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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human Ground VehiclesEra: Human-Covenant WarCanon: Crossover


Craft: Jotun Heavy Industries M312 "Elephant" Heavy Recovery Vehicle (HRV)
Type: Salvage/recovery and repair vehicle
Scale: Walker
-Length: 25.7m
Skill: Ground vehicle operations: Elephant
Crew: 1
-Gunners: 1-3
-Salvage Technicians: 4-6
Crew Skill: Firearms 4D, firearms repair 4D, grenades 3D, ground vehicle operations 3D, ground vehicle repair 5D, vehicle weapons 4D, vehicle weapon repair 4D
Passengers: 20+
Cargo Capacity: 500 metric tons
-Crew: 3/4
-Lower Bays: 1/2 (open) 3/4 (closed)
Cost: 100,000 cR (new), 550,500 cR (used)
Maneuverability: 0D
Move: 18; 50kmh
Body Strength: 6D

?? M41 LAAG:
?? ? ?Location: Mounted forward-right of the chassis
?? ? ?Fire Arc: Turret
?? ? ?Crew: 1 (gunner or crew)
?? ? ?Skill: Vehicle weapons
?? ? ?Scale: Speeder
?? ? ?Fire Control: 2D
?? ? ?Range: 5-50/200/1km
?? ? ?Damage: 4D
?? ? ?Ammo: 1,000 (.50 cal)
?? ? ?Rate of Fire: 4
      Special: Automatic Weapon (see below)

?? 2 AIE-486H Heavy Machine Guns:
?? ? ?Location: Mounted one to each side of the chassis
?? ? ?Fire Arc: Turret
?? ? ?Crew: 1 (gunners)
?? ? ?Skill: Firearms
?? ? ?Scale: Speeder
?? ? ?Fire Control: 2D
?? ? ?Range: 2-25/100/500m
?? ? ?Damage: 3D
?? ? ?Ammo: 1,000 (7.62mm)
?? ? ?Rate of Fire: 4
      Special: Automatic Weapon (see below)


?? The M312 Heavy Recovery Vehicle, sometimes refered to as the Behemoth-class Troop Transport and commonly known as the Elephant, is a heavy UNSC Marine Corps Mobile Assault, Support, and Recovery Platform.

- - - - - - - - - -

AUTOMATIC WEAPONS: The Elephant's weapons are automatic machine-guns. ?While they have an increased Rate of Fire, they can fire many more shots per attack.  To increase the Rate of Fire, add +1 to the range Difficulty Level for every +1 shot added to the Rate of Fire.  If the attack roll doesn't hit the higher Difficulty Level but does hit the normal Difficulty Level (before changes for the attack) then 1 shot hits and the other 3 shots miss (no more, as the gunners would stop firing to line up the next attack).

CRANE: The Elephant's crane is capable of lifting just about any vehicle of Speeder scale, some smaller ones of Walker scale, and anything Character scale. ?It can place these items on-board within the Elephant's rear bay, so long as they are of reasonable dimensions.

BAY: The Elephant's lower section is a recovery & repair bay. ?It uses the crane to lift vehicles and other equipment and place them inside, where technicians can go to work, either salvaging what they can from the wreckage or repairing it if they can get it operational. The bay is decked out with tools various kinds, from simple hand-held pieces to heavy cutters, and has various computer-assisted conveyances for this purpose, and in some cases perhaps even a "dumb" AI specifically programmed for these kinds of tasks. ?The bay grants?+2D to Technical skills involving repair, salvage, juri-rigging (not engineering, too advanced). ?If an AI is installed, it has a skill of 5D in these specific skills and can assist.

VEHICLE COMPLEMENT: The Elephant can carry other vehicles inside it, either in its Bay (up to 4-6 Mongoose ULATVs [1/2 slot], 2 Warthog FAVs [1 slot], 1 Scorpion MBT [2 slots], or any mix of these) or its forward section (2 Mongoose ULATVs).  All together, the Elephant has 3 slots of space for extra vehicles (see Heavy Frigate or Light Frigate for slot system).

- - - - - - - - - -


???The Elephant is a mobile command base and repair vehicle and is able to pull an entire Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine by itself. It is armed with a forward M41 LAAG on the top right and a AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun on the mid left. It is a three-level vehicle with the bottom level, the respawn locale that opens out into the rear cargo tray, the second level, a walkway around the cargo ramp and leads onto the driver's cabin then a small, elevated third level where the M41 LAAG is assembled. It features a crane, numerous firing ports and elevated positions for defending it. It has four tracks set up on each side of the chassis. Its chassis is also as wide as they are high, providing stability. The Elephant houses a Mongoose in its lower bay, and can be made to hold up to an additional of three Mongooses in the front with two in the back with two Warthogs.


???The Elephant appears exclusively in Halo 3's multiplayer map Sandtrap, located at each end of the map. It is completely invincible, and open-topped, unlike its counterpart in Halo Wars. The open roof is probably due to the fact that it is a service and repair station, not a troop carrier. Inside the elephant is a large screen which contains information on a mongoose. While the vehicle itself cannot be destroyed, its slow speed and lack of armor for gunners render them quite vulnerable. Killing the driver must be attempted from behind, ideally in a vehicle like a Banshee. If you try to simply board the Elephant and kill the driver, he/she may notice you in third person view and counterattack. In objective based games, the elephant also serves as a mobile bomb plant/spawn site and flag stand. SIDE NOTE: A mongoose also spawns in the Elephant.

Production Information:
-Manufacturer: Jotun Heavy Industries
-Model: M312
Technical Specifications:
-Length: 25.7m/84ft
-Mass:?205 tonnes/450,000 lb
-Armament: M41 LAAG (1); AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun (2, optional)
-Crew: Driver (1); Gunners (1-3)
--Lower Rear: Warthog (2) or Mongoose (4)
--Lower Front: Mongoose (2)
-Other Systems: Crane
-Role(s):?Mobile command;?Search & Recovery;?Recon & Patrol;?Troop Deployment;?Mobile Mini-Base
-Era(s): Human-Covenant War
-Affiliation: United Nations Space Command

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