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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: Canon: No

Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Arid
Terrain: Deserts, mountains, scrubland
Atmosphere: Mildly toxic (breathmask suggested)
Gravity: Slightly heavy (112% galactic standard)
Diameter: 8877.59 miles
Length of Day: 15 standard hours
Length of Year: 361 standard days
Sentient Species: Ack?kem
Languages: Tam?teh, Basic
Population: 1.5 billion
Species Mix: 74% Ack?kem, 20 % Human, 6% other
Government: Tribal/ corporate
Major Exports: Jewels and jewelry, high density glass, mercenaries
Major Imports: Machinery, high tech, foodstuffs
System/ Star: Dy?rel

Planets Type Moons
Gulon Volcanic rock 0
Dy?rel Terrestrial 0
Vorsack Volcanic rock 3
Indolis Terrestrial moon -
Irrivoltol Barren rock 0

Planet Type: Terrestrial moon
Climate: Arid
Terrain: Volcanoes, mountains, scrubland, acidic seas and lakes
Atmosphere: Highly toxic (breathmask and survival gear required)
Gravity: Light (84% galactic standard)
Diameter: 4360 miles
Length of Day: 33 standard hours
Length of Year: 1012 standard days
Sentient Species: Human
Languages: Basic
Population: 621,000
Species Mix: Mixed races
Government: Imperial Military Prison
Major Exports: Metals
Major Imports: Prisoners
System/ Star: Dy?rel

   The Dy?rel system sits in part of a star cluster known as the Shoal. Its four worlds are constantly wracked with tectonic turmoil and unkind weather. What little water there is in the system is almost entirely poisonous. Volcanoes explode consistently on most worlds and even the few moons that orbit Vorsack. This unkind habitat has none the less developed life forms capable of dealing with the conditions presented to them. Aside from the few scrub plants and small animals on Dy?rel and the moon of Indolis, the sentient race of Ack?kem grew into prominence on the system?s namesake world.

   This system?s history is simple and to the point. When the team of scouts first reached the star they held out little hope that they would find anything of interest. There could be some useful ores and so forth, they thought, but weather and tectonic conditions led them to predict that no one would be interested in the necessary costs associated with extracting them.
   When they examined the second world, however, they were proved wrong. They found a thriving community of native sentients that called themselves the Ack?kem. When they first landed the Ack?kem assaulted their ship with primitive slug throwers and explosive grenades. The crew immediately took off again out of range of the weapons and kept their shields up as a precaution. Once the natives got used to their presence they approached again slowly over a period of days.
   Finally on the ground, they made contact with the Ack?kem and first learned their language. Once a basic grasp of language was attained they explained their purpose and extended to the natives the opportunity to join in the Republic and trade with the wider galaxy. At first the Ack?kem were uncertain what to make of this new situation. They had never considered life off of their own world and the possibility of adding new weapons and supplies to their people was appealing, but they were a people incapable of even unifying beyond small clans, much less joining their whole planet together under the rule of some far off Republic.
   Eventually the Ack?kem sat with the scouts? diplomat and discussed terms. They would not join in this Republic the visitors spoke of, but they were willing to allow very limited trade with off-worlders. The aliens would keep to certain areas of the world designated by clan leaders and could take what resources they wanted from there. Any deviation from this would result in swift retribution. In return the foreigners would provide the Ack?kem with weapons and transportation so that they might see the galaxy for themselves and later decide whether or not to join the Republic.
   The scouts were only moderately pleased with this arrangement and sent word to Republic Scout Command about the arrangement they?d come to and investors were quickly lined up. Mining took on a life of its own as highly valuable jewels were found and the sand from some of the desert areas were capable of creating an extremely strong form of glass that could be used for starship viewports. The first few forays onto the planet were nearly disastrous as ambitious executives thought they could out-argue the Ack?kem. This was a mistake, sometimes a fatal one. Any time an Ack?kem chief felt that the other side of the negotiating table was trying to trick him he opened fire.
   Eventually the corporations got the point. The Ack?kem make the rules and you will abide by them exactly and never even tempt with overstepping the stated boundaries of operation. The Ack?kem did a forceful job of maintaining control of their world, but they also held themselves just as closely to the agreements they made.
   When the Clone Wars began the Confederacy of Independent Systems already had enough experience with the world not to try anything with them. They left the world alone and went after other worlds in the Shoal. When the Emperor took power, however, they found they could not resist trying to subjugate such a violent race. It was a test of strength on their part, trying out the new military doctrines that were part and parcel with the New Order.
   The Dy?rel campaign was a disaster. Stormtroopers died by the hundreds in battles against much smaller forces. The locals new their terrain too well and were well armed with some of the newest technology by this point. The Ack?kem sense of individual worth and independence led them to use few large war vessels, but they did have a substantial fighter fleet that, once the stormtroopers were repelled, they used to drive the Imperial dreadnaught Blight away from their planet. They were not concerned about the whole system. Otherwise the Blight might have been annihilated.
   While the corporations and companies set up their operations on the world of Dy?rel, the Republic knew they did not have a prison facility large enough and near enough to the Shoal to hold the inevitable criminal element that would turn up so far from the Core, so close to the CSA, and in such a secluded place. To remedy this fact they began to build a facility on Indolis, the second moon of Vorsack. Indolis had everything they wanted to prevent people from trying to escape: inhospitable surroundings, usable materials to give the prisoners something to do, and an out-of-the-way location. The Imperial Guard set up and maintained the self-contained facility and began to use it to extract the mineral wealth that was held beneath the crust of the moon. The Indolis facility is still in use by the Empire to this day. It provides a substantial portion of the metals used in producing TIEs in the area.

