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Section of Site: Planets D20Belongs to Faction: Border WorldsSubtype: Era: Canon: No

New Ulovoria

Planet Type: Gas giant
Climate: Hostile (toxic and violent)
Terrain: Gas giant
Atmosphere: Toxic
Gravity: Heavy (368% galactic standard)
Diameter: 114,137 miles
Length of Day: 67 standard hours
Length of Year: 2691 standard days
Sentient Species: None
Languages: None
Population: None
Species Mix: None
Government: None
Major Exports: None
Major Imports: None
System/ Star: Stybix

Planets Type Moons
Stybix I Molten rock 0
Stybix II Burnt rock 0
Stybix III Asteroid field -
Stybix IV Asteroid field -
New Ulovoria Gas giant 31 plus 2 rock rings
New Ulovoria IX Terrestrial moon -
Stybix V Frozen rock 0

New Ulovoria IX

Planet Type: Terrestrial moon
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Plains and lakes with occasional tall tree groves
Atmosphere: Habitable
Gravity: Standard
Diameter: 7625.3 miles
Length of Day: 23 standard hours
Length of Year: 2691 standard days
Sentient Species: Human dominant
Languages: Basic
Population: 67 million
Species Mix: 41% human, 21% Paigun, 20% Wookie, 16% Murachuan, 2% other
Government: Nationalized corporate rule
Major Exports: Starships
Major Imports: Food, mechanical equipment
System/ Star: Stybix
   A pleasant world by galactic standards, the ninth moon of New Ulovoria was home to the New Ulovoria Shipyards, home base for the secret laboratories of Hoersch-Kessel Drive. It was here that they developed and initially tested the Munificent-class frigate for the CIS during the clone wars. The shipyards themselves were actually around the nearby gas giant and drew their raw materials from the other moons and rings around it. The corporate offices and other administrative centers were all on the surface of the moon.
   The surface is covered in grassy plains and lakes with occasional groves of enormous trees, called ulon trees, which resemble Kashyyyk?s wroshyr trees. Landspeeders are commonly seen for transit from one city or lab to another since terrain doesn?t prevent it. The wealthy of the world also build beautiful vistas overseeing many of the lakes.

   When Hoersch-Kessel scouts discovered this world inside the Shoal they immediately saw its potential. They started approximately three hundred years before the Battle of Yavin, keeping the world?s location a secret and building up mining facilities and shipyards all around. From there they began to develop laboratories on the moon to develop new technologies that would continue putting HKD at the head of the space race.
   It?s unique combination of secret location and plentiful local resources led the CIS aligned corporation to devote this site to the development of new military technology for the war against the Republic. One of its crowning achievements was the jamming technology used on the Munificent-class Star Frigate.
   When the CIS was defeated the Empire rooted out all the opponent corporations and did what they could to nationalize them. They eventually found this secret, hidden-away location and took it over, making it into their own secret laboratory. Rumor has it that this is one of the locations that helped develop the Immobilizer 418.

   In recent times the people of this hidden shipyard have become significantly disgruntled. They were working for a company that produced large starships with plentiful uses for purposes that they agreed with (since HKD only sent the most loyal employees to this site). Now they have been taken over by force and are subject to the whims of their Imperial masters. They want nothing to do with this.
   Seeds of rebellion have been sprouting in the populace since the day the Empire took over. Long-remembered glory has been pushing these people to find a way to break with their masters and restore their personal freedoms.
   With the Empire came a number of new people to the system. First and foremost was a significant increase in the human population. These are the task masters and servants of the Empire. Behind them came a number of slaves, such as the Wookies, who are forced to work in unforgiving conditions above the atmosphere.

New Ulovoria Shipyards (210 slips, construction multiple .90)
These shipyards, built around the gas giant itself, used to manufacture test technologies for the CIS, but now are the exclusive property of the Empire. Rumor has it that it was here that they developed and tested the sublight drive technology for the Death Stars. Wookie, Marachuan, and human slaves work in hazardous conditions to feed the Imperial war machine. Overseen by Commander Jarviin Vil of Corellia, it pushes out capital ships at an impressive rate.

