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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: EQUIPMENTEra: New Jedi OrderCanon: EU


   Another tactic the Yuuzhan Vong used against New Rapublic starships was having their Dovin Bassals exert their gravitic influence to rip away a ship's shields in an instant, thereby leaving it more vulnerable.  Later on, many pilots and ship crews began using a tactic of expanding their ships inertial compensator fields, a common piece of starship technology, to cover the ship's shields and help protect them from the shield ripping tactic.  

Model: Inertial Compensator Field Expander
Type: Starship modification
Scale: Starfighter or Capital
Skill: Starship Shields
Cost: 5% base cost of ship (if base price is not available, multiply the Hull and Shield Dice by x1,000 for starfighters/x10,000 for capital ships, and charge 10% of this amount)
Availability: 1
Game Notes:
   When a dovin basal is used to rip shields from a starship, the dovin basal's dice are rolled against the shield dice of the target.  If the target loses the roll, their shields take damage as per the category rolled on the starship damage chart.  When the ICFE is equipped, the target being affected by the dovin basal attack gets to roll both its shield AND hull dice to resist the attack.

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