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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: EQUIPMENTEra: New Jedi OrderCanon: No


   The StealthX model of X-wing starfighter had a unique configuration, created for stealth and infiltration and having technology as advanced as possible in this field without using the rare and highly advanced cloaking devices rumored to have been used by Emperor Palpatine.  Though the StealthX X-wing was supposed to be used by only those with granted access by Galactic Alliance officials, the package could be equipped to any ship, with the right price, time, skill and materials required.

Model: StealthX Infiltration Package
Type: Starship stealth modification
Scale: Starfighter (possibly Capital)
Skill: sensors, starfighter piloting, space transport piloting (posisbly capita ship piloting)
Cost: 30% base price of ship (if base price is not available, multiply the ship's Hull and Shield dice by x1,000 for starfighters/x3,000 for space transports/x10,000 for capital ships, and use 40% of this price to modify the ship)
Availability: 3, X
Game Notes:
   The StealthX Infiltration Package requires the installation of several key components:
-Gravitic Modulator, to avoid detection by mass-detectors while flying in hyperspace, granting a +4D to Piloting skill rolls against enemy Sensor rolls.
-Sensor Negators, which add +4D to the pilot's Sensor bonus dice at the appropriate range to be rolled against enemy Sensor skill rolls to avoid detection.
-Stealth Hull, the hull, engines and canopy have all been modified to been near-impossible to detect against the backdrop of space, with the hull being star-flecked and matte black, engines burning a rare type of Tibanna isotope (TibannaX) that burns black, and the canopy and any other transparasteel portals using blast tinting technology.  This grants the entire modified vessel +4D to any skill rolls made to visually hide the ship while in the environment of space (does NOT work when in planetary atmosphere unless at night).  Even if the pilot is not trying to hide the ship, anyone trying to visually notice something must make Perception/Search rolls of Very Difficult to notice movement or something out of place, and Heroic to actually see an object.
-All in all, the modifications grant +4D to any skills that would be rolled by the pilot and crew to avoid detection.

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