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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human WeaponsEra: Human-Covenant WarCanon: Crossover


"What the hell am I supposed to do with this inside a Covenant ship?"
-Kojo Agu, a.k.a. 'Romeo'.

   The Sniper Rifle System 99D-S2 Anti-Mat?riel (abbreviated SRS99D-S2 AM), more commonly known as the SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle or simply the Sniper Rifle is an anti-personnel weapon system used by the UNSC.

Model: Misriah Armory Sniper Rifle System 99D-S2 Anti-Materiel
Type: Anti-materiel sniper rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: Sniper Rifle
Rate of Fire: Semiautomatic (1)
Ammo: 4
Availability: 3, R
Range: 3-23/115/230 (5x/10x zoom, see below)
Range Difficulty: Easy/Moderate/Difficult
Damage: 8D+1
-Melee: Str+2D Physical (Blunt)


-OPTICS SCOPE (5x/10x): This device has a zoom feature that allows 5x and 10x magnification.  This allows the user of the weapon to multiply the given range above at these distances and increase the weapon's effectiveness (potentially up to 2,300 meters!).  UNLIKE the SRS99C, this model's scope does not have a nightvision feature (though a Moderate Firearms Repair skill roll with the right parts and materials would change this).  The scope however does allow views in infrared while also showing distance and elevation to a specific target.  When aiming with the scope, the user also gets an extra +1D when firing the weapon.

-RECOIL: This model SRS99 has recoil from every shot that can affect its use.  If more than one shot is taken per round with the weapon, there is an extra -1D for every action, on top of the normal rules for multiple actions (-1D per extra action).

-NO-SCOPE: This weapon's listed range starts at 3 meters away from the user.  If it is used against any targets within that range (under 3m), it is awkward for the user to shoot them with the sniper rifle at that close a range, due to the weapon's size, shape and weight.  If a user must use the weapon in such close range, the Difficulty to use the rifle is Very Difficult.  Successful kills at this close range have been dubbed "no-scope kills", as the user cannot use the scope at such range, and must use their own naked eyes to line up the shot against a "point-blank" target.
   Another take on the "No-Scope" rule would be to simply make the weapon Speeder scale, as it is an "Anti-Materiel" sniper rifle meant for taking out large, tougher objects than flesh and bone.  As a Speeder scale weapon, it would then have an inherent -2D to hit Character scale objects and characters.

-WHITE VAPOR TRAIL: The SRS99 series and its 14.5x114mm APFSDS ammunition leave a well-known momentary trail after being fired.  The bullet is propelled so fast that it tears at the air itself, leaving a visible white vapor trail behind it.  Though this trail only lasts for a brief moment, it can be seen clearly by anyone who immediately tries to Search for the origin point of the shot in the same combat round as the shot that was fired (usually, when using long-distance firearms for sharpshooting, there need to be a minimum of two shots fired, before the point of origin can be figured out).  Anyone making a Search roll to find the shooter after the first shot receives a +2D visibility bonus (or -1 Difficulty Level) for doing so, but hearing still requires a second shot to find.  ALSO, this vapor trail can be used by the shooter as a kind of tracer to improve their aim with following shots.  They receive a +1D to their attack rolls with this weapon IF the shot is taken no longer than the next round.

-VS ENERGY SHIELDS: When used against energy shields, such as those used by the Covenant, the Damage of most UNSC firearms is reduced by -1D in Semiautomatic (for Autofire functions, see an automatic weapon).  However, with this weapon's high damage, this may not be such an issue, as it has good penetration in most matters of any kind, hence it being an anti-materiel sniper rifle.

-VS SPEEDER SCALE: Unlike the SRS99C, this model is rather effective against objects of higher scales, and DOES NOT have the -2D to its damage as they do.

- - - - - - - - - -


   The SRS99D-S2 AM is a semi-automatic UNSC sniper rifle that fires 14.5 x 114mm APFSDS (Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) from a 4-round magazine. It is designed in the conventional layout, so the magazine and operating system are located in front of the trigger. The magazine does not fit flush.

