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Space Grazers

Space Grazers

Captain Hookyr

Captain Hookyr
Aggrocrab (Armoured Crustacean)

Aggrocrab (Armoured Crustacean)

Section of Site: EarthdawnBelongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon: Crossover

LP 540

Str     9
Dex     9
Tou     6
Per     5
Wil     4
Cha     4

Init 10

Phys Def 12
Spel Def 6
Soci Def 10

Death   36
KO      28
Wound   10
RT      3
Knockdown 10

Phys Arm        9
Myst Arm        4

Move Full/Combat        120/60
Swimming                60/30

Claws x2
Attack  15
Damage  15

Climbing        14
Silent Walk (Burrowing Hide)    14

Zerglings stand over a yard high and are about the size of a large
dog, with a sturdy brown carapace.  They have lots of teethm webbed
feet, and two extra arms which fold under there forearms when running
and are tipped with large scythelike claws with which they attack.

Zerglings though among the smallest zerg are still strong as trolls,
fast as horses, and armored like plate, with their claws able to cut
through such armor easily.  They frequently serve as scouts or attack
in waves, for while one zergling is dangerous a group are scary.

It is thought that zerglings and other zerg were created by a dragon
long ago, playing with nature and magic to create animal warriors.

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