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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: Rise of the EmpireCanon: No

TEMPLATE TYPE - Bounty Hunter
SPECIES - Human/Mandalorian
MOVE - 10

            Armour Weapons: 4D
            Blaster: 8D+1
            Brawling Parry: 6D+2
            Dodge: 5D+2
            Grenade: 6D+1
            Melee Combat: 6D+2
            Melee Parry: 6D+1
            Missile Weapons: 3D+2
            Vehicle Blasters: 4D+1

            Bargain: 5D
            Command: 3D+2
            Con: 4D+1
            Gambling: 3D
            Hide: 4D+2
            Investigation: 4D+1
            Persuasion: 5D+1
            Search: 6D+2
            Sneak: 4D+1

            Alien Species: 6D
            Cultures: 4D+1
            Intimidation: 8D
            Languages: 3D+2
            Planetary Systems: 4D+1
            Streetwise: 7D+2
            Survival: 6D+1
            Value: 4D+1
            Willpower: 7D

            Brawling: 8D+1
            Climbing/Jumping: 6D+1
            Lifting: 5D+1
            Stamina: 6D
            Swimming: 4D+2

            Astrogation: 6D
            Jet Pack Operation: 5D
            Repulsorlift Operation: 3D+2
            Space Transports: 7D
            Starship Gunnery: 4D+2
            Starship Shields: 3D
            Sensors: 3D+1

            Armour Repair: 6D+2
            Demolition: 8D
            Security: 6D
            Slicing: 5D


EQUIPMENT - WESTAR-34 blaster pistol 5D
Verpine Sawed Off Slugthrower 6D+1
BlasTech 98k Blaster Rifle 5D+2
Mandalorian Saber STR+3D

Model: Mandalorian Heavy Battle Armor (black)
Type: Personal Battle Armour
Game Effects:
            Basic Suit:
                        +4D Physical
                        +3D Energy
                        +1D Strength (used for physical activity, not for
resisting damage.)
                        No DEX penalties

            Wrist Lasers:
                        Skill: Armour Weapons
                        Ammo: Powered from armour power supply
                        Range: 3-5/25/50m
                        Damage: 5D

            Flame Projector:
                        Skill: Armour Weapons
                        Ammo: 20
                        Range: 1m diameter 1-5m long
                        Damage: 5D

            Grenade Launcher:
                        Skill: Missile Weapons
                        Ammo: 4
                        Fire Rate: 1/2
                        Range: 1-50/200/300
                        Damage: Varies

                        Allows 70m horizontal or 50m vertical jumps.
                        Has 10 charges, may expend one charge every other round.

            Turbo-Projected Grapple:
                        Uses either a physical or magnetic grapple.
                        0-3/10/20m range.
                        Mounted on the right arm.
                        Missile Weapons skill.

                        Attached to grapple, has 100kg capacity (wearer and his

            IR/motion Sensor:
                        +1D PERC in darkness and/or against moving targets,
ahead and to both sides.

            Sensor Pod:
                        +2D Search, 25-100m

                        +3D Search, 100-500m

            Sound Sensor:
                        +1D PERC in quite situations only.

            Broadband Antenna:
                        Can intercept and decode most communications
frequencies. Can patch into shipboard and vehicular communications systems.

            Environmental Filter:
                        Filters out most harmful particles from the air or seal
with two hours of air.

Charcter Bio - Walon Vau was one of the Mandalorian mercenaries recruited by
Jango Fett to train the Clone Army. He belonged to the group known as the
Cuy'val Dar. The armor he wore was colored black. Walon Vau was born into
wealth, the son of the Count of Gesl, a domineering brute and religious fanatic.
As a youth Vau was beaten mercilessly by his father, but not all of the
emotional feeling was removed. When Vau was a young man he attempted to join the
Imperial Irmenu Navy when his father was an Admiral but was told by his father
that he was not good enough to join, possibly resulting in Vau's leaving his
family and home to join the Mandalorians. After Vau became a Mandalorian, he was
disowned by his family and his rightful inheritance was passed to his cousin.

