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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human WeaponsEra: Human-Covenant WarCanon: Crossover


???The M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon, formally known as the Medium Anti-Vehicle / Assault Weapon, Bore 102mm, M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Launcher, is a heavy ordnance weapon of the UNSC arsenal.

Model: M41 SSR MAV/AW
Type: Rocket Launcher
Scale: Character
Skill: Missile Weapons: M41 SSR, ("SPNKr", or "Jackhammer")
Fire Control:
Rate of Fire: 1
Ammo: 2
-Launcher: 2,340 cR
-Rockets: 200 cR
Availability: 2, X
Range (Target Lock): 3-20/100/200 (2x zoom, see below)
Speed (Rockets): 200m per round
Damage: 8D/7D/6D/5D
-Blast Radius: 0-1/2/3/4
-Melee: Str+2D+2 Physical (Blunt)


-VARIANTS: These stats, for the most part, represent how this weapon functions in Halo: Reach. ?For the variant as it functions in Halo 3, simply remove the Target Lock ability from below.

-TARGET LOCK: This weapon uses advanced electronics and sensors to lock onto a target before firing its payload of missiles. ?It can also link to a user's Heads Up Display (HUD) and/or Command Neural Interface (CNI) and access their helmet's or optics device's targeting reticule to use as the aiming component (and recieving all the bonuses such a device would offer, if any). ?If the user aims for one round with the Rocket Launcher, they receive a targeting bonus of +3D to hit their target. ?If the target Dodges the attack, the Target Lock is lost and must be aquired again. ?NOTE: Only works on flying vehicles, such as Banshees, Phantoms and Seraph starfighters.
?? If the rocket does NOT hit the target while locked on, it will attempt to hit the target again, so long as the operator continues aiming at the target. ?While locked on, the rockets have 5D to hit the target. ?If the target can lose the lock, the rocket will then travel straight in the direction it was flying in last. ?If the operator can require the lock before the rocket gets out of Target Lock range (200m), it will reengage the target and try to hit again. ?The target must make a Very Difficult Piloting skill roll to lose the Target Lock.

-SMART-LINK SCOPE (2x): This weapon has a smart-link scope built into its frame. ?It requires the use of a Heads Up Display (HUD) or Command Neural Interface (CNI) ?to use it. ?This scope (which can look like a small camera built into the frame, or can be built into a scope attached to the body) allows the user to see at TWICE (2x) the listed range above, provided they spend an action to use the zoom function. ?If they want to zoom and fire the weapon, these count as two actions, and the attack will be at -1D. ?If the GM requires the user to Search for their target before firing, and they are still doing two actions, then the Search skill roll will also be -1D. ?The scope can also be used by those with a HUD/CNI to look around corners with the weapon while the user stays safely behind the corner.

-HUD: When using a Heads Up Display (HUD) or Command Neural Interface (CNI) to work with this weapon's electronics suite, the user gains a +1 to their skill when using the weapon. ?This stacks with any other bonuses, such as modifications to the weapon to increase Fire Control (+1, above), other equipment, etc. ?These also display various information on the weapon, such as ammo count, targeting reticule, overheating and other general relevant information.

-RELOAD: This weapon takes a full round to reload it's ammunition once expended.

?- - - - - - - - - -


???The M41 SSR fires 102mm HEAT shaped charge rockets. The launcher sports a 2x scope and can fire rockets over long distances with devastating accuracy, although its altitude decreases over longer distances. This model is not to be confused with the M19 SSM Rocket Launcher. The M41 is, however, markedly similar to the M19 rocket launcher. When reloaded, the barrels are removed and two preloaded barrels are then inserted into the unit. With this mechanism, a Marine can greatly reduce the weight he carries without throwing the weapon away like some contemporary disposable rocket launchers.


???The rocket launcher spreads a huge amount of damage over a large area. It is capable of taking out entire groups of infantry at any range and can kill both the passengers and crew of nearly any vehicle like the M808B Main Battle Tank but not the Type-25 Assault Gun Carriage, which can sustain two to three hits from the weapon. Its ability to fire two shots in rapid succession is also a major advantage.


