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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: EQUIPMENTEra: New RepublicCanon: EU


   The T-33 plasma torpedo was a projectile weapon designed to disable deflector shield systems and carried by the K-wing bomber.  Sometimes known as "shieldbusters," "rotten eggs," or simply "eggs," the T-33 detonated at the shield perimeter and overloaded ray shields with a powerful cone of radiation.  The radiation burst was described as "several times the output of a capital ship's ion cannon batteries," but this description has not been explicitly quantified.

Model: New Republic T-33 Plasma Torpedoes
Type: Shield negating projectile weapon
Scale: Capital
Skill: Capital ship gunnery
-Plasma Torpedo Launcher (includes 8-torpedo rack): 3,000 credits
-Replacement Torpedoes: 1,100 credits
Availability: 2, X
-Space: 1/3/7
-Atmosphere: 50-100/300/700m
Damage: 8D
Game Notes:
   The damage effects of a T-33 plasma torpedo only roll against a target ship's shields.  The target does NOT get to roll their Hull dice to resist the damage.  When damage is checked on the Starship Damage chart, it is considered ion weapon damage done to the shield systems alone.  Note that if a target has no shields, then these torpedoes inflict no damage.

Comments made about this Article!

01/Jun/2024 16:03:25 Posted by Hellstormer1

UPDATE: Saw they had added a cool pic to the Wookiepedia Legends page on these torpedoes, remembered I had made these stats for them a while back, so I added the pic here (also, another reason to show off the K-Wing, lol).

Also worth mentioning. I considered editing this write-up and reducing the damage (as they damage the shields of a ship, they don't need to be as strong, and probably shouldn't be). But then their short description mentions how powerful they are, "several times the output of a capital ship's ion cannon batteries", and I thought leaving them as is would make them useful against a wider variety of shields.

If people want to tone down their Damage dice, I'd recommend 4D to 5D in both Starfighter and Capital scales, but in the end, GMs/players, use your discretion and do what works for you and your games.

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