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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: LegacyCanon: EU

SPECIES - Devaronian
GENDER - Female
HEIGHT - Unknown
MOVE - 10

           Blaster: 6D
           Brawling Parry: 5D+1
           Dodge: 8D+1
           Lightsaber: 9D
           Melee Combat: 7D
           Melee Parry: 6D

           Bargain: 5D
           Command: 6D+1
           Hide: 6D
           Persuasion: 7D
           Search: 6D+1
           Sneak: 5D+2

           Intimidation: 6D+2
           Languages: 4D+2
           Planetary Systems: 5D+1
           Scholar (Jedi Lore): 5D+1
           Scholar (Sith Lore): 7D
           Streetwise: 5D+2
           Survival: 5D+2
           Tactics: 6D
           Willpower: 7D

           Brawling: 6D+1
           Climbing/Jumping: 5D
           Stamina: 6D+2

           Space Transports: 5D
           Starship Gunnery: 3D+2
           Starshield Shields: 5D+1
           Repulsorlift Operation: 6D+1
           Astrogation: 6D+1

           First Aid: 6D
           Lightsaber Repair: 5D+1
           Medicine: 7D
           Security: 5D+1

Equipment: Lightsaber (red) 5D

           Control: 7D
Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Control Pain, Detoxify Poison, Reduce Injury, Remain Conscious, Resist Stun, Enhance Attribute,

           Sense: 6D+1
Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Lightsaber Combat

           Alter: 7D+2
Force Lighting, Telekinesis, Affect Mind, Rage, Sith alchemy


Charcter Bio - Darth Maladi, born Malincha, was a Force-sensitive Devaronian female who was taken by the Sith from her homeworld of Devaron following the death of her Jedi father at the hands of Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt. She was trained in the dark side and became a prominent Sith Lady in Krayt's One Sith Order. Maladi specialized in the ways of inquisition, torture, and mental manipulation, all skills which she implemented in her service as the head of Sith Intelligence and Assassination. She was also a talented scientist who experimented with ways to pervert science to serve the Sith cause. Maladi manufactured and dealt the narcotic ixetal cilona, and was also the mastermind behind the sabotaging of the Galactic Alliance-sponsored project to terraform the Jedi world of Ossus.

In 127 ABY, Maladi joined Moffs Morlish Veed and Nyna Calixte of the Fel Empire in the instigation of the Sith-Imperial War, which saw the near-destruction of the Galactic Alliance and the New Jedi Order?the major opponents of the Sith. When Krayt usurped the Imperial throne from Roan Fel in the aftermath, Darth Maladi served in the new empire as the head of Sith Intelligence and Assassination. Ten years later, Krayt ordered Darth Maladi to find and dispose of the former Emperor Roan Fel, and to capture Cade Skywalker, the last remaining member of the Skywalker family. Though she failed with the former task, the Sith were able to capture Skywalker, whom Maladi tortured to find his limits. Skywalker eventually escaped, and Maladi was forced to work with Rav, a Feeorin pirate for whom Skywalker had once worked, to find the fugitive. When she located Skywalker in the Deep Core on the planet Had Abbadon, Maladi traveled with Krayt and other members of the
One Sith to meet with his supposed captor, an ancient Sith spirit that resided in the body of an Old Republic Jedi Master, Celeste Morne. The meeting turned out to be a trap planned by Skywalker, Morne, and several Imperial Knights, and battle ensued in which Maladi received serious injuries. Following the Sith defeat Maladi was retrieved by Darth Wyyrlok along with her brethren and taken to Coruscant to recover from her injuries.

Darth Maladi became increasingly more certain that Darth Krayt had not survived the battle on Had Abbadon as Darth Wyyrlok claimed. Developing her own plans, Maladi returned to Wayland, the planet where she originally created the Ossus sabotage, where she began to bioengineer a new means by which the next ruler of the One Sith would be able to ensure the loyalty of the masses. A meeting with Darth Nihl resulted in Maladi sending him to Korriban to discover the truth about Darth Krayt's demise. She then abducted and tortured a friend of Cade Skywalker's to coerce the bounty hunter into becoming the test subject for her new weapon, and Skywalker agreed.

