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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: Warhammer 40,000Subtype: WalkersEra: Age of the ImperiumCanon: Crossover

Craft: Eldar WarWalker
Type: Eldar Craftworld WarWalker
Scale: Walker
Length: 3 Meters Tall
Skill: Walker Operation; WarWalker
Crew: 1
Cargo Capacity: 60 kilograms
Cover: 3/4
Maneuverability: 2D
Move: 35, 105 kmh
Body Strength: 2D
Any 2 of the Below

            Shuriken Cannon
                        Fire Arc: Front
                        Scale: Speeder
                        Skill: Vehicle Blasters
                        Fire Control: 2D+2
                        Range: 50-300/500/1km
                        Damage: 5D
            Star Cannon (Plasma Cannon)
                        Fire Arc: Front
                        Scale: Walker
                        Skill: Vehicle Blasters
                        Fire Control: 2D
                        Range: 5-30/50/100m
                        Damage: 6D
            Missile Launcher (6 Missile Capacity)
                        Fire Arc: Front
                        Scale: Walker
                        Skill: Vehicle Blasters
                        Fire Control: 1D+1
                        Range: 50-400/600/1.2km
                        Damage: 6D
            Bright Lance (Laser Cannon)
                        Fire Arc: Front
                        Scale: Speeder
                        Skill: Vehicle Blasters
                        Fire Control: 2D+1
                        Range: 75-500/800/2km
                        Damage: 6D

Special Equipment:
            Holofield: Eldar Holofields are sensor scrambling devices which make it very difficult to track and lock on to them. They are highly effective against mechanical targeting devices, however have little to no effect against natural or unguided phenomena. In use they reduce all fire control used against them by 2D.

            The Eldar War Walker is a one man, lightly armored, bipedal combat walker. They are manned by a standard Eldar Guardian. The Eldar War Walker plays an essential role very similar to that of an Imperial Guard Sentinel. Both are nimble, lightly armoured scouting units, though the War Walker is closer in size to the Wraithlord. War Walker pilots often become emotionally attached to their mounts, and feel a "oneness" with their machine. This oneness is aided by the presence of an Eldar Spirit Stone. Their conjoined minds makes for a much sharper focus and a deadlier concentration.

            War Walkers have two heavy weapon mounts that can accommodate almost any Eldar heavy weapon. Some of the weapons that can be mounted on the War walkers's weapon mounts include the Shuriken Cannon, Star Cannon, Missle Launcher, and the Bright Lance.
            Though lightly armoured, War Walkers are protected by a holo-field like many other Eldar vehicles, which blurs the image of the War Walker, making them difficult to see and target. Because they have so few defenses, War Walker pilots rely on speed, overwhelming fire-power, and their holo-fields to allow them destroy or rout enemies before they can be destroyed themselves.

            War Walkers operate in squads of up to three walkers, and can be equipped to attack anything from massed light infantry to heavy vehicles.

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