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Lakotup (Ewok Scout)

Lakotup (Ewok Scout)

Paril Ritta (Human Rebel Pilot)

Paril Ritta (Human Rebel Pilot)

Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human Vehicle WeaponsEra: Colonial InsurrectionCanon: Crossover


?? The M512 90mm Smooth Bore High Velocity Cannon is a United Nations Space Command armament that is mounted on the M808B Main Battle Tank.

Model: M512 90mm Smooth Bore High Velocity Cannon
Type: Anti-armor/anti-vehicular weapon
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Vehicle weapons: M512 90mm cannon
Fire Control: 2D
Rate of Fire: 1 (per round)
Ammo: 40 (90mm shells
-Weapon: 8,655 cR
-Shells (90mm Tungsten APBC): 100 cR
-Shells (90mm S1 Canister): 150 cR
Availability: 3, X
Range: 15-50/200/1km
Range Difficulty: Easy/Moderate/Difficult
-S1 Canister Shell: 5D/4D/3D/2D
Blast Radius: 0/1/2
-S1 Canister Shell: 0-1/2/4/6


AMMUNITION: The M512 cannon is capable of using various types of ammunition in the 90mm range. ?One such type is given above in the S1 Canister shell (seen in Halo Wars), though other types are possible. ?Though other upgrades are noted in the M808B Scorpion MBT, those affect the vehicle and not the weapon itself.

SLOW TURN: This turret takes a full round to turn to another fire arc, and 2 rounds to turn in the opposite direction.  If on the move, it is best kept facing a single fire arc (like front), moving the vehicle to attack other targets when possible.  This can be removed with the right upgrades (see Scorpion tank in D6 Vehicles).

?- - - - - - - - - -


???The M512 90mm SBHVC is the primary weapon of the M808B Main Battle Tank, and is mounted on the rear of the tank's chassis. The weapon's design remains for the most part unchanged from 20th century tanks, the 90mm cannon is mounted in a fully traversing turret weapon mount, this allows the cannon to rotate 360 degrees and to move -10 to approximately +60 traverse. A gyroscope is used to stabilize the cannon, allowing it to be effectively aimed and fired at the "short halt" or on the move.?

?? The 90mm High Velocity Cannon is fitted with insulating thermal jackets to reduce gun-barrel warping caused by uneven thermal expansion. Unlike modern tanks however, the 90mm Cannon is mounted on the aft section of the Scorpion's chassis and contains no crew compartment as the loading is done autonomously and the targeting and firing is done electronically from the crew compartment.


???The M512 uses a wide variety of 90mm ammunition, however the most commonly employed is the 90mm tungsten Armor Piercing Ballistic Capped Round. This type of round sacrifices armor penetration for larger amounts of high explosive filler, this round is accelerated at a high velocity and can strike a target at extremely long ranges. Another type of ammunition employed is the S1 Canister Shell, the S1 Canister provides Scorpion equipped tanks with destructive capabilities without the use of traditional high explosives. The Canister round is lethal against enemy infantry when machine guns or other weaponry cannot be used effectively. The S1 is also effective at breaching walls and damaging structures or other vehicles.


???The M512 can effectively destroy any light vehicle with only one shot, the cannon has very little recoil and may be attributed to an added muzzle brake or its design, even heavy vehicles like the Covenant Type-25 Assault Gun Carriage can only withstand three rounds before being destroyed. Because of its high area-of-effect and high velocity it is a very useful anti infantry weapon as well, able to kill even the toughest infantry like the Hunter in just one shot. One shot from a 90mm Cannon is also very effective at destroying walls or structures if enough shots are fired at it.


???The M512 is unable to fire on anything too close to the cannon, or the Scorpion's chassis, as the cannon cannot traverse that close. The cannons high area-of-effect means that precision kills are next to impossible - friendly infantry or vehicles near the target are likely to feel the force of the blast as much as the intended target. The 90mm cannon must be reloaded after every shot and takes between three to four seconds, the time it takes for the cannon to reload may give the enemy enough time to react against the tank; and the smoke trail the round leaves behind when fired, compromises the tanks location making it easy for enemy anti-armor personnel to locate the Scorpion.

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