Vau trained the commandos in Delta Squad, and gave RC-1262 his nickname
("Scorch") after an ordnance accident that left them both without eyebrows for a
time. Walon was extremely violent, once siccing his pet strill, Lord Mirdalan,
on a young Ordo. Also on Kamino, he allowed Mird to hunt which resulted in the
death of a "menial" and "genetically inferior" Kaminoan, causing Vau to feel
much the same way about the Kaminoans as Skirata. Like Kal Skirata, he believed
that the clones he trained should be brought up to be Mandalorian warriors.
However, he took a different approach. Instead of treating the clones like sons,
he taught the Mando way through discipline, and often violence. To teach his
clones to be tough, he would often pit one against the other, for melee or even
live-fire exercises. He gave them a choice: fight each other or fight him. Only
one clone ever chose Vau, and Vau left the trooper with a scar on his face.
Skirata also believed his men
had to know pain to be able to learn how to withstand it, and withstand
interrogation. this task Vau took upon himself, he wouldn't allow anyone other
than himself to harm his soldiers, and he did it for their own good, to make
them tougher and stronger. It was for this training philosophy, among other
things, that caused a deep-seated hatred between Skirata and Vau, though unknown
to Skirata, Vau greatly cared for the clones he trained, merely showing it in
other ways. Whether or not one agreed with his methods, Vau had an excellent
record; after a year of the Clone Wars, only three of the commandos he trained
had died, as opposed to fourteen of Skirata's. This he blamed on the Galactic
Republic for using commandos like normal soldiers in the Battle of Geonosis. Vau
was not without sympathy, as after the death of Jango Fett, he felt sorry for
Boba Fett and believed Boba would turn into the hardest, most bitter and messed
up shabuir around.

Upon completing his contract as a Cuy'val Dar, Vau returned to civilian life.
However, he was recruited by Kal Skirata in his black ops mission to destroy the
CIS terrorist cells operating on Coruscant. He was selected due to his excellent
interrogation skills. This mission put him back in close proximity to Atin, the
commando who chose to fight him. Slashed in his face by Vau, Atin had vowed to
kill Vau one day, but he set aside his hatred temporarily for the sake of the

In the final showdown between the terrorists and Skirata's men, Vau teamed up
with Jedi Knight Etain Tur-Mukan to neutralize the terrorist leader, Perrive.
Vau proved his sniper skills in a clean kill, and then used Lord Mirdalan to
retrieve the body (and datapad it held). They then returned to the greater
battle, and were responsible for the neutralizing of a fleeing terrorist.

After the op's success, Atin chose to take his revenge. He attacked Vau and the
two fought furiously, but it was broken up by Jedi General Bardan Jusik. The
matter between Vau and Atin seemed to be resolved. When the time came for the
team to go their separate ways, Vau and his strill returned to civilian life.

A few months after successful mission to Coruscant, Vau joined Delta Squad on
Mygeeto where he used Delta to aid him in breaking into the Dressian Kiolsh
Merchant Bank in order to steal back his inheritance and several other family
items from his family's secure box. To hide which box was his target he stole
from several other boxes, ascertaining more than fifty-three million credits
worth in stolen goods, which except for what was rightfully his he gave to
Skirata. Kal then changed his view about Vau. During the escape from the bank,
Vau fell into a crevasse and later Skirata and Ordo rescued him in Aay'han.

Vau joined later Skirata and Ordo on Mandalore and was awaken one night when
Etain went into labor. He was present for the birth of her and Darman's son
Venku Skirata (later named Kad). During this time Vau confronted Skirata about
the clones and wondered if he would have raised them all Mandalorian had they
not been clones of Jango, something Skirata denied. Also during this time, Vau
began to wonder what would become of Mird after he died after being asked how
long Strills lived by Null-10. Vau expressed his desire to leave Mird with
someone who would treat it much the same way as he did, and offered Mird to
Jaing, who agreed to take it when Vau died.

After Etain returned with Delta and Omega Squad after a stalemate on Haurgab,
Zey asked Vau to keep an eye on Skirata, since he was suspected of treason. But
later on, Vau secretly told Skirata about Zey's being onto him and swore never
to reveal anything behind his back.

During the following months, Vau was instrumental in helping Kal Skirata
liberate adopted members of Clan Skirata from the Republic army. He helped Ordo
free Jilka Zan Zentis, Besany Wennen's best friend, from prison after Gurlanin
spies had framed her to throw suspicion off of Besany (Ordo's wife).

After the Battle of Coruscant, and Order 66, Vau joined Skirata in his escape
and defection mission, taking many clones that had joined Skirata's Clan Skirata
to Kyrimorut on Mandalore. Once there Vau and Skirata declared that their enmity
was over, and they would start anew with a clean slate, and be the friends they
knew they technically already were, because each of them saw how much the other
cared about his troopers. Vau was described as being tall and cadaverous. He
seemed to be sociopathic, showing no empathy or sympathy to his fellow
sentients. It seemed that the only living thing he truly loves was his pet
strill, Lord Mirdalan, whom he affectionately called "Mird." He kept his true
emotions hidden to remain "strong" in front of his soldiers. He trained them to
be strong so they would survive, but did not tell them directly that he cared
for or loved them. However, Vau's sadistic behavior could be attributed to the
harshness of his father; in
effect, Vau possibly would have been less sociopathic had his father not
frequently abused him.

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