (a source of
contention was when Vau sicced his pet strill, Lord Mirdalan, on a young Ordo).
Despite these differences, Vau and Skirata were constant business partners and
even friends later on.

Skirata had some issues with the Jedi Generals. He especially hated Jedi Master
Quinlan Vos for openly distrusting the clones. He also hated the fact that while
Ki-Adi-Mundi had a polygamous marriage, while his daughter-in-law Etain would at
best be demoted to the Agricultural Corps if evidence of her relationship with
Darman surfaced.

A surprising aspect of his nature, given his line of work, was his emotionalism.
He felt constant guilt for the condition of the clones as slave soldiers, and
hated the Jedi Order and the Republic for betraying their principles of freedom
and democracy when it was convenient for them. Despite that, he remained with
the Republic up until Order 66 so that he could look after the welfare of the
Nulls and his commandos. Also, ironic for a mercenary, Kal Skirata was easily
seasick, and felt queasy at the sight of painful wounds and copious amounts of
blood. Juxtaposing his hatred of the Jedi was his ability to uncompromisingly,
unconditionally love those close to him, such as the Nulls, his commando
soldiers, Bardan Jusik, and anybody else in Clan Skirata.

The armor Skirata wore was colored sand gold - the color of revenge

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