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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Name: Fishing Grenade Launcher
Model: Merr-Sonn Lightning Strike Fishing Grenade Launcher
Scale: Character
Skill: Missile Weapons
Ammo: 25
Cost: 3000; (power packs 25, grenades 200, grenade refills 75)
Availability: 3, F
Range: 9-21/60/120
Blast Radius: 0-4/8/12/20 (underwater)
Damage: 7D/6D/5D/4D (underwater)

Description: The Lightning Strike was created by a Merr-Sonn design team to capitalize on the sport of fishing via concussion grenades, but using instead a potent electrical grenade for underwater use.  The grenades are fired from a semi-automatic grenade launcher (can fire 25 grenades off a power pack), which thanks to its innovative tripod designed for boat use halves all penalties associated with firing from an unstable platform.  The weapon is rather bulky and somewhat heavy, but can be carried when necessary and comes with a convenient top handle.  The specially designed fishing grenades rely on a depth sensor, the shock of hitting the water arms them, and after being armed they go off at a preset depth (adjusted by a dial on the grenade), releasing a powerful electrical discharge and glowing yellow dye to mark the area, afterwards the grenade floats to the surface along with the fish, where it may be retrieved and refilled.  The launcher itself is a high visibility yellow and orange, and floats, making it easy to retrieve in case it falls overboard.  It is also waterproof.

The Lightning Strike is intended to fire its own specialized grenades, but it can be modified to fire most standard grenades as well (moderate difficulty), though this is of course illegal.  If a grenade is fired on the surface, it will do 3D impact damage if it directly hits someone.  Also, the impact of landing will arm the grenade, and it will discharge when sufficient pressure (tricking its depth sensor) is applied, such as someone stepping on it.  It does 5D damage to anyone touching it then, and 4D damage (and a spray of yellow dye) to a 1 meter radius.  If modified to fire other grenades, damage and blast radius are as grenade.

Lightning Strike's are durable and handle constant baths (even in water rich in salt or other corrosive substances), but don't hold up well to dirt and dust, and must be carefully maintained to use on a land battlefield.  They are quite popular among grenade fishers, and also are sometimes found in outlaw and rebel hands due to being much easier to legally acquire than other grenade launchers.

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