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Section of Site: Supplements D20Belongs to Faction: Border WorldsSubtype: Era: Canon: No

The Border Worlds

Explorers and Warriors at Border
   With very little galactic importance, the Naislia and Gamsisha sectors actually have quite a deep history.

   Approximately two millennia ago, the local race of short, furry Pithri developed space travel in an attempt to reach the stars that fascinated them so from their homeworld. Within decades there were colonies well established and more on their way.

   On the other side near the Partink Nebula on the planet of Onderinni, there was another race called the Hilanor searching for the stars, simply because they wanted to see what else was there. While their expansion into the surrounding systems was slower, their technology grew more rapidly.

   Finally, one fateful day over Besdosha, the two races met. No one knows what that first encounter was like for either of them, but it led towards the two races having a war that actually lasted for centuries. Six hundred years later came the first Republic scout ships, right into the middle of the two warring factions. After many years of attempted negotiations, they came in with military force and forced them to negotiate on the world of Border. There they negotiated a reasonable peace treaty, allowed each species to maintain control of its own sector (at least at the time), and began commerce and colonization of the region.

   Over the next eight hundred years control of the sectors was taken from the native races and given to various other groups. Neither race particularly cared too much for controlling an entire sector to begin with now that the war was over, so they let well enough alone. The Hilanor began building resorts and spas, while the Pithri began taking to the space lanes, as was their dream in the beginning.

   As humans and others began coming in from the core worlds they brought their enterprising spirits as well. Eventually it was discovered that around Gamsisha was a plethora of useful mining worlds, while Naislia was the essential trading point for what became known as the Trade Web Worlds (TWW). Commerce began expanding exponentially around Border and its nearby systems, and business was good for all involved.

   Approximately five hundred years before the rise of the Empire, a group of three enterprising Rodian clans; the Kalatoos, the Belakins, and the Petroochas; came with an idea to settle on new worlds with new hunting grounds, and they found plenty of all in the Gamsisha sector and began colonizing. The most enterprising of these creatures was a young hunter with an eye towards business named Kelool of the Belakin clan who established a naturally-powered ore processing company using the worlds volcanoes and lava flows to heat the ores. This company is still in the Belakin clan today.

   Seeing the rise of this region in large local commerce, small galactic commerce, outlaws naturally began coming to the region for their various desires. About the same time that the Rodians arrived, so did pirates, smugglers, drug dealers, and various other underworld types. The most well known of all was the space pirate captain Joseph Arbilans. His vast fleet terrorized the various trade lanes all around the TWW. No bounty hunter or military captain could figure out where he was striking from, either. To this day, his staging point of Gamdovin acts as a pirate and smuggler haven world where Joseph had first discovered the ruins of the ancient Harlith race that had died out millennia before. Joseph eventually retired and merely ran the world itself as an independent government. From this staging point many other pirates operate their various deeds even as far as the Fingers.

   As the Republic began to crumble beneath itself, the Naislia and Gamsisha sectors stayed out of politics more and more. While the Separatists did offer the region to join as part of their movement to overthrow the Republic, it was denied and instead the Separatists were promised that the region would stay out of any civil war that happened. The various manufacturers used this neutrality to gain contracts from both sides for weapons, ships, medical supplies, and more.

   When the Republic finally died and was replaced by the Empire the region agreed to return and be a nominal part of galaxy again, officially joining the Imperial New Order. However, many worlds independently supported the Rebellion and provided them with much needed equipment and occasionally personnel. Many pirates were also Rebel operatives attempting to take supplies from the Imperials. For this and other reasons, both sectors were assigned an official ?envoy? of four star destroyers each during the Rebellion Era.

   After the fall of the Emperor Palpatine, they joined with the New Republic and the senator from Border even became a minority leader under Chancellor Mon Mothma.

   Whether governments rise or fall, these two sectors will always have a good eye towards the most local profit and will mostly stay out of everyone?s way.

   The River and the Twin Flame Nebulae
Both the Naislia and Gamsisha sectors are full of interesting worlds and strange people. However, it is the Twin Flame Nebulae of the Naislia sector and the River of the Gamsisha sector that really set them geographically apart from other areas of space.

   The Twin Flame Nebulae are a pair of nebulae, the Partink and Gatch Nebulae respectively, that are moving in such a way that it seems that the Gatch nebula is following the Partink. Both are normal nebula in the galactic-scale. Neither is particularly big, neither is particularly dangerous compared to others. However, the Partink seems to be pulling the Gatch after it with some sort of strange gravitational fluxuation so that the Gatch takes on nearly the same shape, merely a mirror of it?s brother. There is some speculation that there is some sort of moving gravitational anomaly inside or between the two nebulae that causes this shape, others think it is a moving black hole, and still others think there are entire star systems between them. None have yet gone in between them to find out if the rumors are true, however, and it may be a long time before any find a safe way between them to check to see if the rumors are true.

   The Gamsisha sector has a large piece of strange space in it as well, an anomaly called the River. The River is a long strip of ionized particles and gasses that throw strange mass-shadows into hyperspace that prevent hyperspace movement through the area. The charged particles seem to occasionally record or trap communications that pass nearby and have been known to throw them back into space decades, even centuries later. This has caused some problems for the nearby systems because they will receive messages from people and ships that no longer exist requesting landing permission, sending distress signals, or attempting to hold conversations with non-existent people in other ships. Unfortunately, this has sent some ships to an unfortunate doom when they heard a two-hundred-year-old distress signal and went into the River to help. The ionized gasses began releasing their electrical charge and have destroyed many ships in this fashion.

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