   This weapon is gas-operated. The action must be cycled to chamber the first round. Once the first round is fired, the gases from the previous round forces the bolt back, seating a new round on its return forward, and continues to do so until the mag is empty. Once the mag is empty, the bolt, although not illustrated in-game, locks back and the mag is removed. After a new magazine is inserted, the bolt catch button must be pressed which releases the bolt forward, placing a new round into the chamber. The charging handle is on the left side of the rifle - allowing the user to cycle the action without unseating the weapon - and is physically a part of the bolt, and travels during operation of the weapon. It appears that there is no ejection port illustrated on the weapon, though empty shell casings can be seen ejecting from the right side of the weapon during game play.

   The SRS99D is about 187.5cm long and is completely interchangeable. From the barrel to the breech to the stock, everything can be changed to fit the current situation and satisfy the operator. The SRS99D in Halo 3 has some notable changes from the SRS99C models. First off, it is fitted with a 5x and 10x optic that shows real time images in infrared vision when not looking through it. When looking through it, the scope shows a target's distance and elevation. The SRS99D also has an altered fore grip and stock as well as an altered body and sports a trigger guard. The barrel also now has an iron sight. This weapon does not possess a safety and has a frame that serves as a carrying handle as well as a scope protector and a folding bipod located in front of the magazine on the underside of the rifle.


   The SRS99D has one of the most advanced ammunition types in the game. Its rounds are large in both length and width, and are equipped with four symmetrical fins on the sides of the round, stabilizing its trajectory to results of amazing accuracy, with a hit ratio of 97.3%. While these fins provide increased accuracy, they also prevent a seal from forming between the bullet and barrel. A sabot is used to plug up this empty space, and is forcefully discarded from the bullet upon leaving the barrel. The 14.5mm APFSDS round has a muzzle velocity of 1450m/s.

   The rounds themselves were inspired by the 14.5 x 114mm Russian-made projectile, used primarily in HMGs and sniper rifles. The rounds are described as being made of very hard metal, so they are probably made of tungsten or a depleted uranium alloy for maximum penetration. Despite the round's designation of "Armor-Piercing," it is woefully inept in the anti-armor role, scarcely capable of damaging even the light-skinned vehicles commonly encountered in the Halo series, and is typically only useful against vehicles if a clear shot on the driver is available. Modern day weapons and ammunition used against Covenant armor and shielding systems would seem ineffective, this is why most UNSC firearms use large types of ammunition because they are mostly used for their effectiveness in armor penetration and kinetic energy. However, in both Halo: The Fall of Reach and Halo: First Strike, there are several in-book references to standard UNSC personnel and the Spartans using the SRS 99C-S2 even before humanity had learned of the Covenant's existence. This is odd, as the ammunition is so large and complex for use on a human target - the modern-day equivalent would be using a Barrett M82 .50 BMG anti-mat?riel rifle specifically against regular infantry, or the PTRS-41 WWII era Anti-Tank rifle for the same purpose.

   The rifle uses a 4-round magazine, and operators typically carry meager combat loads; 28 rounds, or 7 magazines total in Halo: Combat Evolved , 24 rounds or 6 magazines in Halo 2 and in Halo 3. However, a "full combat load" was described in Halo: First Strike, and in the Halo: Combat Evolved level Truth and Reconciliation you start with a Sniper Rifle and a 68 round load (17 magazines!), although this was obviously for gameplay purposes, as it was an extremely marksmanship-intensive level.


   The SRS99D-S2 AM, as an anti-mat?riel sniper system, is an extremely effective weapon. The terminal ballistics profile of the 14.5 x 114mm round is impressive; at 600 yards a round from the SRS99D would go through about 13 feet of flesh and bone.  Its precision and lethality make it a choice weapon for almost any combat situation. At close range the user can shoot and melee attack quickly; at mid-range if a head shot is not possible then a body shot followed by another head shot would be effective, and at standoff range, there are few weapons that would be a danger to the user. Even in the hands of a player not quite skillful enough to perform one shot kills, the sniper rifle's ability to down an enemy player's shields provides a sound tactic for keeping the enemy at bay, and for other players to take down the enemy. This weapon also can be used for map control as it limits where the enemy can go, often forcing them to stay in hiding spots for fear of being shot as soon as they go out into the open. This can help the team gain more strategic advantages like getting power weapons or securing good defending positions. It also acts as a support weapon, and can help the team achieve easy kills by leaving enemies with no shields. Another advantage of the weapon is its relatively quick reload time compared to other weapons like an Assault Rifle. The rounds fired meet their target almost instantly even at extreme ranges. They can ricochet around corners, and are able to hit multiple targets if they are lined up properly.


