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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human Heavy WeaponsEra: Colonial InsurrectionCanon: Crossover


"A variety of mixtures have been created for work in various atmospheric and gravitational conditions, but they all work similarly to fry just about anything."
-Ensemble Studios description of the NA4 flamethrower.

?? The NA4 Flamethrower is a type of flammable defoliant projector used by the UNSC Marine Corps that was used prominently in battles during at least 2531.

Model: UNSC NA4 Defoliant Projector
Type: Flamethrower
Scale: Character
Skill: Flamethrower: NA4
Rate of Fire: 1, full-round (see below)
Ammo: 200/40 (200 fuel units; 1 for short burst; 5 for full-round)
-Flamethrower: 1,680 cR
-Fuel Tank: 100 cR
-M301 40mm GL: 200 cR
-Napalm: 400 cR
-Oxide Tank: 700 cR
Availability: 2, R or X
Range: 1-3/6/10
Range Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult/Very Difficult
-Short Burst: 5D
-Full-Round: 7D
-With Oxide Tank:?+2D
-Destroyed: 8D/7D/6D
--Blast Radius: 0-5/10/15 (roughly)


-DAMAGE (BURNING): This weapon deals burning damage. ?The attack is not just to a target, but the 1m area they are in.  Damage can either be a short burst of flame (5D) or a full-round stream unleashed to deal more heat damage (7D).  Either way, the flames burn for 3 rounds (unless the Napalm is added in, see below).  Every round after the first, the flames do normal damage (5D).  If the weapon is attack and destroyed, it explodes; the damage and blast radius give above are if the weapon still has a sizeable amount of fuel left in it (full to 3/4 a tank), and if less then GMs could lower the damage and/or the blast radius.

-ATTACHMENTS/UPGRADES: In Halo Wars, the Hellbringers had several "upgrades" that made their flamethrowers more effective.
--M301 40mm Grenade Launcher: This was attached above the barrel, just behind the projector port. ?It was used to launch flashbang grenades (see UNSC/Human Weapons), but could easily be used with other kinds of grenades. ?Range: 3-5/10/15, Range Difficulty: Easy/Moderate/Difficult, Damage: Varies with grenade type, Cost: 200 cR
--Napalm: With this fuel mixture, the flames burn longer (2D+2 rounds)after contacting other objects and surfaces.  Cost: 400 cR.
--Oxide Tank: Once attached, the flames burn with a bluish hue, indicating much hotter temperatures that deal more damage (+2D).  Cost: 700 cR.

-RATE OF FIRE (1, short burst/full-round): Attacks with this flamethrower can either be a short burst (5D) or a stream of flame in a full round action (7D). ?The short burst can be used with multiple actions, while the full-round is going for maximum possible effect.

-RANGE: If GMs/Players want to make this weapon more realistic, they could increase the Range to 3-20/50/100 (see Trivia)

-HEAVY: Operator's Speed is half (or less); Dodge is -4D, or can immediately drop the weapon to make a full dodge.  (NOTE that this weapon is attached to a suit of environmental armor and CANNOT be immediately dropped!!!)

-VS ENERGY SHIELDS: Flamethrowers are GREAT against energy shields and suffer no penalties against them.

- - - - - - - - - -


???Similar in function and use to its later successor, the M7057 Defoliant Projector, the NA4 was much larger and bulkier and, rather than attaching its fuel tank to the frame of the projector, the tank was carried on the back of the user, allowing greater capacity. In addition, the weapon used a range of flammable defoliants, to compensate for the variety of atmospheric and gravitational conditions it could be used in. It is unknown whether the weapon was phased out of service, or whether it continued to serve alongside the smaller and more portable M7057. ?During its service time, it was mainly used by Hellbringer Marine squads (Halo Wars).

?? As a flamethrower, its primary function was to remove entrenched enemies. As such, the users of these weapons have a high attrition rate, despite the devastating damage they can inflict, due to the exposed fuel tanks that were a huge weak spot. Also, the NA4 is known to be compatible with the M301 40mm Grenade launcher attachment used to launch flashbang grenades.

Production Information:
-Type: Defoliant projector
Technical Specifications:
-Maximum Ammunition: Flammable defoliant
-Rate of Fire: Continuous
-Eras: Human-Covenant War (Early)
-Affiliation: United Nations Space Command

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