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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: EQUIPMENTEra: Human-Covenant WarCanon: EU

   The Laser Designator is a United Nations Space Command piece of equipment.  It is used for multiple support roles, usually involving gathering sensor and targeting data to be used for roles such as tracking different kinds of objects and vehicles (commonly airborne craft and ships), or advanced front-line targeting support for heavy weapons and artillery.  The device is usually handled by a soldier as a weapon, aimed at a target and using advanced laser technology to gather information on the target.  This information can be relayed by the device in various methods to other locations to be used in other ways, such as targeting data for precise strikes against enemy troops, artillery, bases, and even starships that may be in atmosphere within range.
Model: Misriah Armory Laser Designator Support Device
Type: Laser targeting and sensory device
Scale: Character
Skill: Sensors: Laser Designator
Rate of Fire: 1
Fire Control: +1D
Ammo: N/A
Cost: 1,000 cR
Availability: 3, R
Range: 10-100/500/1,000+
-Difficulty: Easy/Moderate/Difficult
Damage: N/A
-Melee: Str+1D+1 Physical (Blunt)
-STRIKE TARGETING: When giving targeting support for weapon strikes of heavy weapons or artillery (such as missiles, defense turrets, orbital bombardment, etc.), the laser designator can be used to make it easier for these strikes to hit their targets.  First of all, a Sensor roll is needed to gain the data needed of the target.  This is done according to what range the device is being used at, Easy at short, Moderate at Medium, and Difficult for Long ranges.  Once this is done, a Communications roll is needed to link with the reciever of the data, Difficulty decided by the GM according to the conditions of the situation.  Then, the targeter of the device simply needs to maintain aiming it at the target, as an "aiming" action, which is a full-round action.  In this case, every round the weapon is aimed allows the strike to be done at one (1) less Scale Level than it otherwise would have been before.  So, a Capital scale weapon could hit a target as Starfighter scale after 1 round of aiming, Walker scale after 2, Speeder scale after 3, and finally Character scale after 4 rounds.
    -Make Sensor skill roll (Easy/Moderate/Difficult)
    -Make Communications skill roll (GM chooses Difficulty)
    -Every following round of aiming decreases Scale for other attacks by -1 Scale Level per round.
-UNIT SUPPORT: If being used as a troop support device, such as for sniping, it grants a +1D bonus for every round of aiming done by the device, with the snipers (or other type of weapons fire) waiting for the data and also aiming every round.  This bonus has a max of +4D after 4 rounds, as all possible logistical and trajectory and other relevant data has been gathered.  To get the bonus again, the shooters must again wait for the device to be used however many rounds for whatever bonus is wanted.  In real combat, this would usually be after the snipers and targeter have relocated to a different position.
   All in all, the laser targeter also allows others to fire at a target when they would otherwise be unable to do so.  Such circumstances would be like a ship wishing to give orbital support but unable to due to thick cloud cover from storms or fog or enemy jamming.  Not only would a laser targeter give needed information to target weapons through such interference, it would also allow troops to be dropped in for ground support via HEVs, dropships or other such delivery methods.  Another such situation would be to send targeting information to artillery weapons locations that have no line-of-site, such as behind a defensive mountain range for shielding from enemy weaponry.  The laser targeter could relay data for precise arcing of artillery pieces or missiles or other such heavy weapons to hit enemy emplacements, armor or troop locations for support.  The possibilities are limited to the imagination!
    -Every round of aiming grants +1D to nearby unit members when shooting, max of +4D after 4 rounds.
- - - - - - - - - -
   The designator uses the same butt-stock, pistol grip and main section as the SRS-99D S2 AM Sniper Rifle, with the only difference being the absence of an ammunition magazine and barrel, and the replacement of these with a laser designator and different optical scope. The UNSC Laser Designator also has a Misriah logo on its stock, a feature retained from its SRS99D-S2 AM roots.
   The laser designator was first seen in use in the Battle of Sector Six during the Battle of Earth, by an injured UNSC Marine Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, S. Hartley. After retrieving the package containing the designator from a combat zone with T. Rymann, the ODSTs proceeded to a position in Sector Six in order to to acquire the trajectory information of John-117's descent through Earth's atmosphere. Though injured, Hartley succeeded in the task and the UNSC ground forces got to Spartan-117's crash site in time

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