   A sniper usually needs to find a safe location to shoot from, as the Sniper Rifle's rounds leave behind a white trail of vapor. If the player is spotted by an enemy player, they will most likely attempt to get close and kill the sniper with a close range weapon. The Sniper Rifle is somewhat useless in close range combat, unless you can perform what is commonly referred to as a no-scope kill. Due to having more recoil than its predecessor, using the Sniper as a long range weapon is much harder than it was in Halo 2, although at close range the difference is negligible because the target appears to be larger. If the user is too far away and firing while not sighted-in, they can easily miss.

   Also, because there are only four rounds per magazine, a player with the sniper rifle has to reload frequently. Because of its incredible strength, ammunition on any map for the sniper rifle is rare. The Sniper Rifle is also very loud, so if an enemy is near, but cannot see you, it will give your position away. The greatest disadvantage of the sniper rifle is the skill required to use it, a player must be very accurate and have good eyesight and reflexes, especially when trying to go for head shots; another unfortunate disadvantage is that because of its power and the allure of being a good sniper, the sniper is often hotly contested, even among teams.


   The SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle bears a heavy resemblance to the South African made NTW-20, manufactured by the Mechem division of the DENEL group, sharing many of the same features; chambering for the 14.5 x 114mm round, the stock, carrying handle/scope guard and the muzzle brake.

CHANGES from the SRS99C in HALO 2
-Overall higher damage and slower rate of fire.
-New muzzle brake with front iron sight.
-Handguard, body, and stock has been altered.
-The scope now shows real-time with an LCD screen and infrared vision.
-It now has a trigger guard.
-The SRS99D-S2 AM now has a new flat matte black color finish to it.
-Recoil affects aim.

-Currently the term "APFSDS" is reserved for large Tank mounted weapons. In small arms such as the Halo sniper rifles it is called a Flechette.
-Seeing as the rounds of the Sniper Rifle can penetrate through opponents, it makes it possible to get multiple head shots and kills with one round.
-Unlike the SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle, the more recent sniper rifles lack a night vision function. This may be because of the differences in the weapon or because this version is not intended for use at night.
-When you melee the rifle, the LCD screen, if watched a second before it stops moving, will still be pointing the direction you're facing, not where the scope is facing at.
-The max range of the scope's range finder is approximately 275m. The max distance the reticule will turn red on enemies is approximately 142m.
-The UNSC Laser Designator uses the SRS99D's stock and handle/grip.
-When throwing a piece of equipment, such as a Tripmine or Power Drain, the biped will appear to sink into the rifle and disappear until the throwing animation is finished.
-In Halo: Combat Evolved and 2, a cyan logo identical to the "trinity" emblem can be found on the stock of the Sniper Rifle System 99C-S2 AM.  However, in Halo 3, the emblem is absent from the SRS99D. In part 1 of the Arms Race video trilogy, the SRS99D can be seen being made at Misriah Armory on Mars. However, the "Trinity" logo is seen on the rifle in the Halo 3 game booklet as well as in the Arms Race Part 1, where it is found on the stock of the "second" rifle in the magazine, and in part 3, it is visible on the stock of the rifle when T. Rymann uses it to kill the Brutes.

Production Information:
-Manufacturer: Misriah Armory
-Model: Sniper Rifle System 99D-S2 Anti-Materiel
-Type: Anti-materiel sniper rifle
Technical Specifications:
--Length: 187.5cm (Shoulder-fired)
-Damage Per Hit: Very High, instant death if head shot (unless player has overshields)
-Magazine Size: 4 rounds
-Maximum Ammunition: 24 rounds/6 magazines
-Fire Mode: Semi-automatic
-Ammunition Type: 14.5x114 APFSDS (Armor-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding-Sabot) rounds
-Operations: Gas-operated
-Rate of Fire: Average, about 2 rounds per second
-Accuracy: 97.3%
-Range: 2,300m
-Eras: Human-Covenant War
-Affiliations: United Nations Space Command

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