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Tichina (Near Human Force Sensitive)

Tichina (Near Human Force Sensitive)
BlasTech Industries DC-17 hand blaster

BlasTech Industries DC-17 hand blaster

Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Warhammer 40,000Subtype: WEAPONSEra: Age of the ImperiumCanon: Crossover

Eldar Shuriken Pistol
Shuriken weapons are the primary type of weapons used by the Eldar. Utilizing gravitic pulses, a mono-molecular disc of plasti-crystal taken from the weapon's magazine is acclerated down the barrel of the weapon, hurling it at the target at incredible velocity. The accelerator creates a peristaltic shift from the front to the rear of the firing chamber, hurling the shuriken missiles forward at a tremendous velocity. A burst of several missiles can be fired in a fraction of a second in this way. The weapon's magazine is then pushed up by a degree of nanometers and the cycle repeats. Shuriken weapons have an unknown rate of fire but it is estimated to be greater even than the Imperial assault cannon, with each magazine of a shuriken catapult essentially consisting of thousands of rounds. The shuriken missiles themselves are razor-sharp monomolecular-edged discs of plasti-crystal, and are usually star-shaped, triangular or circular. A shuriken disc can slice straight through flesh and bone, and can penetrate a considerable thickness of metal or plasteel armour. A single solid core of plasti-crystal material is used as ammunition. As the weapon is fired, high-energy impulses from the back of the weapon form the individual shuriken missiles by splitting the ammunition core. This weapon principle produces a very high rate of fire, allowing the weapon to fire up to a hundred rounds in one or two seconds and each ammunition magazine is good for around 10 of these bursts. The disadvantage of shuriken weapons is that the lack of rifling in a shuriken weapon's barrel reduces the weapon's accuracy drastically, thereby reducing its minimum range to one well under that of its solid slug counterparts. The Eldar minimize this disadvantage by utilizing their own natural speed and their vehicles' lightning quick acceleration to close the distance with their enemies. Shuriken weapons are manufactured by the Eldar in three separate forms: Shuriken Pistols used by various Eldar heroes and specialist units, Shuriken Catapults which take the form of two-handed rifles and are the primary weapon of most Eldar warriors and Shuriken Cannons that are heavy weapons mounted on Eldar defense platforms, vehicles and aircraft.

The Shuriken Pistol is the smaller version of the Shuriken Catapult and is fired one-handed. Certain Eldar heroes and warriors and the Striking Scorpion Aspect Warriors use Shuriken Pistols as their main weapon. Other Eldar units use them as secondary weapons. The Eldar name for this weapon is murehk.

Model: Eldar Shuriken Pistol
Type: Projectile Weapon
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: Shuriken Pistol
Ammo: 50
Range: 1-20/75/200
Damage: 5D

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