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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Model: Rebel Grenade Conveyor
Type: Grenade Conveyor
Scale: Character
Skill: Grenade
Cost: 50
Availability: 2, R
Range: 9-21/60/120
Blast Radius: As grenade
Damage: As grenade

Description:  Originally designed by the Rebel Alliance to get more range out of there hand grenades, without access to proper grenade launchers, the Rebel Grenade Conveyor is a curious device consisting of a set of hooks to hold the grenade, a lever which holds down the grenades spoon, and an airspeed sensor activated rocket engine.  The user sets the grenade within the hooks, sets the lever to hold the spoon, and pulls the pin.  Then the entire setup is thrown at the enemy, the rocket ignites and the force of acceleration frees the spoon fully arming the grenade.  

The conveyed grenade has three times the range of a thrown grenade, but an extra action is required to use a grenade conveyor.  Also, an Easy grenade roll is needed to use the grenade conveyor properly (in addition to the normal roll to hit with it).

Rebels use grenade conveyors with moderate frequency, but prefer grenade launchers when they can get them.  Third party or home made copies are common, and grenade conveyors are occasionally seen in use by just about anyone, though so far none of the major corporations has produced a grenade conveyor, and no large military has adopted them for official use.  Thus, grenade conveyors vary widely, but the above is a fairly typical one.

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