???Several things counterbalance the M41's sheer power. The M41 SSR, though powerful, is implemented in-game as an anti-vehicle weapon, not designed for engaging infantry. Thus, its reload time is quite slow, as it takes about three to five seconds for the M41 to be fully reloaded. The rockets leave a trail of smoke in their wake, giving away the operator's position and necessitating a fire-and-displace strategy of engagement. Ammunition is often limited or unavailable, and the operator can carry only six extra rockets at once, for a total of 8 rounds. The speed of the rocket itself is slow. A skilled operator can be effective against a moving target at medium to long range. The biggest disadvantage to the operator is the blast range of a rocket; if fired too close the splash damage can severely injure or kill its operator if fired carelessly into surrounding terrain or at an enemy. An explosion near a rocket in flight will cause it to deflect. Deflected rockets tumble end over end, and will explode if they strike an object. The rocket will detonate after a long distance, whether it has hit another object, or not.


???The M41 SSR is essentially a Halo universe copy of the SPNKR-X17/18 SSM Launcher (Lazyboy) from Bungie's Marathon trilogy. The word "SPNKR" is an abbreviation of the word Spanker and serves as an inside joke for both fans and Bungie staff of the older series.

-The M41 HEAT rocket travels faster than its M19 counterpart.
The tubing has a metallic silver color rather than a synthetic black.
-It does not have the homing feature featured in the Halo 2's rocket launcher, thus making it more similar to Halo: Combat Evolved's Rocket Launcher.
-It has a different firing sound effect.
-The weapon reloads more quickly.
-Melee attacks can be executed more quickly.
-Ammunition is indicated in the sight when zoomed in.
-The HUD ammo indicator has a different appearance.

-The grips of the weapon are enclosed into a thumbhole design.
-It can lock on to aircraft, but not other types of vehicles.
-It has a louder and more powerful firing and rocket detonation sounds.
-Rockets travel noticeably faster.
-Splash damage is increased.
-Rockets are affected by gravity and is no longer pinpoint accurate, similar to the fuel rod cannon.

-In Halo 3, it is possible to shoot down the rockets fired from this weapon with a battle rifle or a Covenant carbine as well as a sniper rifle or a particle beam rifle. The SMG, however, will not work. There is a slight delay between when the shot hits the rocket and when the rocket explodes, however, which should be taken into consideration.
-The M41's rockets can be deflected by a gravity hammer if timed precisely.
-On the last level of Halo 3: ODST there are four rocket launchers with 1000 rockets each for use in Vidmaster Challenge: Deja Vu. These only appear on Legendary when the Iron Skull is activated. If any player boards a Warthog, these rocket launchers will not spawn.
-A game disc holder modeled after the M41 SSR's ammunition case was sold by EB Games and GameStop to coincide with the release of Halo 3.
-In Halo: Reach, the rocket launcher could lock on to aircraft but not ground vehicles. -The lock-on time is about twice as long as it was in Halo 2, but the process now starts automatically once the launcher is aimed at an enemy vehicle.
-In Halo: Reach, there is a glitch with the Rocket Launcher. When a Spartan picks up Evade and the Launcher, it will not disappear from screen while evading, but will still "pop up" (look like the player switched to his/her secondary and back, when the player's done evading. Elite players are not affected by this glitch.

Production Information:
-Model: M41 SSR MAV/AW
-Type: Rocket Launcher
Technical Specifications:
-Size: Shoulder-mounted
--Length: 134.9cm/4.426'
-Damage Per Hit: Very High to Instant Kill
-Magazine Size: 2 rockets
-Maximum Ammunition: 8 rockets/4 magazines
-Fire Mode: Semi-automatic
-Ammunition Type: 102mm High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) Shaped Charge
-Rate of Fire: 1 rocket per second
-Accuracy: Very High
-Range: Short to Long
-Eras: Human-Covenant War
-Affiliation: UNSC

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