Darth Maladi, like most Sith in Darth Krayt's New Sith Order, knew complete obedience to her Master. She always completed his orders as asked, though she sometimes wondered about some of Krayt's decisions, such as why he wanted Cade Skywalker alive. Maladi often tortured individuals, and took pride when she was able to successfully extract information out of them, evidenced when she garnered information about Skywalker from Hosk Trey'lis. Maladi was often in control of sentients, and barked commands at Nyna Calixte and Trey'lis, much like her Master Krayt did himself. As the head of Sith Intelligence and Assassination, Maladi was adept at manipulating individuals without using the Force. Along with Krayt, she instigated the Sith-Imperial War by manipulating Morlish Veed into an alliance with the Sith, convincing him that the Sith were going to seat him as Emperor, though Maladi instead put him in a position of servitude to Krayt.She funneled lies as a
matter of course, and easily detected when falsehoods perpetrated against her.

Maladi loved to scheme the demise of others. She molded the perfect assassin in Darth Kruhl, who was ready to die in order to kill Roan Fel. When that failed, Maladi revealed that Kruhl had been part of a larger scheme to kill Roan Fel, and that she was planning to mold another to finally place the final killing stroke. However, Maladi's scheming sometimes blinded her, and she was so enamored with her plans that she almost lost sight of her Krayt-given goal?to eliminate Roan Fel. On one occasion, Krayt had to remind her to keep sight of her goal to kill Fel before she became too consumed with plotting. She was ruthless to this end, and did not suffer the failures of her subordinates gladly, evidenced when she executed Vikar Dorn for his blunder during the assassination attempt on Emperor Fel's life. Maladi was also confident in the stability of the New Sith Order, believing that they were more successful than the older Sith, though Nyna Calixte
believed that the present day Sith were like the Sith of old, and that that reminiscent quality was going to be the demise of Maladi and the rest of the Sith. Maladi was cold, calculating, unafraid to commit unspeakable acts if that suited her agenda. She held complete control over her emotions, even her fears; the greatest of them being the loss of control over her scientific creations.

Maladi also had a different skin color than most Devaronian females, as well as little fur on her body, while most females of her species had a good deal of fur that was naturally white. Maladi's skin color and fur quantities, however, was the result of genetics.

Darth Maladi was a Sith trained from birth in the New Sith Order, and could use a lightsaber properly. Maladi displayed considerable dexterity when her lightsaber skills were called into action; while dueling, she incorporated Force attacks in conjunction with her blade work, making her twice as formidable in battle. This was evidenced when she engaged the Twi'lek Jedi Shado Vao in personal combat on Had Abaddon, and attacked him simultaneously with Force lightning and her lightsaber. However, Vao was able to dissipate the lightning with his own weapon. Maladi was also impressed that Vao, Skywalker, and the Imperial Knights were able to completely conceal their Force presences from her. Maladi also specialized in the ways of torture and assassination. Through relentless use of specialized torture droids, she was able to successfully extract the information about Cade Skywalker out of Hosk Trey'lis, a Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order.

Maladi was a master of espionage, assassination and interrogation, extremely skilled in both Sith alchemy and Yuuzhan Vong bioengineering.

Maladi's skill with Force applications was also on par with her fellow Sith; she was proficient with Force lightning, having successfully attack both Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue with it while torturing Cade Skywalker. Maladi also had a mastery over Sith alchemy, using it to mutate Yuuzhan Vong coral seeds into fatal, painful sores on sentients. This ability allowed Maladi to sabotage the Ossus Project, which started the Sith-Imperial War, bolstering her contributions to the New Sith Order.

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