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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human ArmorEra: Colonial InsurrectionCanon: Crossover


"It's gonna be a hot time in the town tonight!"
-Anonymous Hellbringer marine preparing for combat.

   "Hellbringer" environmental armor is the suits worn by UNSC Hellbringer marines in the combat zone when supporting other troops.  While somewhat cumbersome, it offers good protection all around.  Specifically, it is designed to resist extremes of heat, such as if a Hellbringer's flames somehow become dangerous or the fuel tank ruptures.  This same design feature offers the Hellbringer marine surprising protection against Covenant plasma weaponry as well.  Though as cumbersome as the suit is, it is not standard for the common marine on the battlefield.

Model: UNSC Hellbringer Armor
Type: Environmental armored suit
Scale: Character
Cost: 9,558 cR
Availability: 3, R


-PROTECTION: The suit offers the wearer +2D vs Physical/Ballistic, +2D vs Energy, +4D vs Heat, but also has -2D to Dexterity.  The heat protection also counts against plasma weaponry.

-ENVIRONMENTAL SEAL: In extreme environmental conditions, the suit can be sealed off to protect the wearer and rely on an internal air supply for 2 hours.  The suit can also siphon air externally through filters and, in the case of extreme heat and fire situations, cool the air before it is cycled into the helmet.

-HARDPOINTS: The Hellbringer armor has hardpoints on the back for attaching the fuel tank to the NA4 flamethrower.  These hardpoints could be used for other equipment if needed, such as tools.  To disconnect any equipment attached to the hardpoints is a full-round action.  If speed is needed, this can be done as a single action with a Very Difficult Armor Repair/Engineering roll.  If the wearer of the suit has enough unused actions, they can use it to make this roll, followed by an immediate Dodge (some GMs/players allow Dodge for free, so a songle action may be needed for the Armor Repair/Engineering roll).

-HUD: The helmet of this armored suit has a Heads Up Display that is shown internally on the helmet's visor plate for the operator to see and interact with.  It links to their Command Neural Interface (CNI) and gives them appropriate options and information from communications, data-streaming and weapons and sensory readouts.  The HUD also grants a +1 bonus to use the NA4 Flamethrower that it is meant to be used with, or any other appropriate UNSC weapon with an electronics suite if programmed correctly.  The HUD also connects to the Heat Sensor and shows all readings from the system, or connect with any other sensory equipment attached to the armor's systems.

-HEAT SENSOR: This is external sensory equipment that reads temperatures and heat sources and can process and register this data in various means, such as a visual heat map of the surrounding area viewable through the visor; a directional compass or waypoint marker highlighting specific heat sources within a given ranged area or direction (fire arc);  the opposite, highlighting "cold spots" by using the previous methods (heatmapping, heat-source).  This sensor system has been used in the past to locate hiding infantry and cloaked infiltrators before they could cause too much damage.

-ATTACHMENTS: While not standard issue, the Hellbringer armor could be given other sensory equipment, such as radiological sensors, motion trackers, radar, sonar, ranged ultrasonic, and many others, all linkable to the on-board HUD system and registering information via the visor HUD display.

-VARIANT (HELLBRINGER RAD ARMOR): In the past, the Hellbringer armor has been modified for use as a kind of armored HAZMAT suit.  The thick material used for its anti-heat protection is replaced with lead and other materials for protection against radiation (+4D vs Radiation instead of +4D vs Heat).  With this variant, the hardpoints on the back can be used for equipment more suited for radiological environments and situations, such as a tank of liquid metal alloy and a spray gun for sealing breaches in a leaking reactor, or other more specified tools for dealing with such hazards.

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