   The people of the Dy?rel system can be grouped into three categories: the Ack?kem, the corporate employees, and those at the prison facility. The Ack?kem are a race of warriors who view the ultimate calling of all their people to be to defend their own borders with violent rigor. Any perceived slight on clan or personal borders is resolved with blood. However it is considered a slight on one?s character to die in battle for these violent people. They consider it a failure to protect one?s personal border successfully. They have never been a unified people, but they came close in trying to drive off the Imperial invaders.
   The corporations that have been extracting jewels and high-grade glass from the primary world remain and are fairly safe from Imperial interference due to their? neighbors. They run their own businesses and government on-planet. In space it is a different story, however. The patrol craft assigned to the prison are on constant lookout for corporate freighters to harass. In space and beyond the planetary corporations are very much at the whim of the Imperial military. In an effort to protect their craft from Imperial harassment many of the freighter captains have taken to hiring Ack?kem pilots with their own fighters to protect them out of system. The patrol ships know that it would probably be more trouble than its worth to take arms against them and so will generally leave them alone.
   The prison facility is full of a disparaging lot. The prisoners know they are on a world hostile to their existence, from their guardians to the very atmosphere and land around them. Only the prison itself provides a safe haven against these problems. The guards and warden know that they are in a dead-end position. They know they are likely to have a dangerous hull breach and die in an under-funded prison facility like the one they work for. If that doesn?t get them then a speeder crash on dangerous terrain will do the same thing. Other than that they have no opportunity to show off their prowess and so promotion is out of the question. Their only hope is to survive long enough to retire peacefully on a more pleasant world. This is probably one reason why the patrol craft will often harass the corporate haulers.
   In the end the prison facility does provide two useful things to the Imperial war machine. First it provides a good amount of metals mined from under the moon?s crust that is of military starship armor grade. Second it is a constant source of new test subjects for Minister Iglarus who will occasionally come in and offer certain prisoners what he calls ?The Fullest Pardon.? This only means that they will be used in another one of his nasty schemes to produce a new tool to his Emperor.

This is the largest city of the Ack?kem. They built it on a centuries-old neutral zone where peace could be talked of between otherwise warring tribes. They built it up with modern technology after the Republic scouts explained their purpose. Now it serves as a free trade zone and diplomatic center for the planet?s human and non-human inhabitants. Business deals will be made and small wars will be settled here. Anything can also be bought or sold here since, by Ack?kem law, no one rules here. However, because no one rules here no one has a border to protect and so no weapons are allowed to be used in the city?s borders. This is enforced heavily by the holy Gorin Guard of the Ack?kem. They are charged with catching violent offenders and transporting them to their tribe or company?s land. Once there they will execute the criminal at the border. Even the Gorins cannot use weapons inside the neutral zone.

Do or Dy Escorts
This small building in the borders of one of the biggest Dy?rel mining concerns is a freelance bodyguard and space escort service. Amounting to little more than a glorified and corporately sanctioned mercenary company, the group was founded by a disillusioned Republic infiltration expert. He now owns a small fleet of fighters (mostly very beat up KSE Eta-2 Actis interceptors) that he keeps on the dock of his patron company. In addition to these he has approximately sixty men, women, and other who work as guards and soldiers.