Jivolta Laboratories
This nationalized lab complex sits outside the moon?s administrative center of Jivolta. This is the actual location where the HKD?s legendary jamming equipment was developed. It is still used for communication development today and likely where the Emperor got the technology for the massive hypercomm transceiver aboard the Executor. Professor Gilgath Rindora oversees the laboratories and makes sure that only the most promising and valuable projects are worked on. There is rumor that there are Rebel agents within the labs themselves, working to free the slave species of the moon. Others say that here is where the Minister does much of his more vile work. Which is true is unknown.

Owronroo City
This is a secret, hidden city, built up in the ulon trees by a small group of escaped Wookie slaves. Headed by Chieftain Hrangwoor, the city is a haven to those who have managed to escape the work camps of the Imperial overlords. They work as a military encampment and demand that anyone who wishes to remain there join in their pocket rebellion. Hrangwoor?s top priority right now is to escape into space and make contact with the Rebel Alliance. All his resources are going towards the invasion of Jivolta city and theft of a hyperspace capable ship. Currently the city?s population numbers in the lower hundreds, but they keep doing what they can to funnel more out every month.

Allies and Opponents
Commander Jarviin Vil (human Nob 3/ Sol2)
Commander Vil is a ruthless Corellian with a severe racist streak that made him the perfect candidate to oversee the slaves on New Ulovoria. He was part of Commodore Sesseran?s command crew when the riots broke out on Vigolithot V3688 and helped convince him that an orbital bombardment was the most efficient way to go to resolve the conflict. He commands the shipyards from his flagship, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer called Spearthrust, one of two assigned to the Shoal. He has a small fleet of support craft to help quell any and all resistance, the most valuable of which is the Interdictor cruiser Iron Bar which he uses against anyone he thinks is trying to enter or leave the system and has no business doing so.

Professor Gilgath Rindora (human Tech 8/ Chief En 3)
Professor Rindora is seemingly a simple man with a penchant for developing superior mundane technology, such as improved engines or more secure communication. His loyalty seems to truly be to science first then to the Empire. He helped with the reverse engineering of the gravity well traps that were first captured from the Unknown Regions around six years before the Clone Wars. This established his credibility and got him noticed by Emperor Palpatine who then put him in charge of the Ulovoria laboratories.
Little did the Emperor know that he had just put a Rebel operative deep in his own schemes. The professor doesn?t trust the Empire and wants to see Palpatine removed from office as should have happened when the Clone Wars were over. To this end he is constantly bringing in new slaves as lab assistants who then seem to fall victim to poor laboratory preparations and die. In truth he keeps them around for a while, teaching them something about some bit of technology, and then subtly arranging for their escape (often times without their knowledge that he was helping them). He has been out of contact with his Rebel handler since his placement here and is actually unaware of the galactic situation at large. Still, he hopes that he can use Commander Vil?s racism to allow the aliens he?s freed to infiltrate and take over the fleet above the shipyards.

Hrangwoor (Wookie Scnd 4/ Adm 2)
Hrangwoor was just another Wookie when he was born. But then he and his family were taken captive by Trandoshan hunters and sold into slavery in the Outer Rim. He was eventually freed when his owner was killed in a skirmish against a Republic cruiser over some illegal goods, but he ran to an escape pod as the ship was destroyed and accidentally ran into another Trandoshan hunting party. These fortunate lizards took him back into slavery and kept him around as a trophy servant until they were eliminated in an early anti-alien push by the Empire. When his dead captors? property was seized he was taken into custody of the Empire and sent to work aboard a cruiser bound for New Ulovoria. Finally there he was transferred to the shipyards. Here was his first stroke of true luck. The shuttle that he and the other prisoners were aboard was struck by the engine wash of a cruiser that came out of hyperspace too close to the ninth moon. It threw the shuttle into a tailspin and knocked out its sensors, communication, and directional controls. As it was spinning out of control the prisoners? chains were automatically released. He and others ran to the cockpit, found they couldn?t rescue the ship, and went back to brace for impact. When they finally hit he and the few other survivors ran. They were assumed dead and Hrangwoor was finally truly free. He helped set up the tree city of Owronroo in a large, dense grove of trees and has since been trying to get as many slaves free and into his small army as possible.

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