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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: LegacyCanon: EU

Charcter name: Sigel Dare
Template Type: Imperial Knight
Speices: Human
Sex: Female
Height: Unknown
Move: 10

Dexerity: 3D
          Brawling Parry: 6D
          Dodge: 6D+2
          Lightsaber: 7D
          Blaster: 5D
          Melee Combat: 6D
          Melee Parry: 6D+1

Knowledge: 3D
          Alien Species: 6D
          Bureacracy: 6D
          Cultures: 5D+2
          Languages: 6D
          Scholar; Jedi Lore: 5D
          Scholar; Sith Lore: 6D+2
          Planetary Systems: 4D+1
          Tactics: 6D
          Survival: 7D
          Intimidate: 5D+1

Mechanical: 2D
          Astrogation: 8D
          RepulsorLift Operation: 4D
          Space Transports: 6D+1
          Starship Gunnery: 6D+2
          Starfighter Piloting: 5D

Perception: 4D
          Bargain: 5D
          Command: 7D
          Hide: 6D
          Search: 6D+1
          Sneak: 5D

Strength: 2D+2
          Climbing/Jumping: 6D
          Brawling: 7D
          Stamnia: 8D+2
          Lifting: 6D+1

Technical: 2D
          Security: 8D
          Lightsaber Repair: 8D
          Computer Programming/Repair: 5D+2

EQUIPMENT - Lightsaber 5D  (Silver)
Imperial Knight Armor  (+3D Physical, +2D Energy)

Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 19
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 17

Control: 8D
          Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Control Pain, Detoxify Poison, Emptiness, Enhance Attribute, Hibernation Trance, Reduce Injury, Remain Conscious, Resist Stun

Sense: 9D+1
          Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Sense Force, Lightsaber Combat, Farsight

Alter: 7D
          Affect Mind, Telekinesis, Injure/Kill, Inflict Pain

Charcter Bio - Sigel Dare was a female Human Master within the Imperial Knights during the Second Imperial Civil War. Fiercely loyal to Roan Fel, the Emperor of the Empire-in-exile, Dare was rigid in her belief that an Imperial Knight's duty was to obey the Emperor's commands above all else, even the will of the Force. Her icy, unwavering demeanor saw her express open distaste to those not aligned with Fel's Empire, including Jedi, Sith, and members of the Galactic Alliance. This mindset often blinded her to the larger galactic picture. She saw potential allies of her Emperor only as enemies.

In 137 ABY, Dare accompanied Fel as he retook the fortress world Bastion from Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt's Imperial forces. She was later sent with Treis Sinde, her former Master, to sabotage the construction of a new Star Destroyer belonging to Krayt's Empire. When the Star Destroyer was seized by Admiral Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, Dare and Sinde infiltrated the planet Dac and rescued several Alliance pilots from the clutches of Krayt's forces in an attempt to warn Stazi of the explosives they had planted. Although the mission resulted in Sinde becoming stranded on the planet, the actions of the two paved a pathway toward an eventual alliance between Stazi's fleet and Fel's Empire.

Dare was later sent back to Dac to retrieve Sinde, accompanied by the Jedi Master Asaak Dan. When Sinde informed Dare that he would be staying on-planet to continue aiding the Mon Calamari Rangers, she angrily drew her lightsaber and engaged her former Master in a duel that was quickly halted by Dan's intervention. Dan offered to take Sinde's place as an advisor to the Rangers, and Dare and Sinde prepared to return to Bastion. Soon after, the two joined a contingent of Imperial Knights that accompanied the Emperor to Agamar in order to conduct peace talks with the Jedi Order. The meeting was interrupted by forces of the One Sith, but Dare and the rest of the Imperial Knights were able to safely ferry Fel away from the planet.

As of 137 ABY, Sigel Dare was a Master within the Imperial Knights. The title indicated that she was one of the organization's highest-ranking members. Dare was fiercely loyal to the cause of Emperor Roan Fel, and was very rigid in her approach to her duty, an approach which her former Master, Treis Sinde, saw as blinding her to the larger picture. While with Sinde on Dac, Dare was very reluctant to warn Admiral Gar Stazi of the explosives planted aboard his new flagship, as she felt that he was as much an enemy to her Emperor as the Sith were. Even while working to warn Stazi, Dare was smug in her actions, taunting several members of Rogue Squadron and insisting that she and Sinde had outsmarted the admiral. In Stazi's presence, she sarcastically reminded him that her actions had played a large part in the disarming of the explosives. While on Dac, Dare indicated that if the decision had been hers and not Sinde's, all members of the Galactic Alliance
would rot on Dac and Stazi would die in space.

Dare maintained that an Imperial Knight's duty was ultimately to the Emperor and not to the will of the Force; when retrieving Sinde from Dac, she insisted that he obey their Emperor's orders rather than listen to what the Force was telling him. Her staunch devotion to this attitude even saw her draw her lightsaber and attack her former Master, who displayed an unwillingness to return to Bastion. Dare attempted to kill him until Asaak Dan intervened.

Added by Menkooroo Severely critical of both the Jedi and the Sith, Dare was greatly annoyed when Jedi Master Asaak Dan was permitted to accompany her on a retrieval mission to Dac, and felt that she needed to explain her plan to him several times in order for him to understand it. In spite of her open disregard for those who weren't part of Fel's Empire, however, she showed humility at times, such as when she acknowledged Master Dan's skills and bravery, when she bowed to Gar Stazi upon hearing his decision to open talks with Fel regarding a potential alliance, and when she was willing to defer to Treis Sinde's wisdom on Dac. As cold as ice, Dare did not want to admit that the galaxy was falling apart around her.

As an Imperial Knight, Dare was part of an organization that was said to be among the most talented and dangerous Force-users in the galaxy. She was skilled with a lightsaber, and, during her training, came to surpass her Master Treis Sinde's abilities with the weapon. She was also proficient with various uses of the Force, such as mind tricks and telekinesis. While on Agamar, Dare helped fight off a large group of Sith.

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