Indolis Prison Facility
Despite the significant resources the Empire draws from the mines under the surface here they refuse to fund it very well. Warden Billins does the best he can with the meager financial backing he is given. He keeps the mines open and operational at optimum conditions for his situation. Portions of the buildings have begun to deteriorate to dangerous levels in the unkind local atmosphere. A few deaths to both guards and prisoner have driven the warden to use some of his funds to shore up trouble spots instead of using it on repairs to mining equipment. He holds a deep grudge for the minister but fears him too much to act out against him.

Allies and Opponents
Warden Gyle Billins (human Dip 3)
Warden Billins is not a mean man but a tough man. He does his best to whip his guards and prisoners both into prime shape so that they may serve the Empire in top notch condition. His grudge with the minister is entirely about having an under funded, under protected prison on a hostile world to look after. If the Minister Iglarus would give him more money for the necessary repairs then he would have no problems and they could mend their strained professional relationship. As it is the warden does his best to make himself unavailable when the minister stops by for a visit.

C. G. Vews (Arcona Sol 2/ Scoun 4/ Infilt 3)
C. G. used to be a Republic special operative; infiltrating CIS facilities, planting explosives, and so forth; but when the Republic became the Empire he quickly decided it was not the place for him. He had done a lot of work on the Outer Rim because that was where the CIS was and so knew of Dy?rel from his time in the service. When he decided he needed to run he ran to a world known for being highly capable of defending itself and maintaining its independence. There he first started working as a personal bodyguard to whoever would pay, but had his big break when he was hired by a corporate executive who was subsequently ambushed by nearly a dozen armed men. C.G. fought them off and allowed the exec to escape without harm, though at much damage to himself. The exec was so impressed with C.G.?s prowess he offered him a regular stipend to set up a private defense force on company land. C.G. took the offer and set up shop. The only caveat is that the mining corporation has them under permanent employ. He is now a rather wealthy person who plans to live the rest of his own days without violence, though certainly providing violence to the highest bidder still.

Nirogath Kek?kol (Ack?kem Sol 6)
Nirogath is the leader of the Gorin Guard, the group of Ack?kem devoted to maintaining the peace inside of Cra?kag?gorin. By most he is seen as the actual leader of the planet and the Ack?kem, but he refuses to see himself that way. Some have attempted to convince him to take control of the day to day operations of the city so that they might legitimize his rule and bring peace to the Ack?kem?s warring clans but he has no such desires or aims. He has rebuffed every angle provided to him because he does not desire the responsibility. He has sworn, however, that should a worthy Ack?kem show himself he would support their legitimate rule.

Hrynnharhac (Wookie Frin 2/ Tech1)
Hrynn to her friends, Hrynnharhac is an expert scrounger in the city of Cra?kag?gorin. She finds pieces to work with in parts that others can?t even recognize. She has repaired speeders to full capacity that others said would never lift again. And she works as a quiet tough for the Hutt crimelord Yondo.
Yondo found her on a derelict ship that had been attacked by pirates almost two months before he came upon it. Eternally grateful to her rescuer she showed him some of the work she?d done during her downtime. He was pleased and hired her on as a mechanic for his minions on Dy?rel. Eventually he got her involved in a number of dangerous ?side jobs? that drew her deeper and deeper into his world. By now she will use her significant strength to harm almost anyone that Yondo tells her to. She just won?t do it in the city, and she won?t use her claws.

Ologinwar (Ithorian JC 4)
Ologinwar is the true name of prisoner number 6253-477611-g. She was once a Jedi padawan to Master Yab, but when the Clone Wars broke out she couldn?t bring herself to commit acts of violence on such a grand scale. She turned in her lightsaber to the Jedi Council and left for her herdship over Ithor. There they welcomed her and gently communicated that they understood the choice she had been presented with and would have agreed with her either way. As the war drew out she watched the lists of dead and missing persons grow longer and longer, all the while watching with concern for her former master?s name. Her master was eventually listed as having been shot down over Naislia and she went into mourning for him. When the Empire took power she was even more saddened and threatened with the Dark Side in her depression. Eventually her herdship was captured by Imperial forces and all aboard were either killed or taken captive and scattered. During this time as she wandered the galaxy she came upon little trinkets and reminders of her past as a Jedi Knight that brought her out of the worst of it. She kept some of them but was once again caught by Imperials with them and sentenced to life in prison for possession of Jedi paraphernalia. Now she sits in her cell and works below ground to dig out ores for the Empire to use to kill more people than she had ever imagined. She has been planning and plotting her escape for a long time and has some of the rudimentary pieces she would require for the building of her own lightsaber again.

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