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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human Vehicle WeaponsEra: Human-Covenant WarCanon: Crossover


???The M68 Asynchronous Linear-Induction Motor, more commonly known as the M68 Gauss Cannon, is a weapon that fires hyper-velocity, high-density projectiles similar to those of a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, except on a much smaller scale. It can be mounted on a stationary stand, or on the rear of the M12G1 Warthog LAAV.

Model: M68 Asynchronous Linear Induction Motor Gauss Cannon
Type: Anti-vehicular weapon
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Vehicle weapons
Fire Control: Varies by setup (commonly 2D)
Rate of Fire: 1
Ammo: 750 (25x130mm slugs)
Cost: 6,435 cR
Availability: 3, X
Range: 10-50/200/8km
Range Difficulty: Easy/Moderate/Very Difficult
Damage: 7D


-HEAVY: If used without a mount, the operator's Speed is half (or less); Dodge is -4D, or can immediately drop the weapon to make a full dodge.

?- - - - - - - - - -


??The M68 ALIM uses an asynchronous linear-induction motor to produce a bipolar magnetic field capable of launching a 25x130mm projectile at an incredible speed of just under Mach 40, or approximately 13.7km per second. The great velocity of the projectile is the key to the stopping power and performance of the Gauss cannon, giving it exceptional armor penetration.


???The M68 ALIM is primarily used in an anti-vehicle capacity used by UNSCDF ground forces, though it can be used to devastating effect against infantry. It is often seen mounted on the Warthog in the same manner as the M41 LAAG, and while it does not possess the LAAG's extreme rate of fire, it displays near-pinpoint accuracy and overwhelming firepower, usually killing infantry targets with a single shot, and heavily damaging those in the immediate vicinity of where the round impacts. Its intended usage is similar to that of a 102mm SC-HE Rocket Turret, though the rocket turret does not possess the all-around utility and adaptability of the M68 ALIM.


???The M68 is an extremely accurate weapon, useful against most enemy units. It has proven to be devastating against light-armored vehicles, it can take out a Ghost or a Banshee in one or two shots (depending on shot placement). The weapon is rather effective against Wraiths as well, provided the driver can out-flank the Wraith and fire upon its unprotected backside before it brings its plasma mortar to bear. The M68 is also very deadly if used against infantry, however users should aim at the most dangerous units like Sangheili, Jiralhanae and Mgalekgolo in order to make full use of the weapon.


???The M68 has few disadvantages, mainly the weapon's slow fire rate. It is also quite difficult to use at long ranges, especially when shooting at moving targets.

?? The Gauss Cannon can also cause permanent hearing damage when fired within 20 meters of unprotected infantry.

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