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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human Heavy WeaponsEra: Human-Covenant WarCanon: Crossover


Model: Misriah Armory M460 AGL
Type: Automatic grenade launcher
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Missile weapons: M460 AGL
Fire Control: 2D (when mounted)
Rate of Fire:
-Semiautomatic: 1
-Automatic: 2
Ammo: 24 (40mm grenades)
-Launcher: 800 cR
-Grenades: 70 cR
-Drum (24): 1,050 cR
Availability: 2, R or X
Range: 5-10/20/50
Range Difficulty: Easy/Moderate/Difficult
Damage: 4D/3D/2D
Blast Radius: 0-1/2/4
Special: Automatic; EMP; Manual detonation


-AUTOMATIC WEAPON: This weapon has an automatic fire (autofire) option and can increase its Rate of Fire with the flip of a switch to a higher number (listed above), at +1 Range Difficulty.  The benefit of this is that the gunner can increase the Rate of Fire further, at +1 shot for every +1 Range Difficulty level.  If the attack misses the intended Range Difficulty but hits the normal Difficulty, then one shot hits and the others miss and are wasted.
--Optional: The GM can require a player to call how many shots they wish to fire, with a missed attack losing all intended grenades.  Otherwise, only 1 round will be lost.

-EMP: If Manual Detonation is used, the Damage inflicted ALSO counts as Ion Weapon Damage.

-HEAVY: If used without a mount, the operator's Speed is half (or less); Dodge is -4D, or can immediately drop the weapon to make a full dodge.

-MANUAL DETONATION: This weapon has an alternate fire mode to detonate grenades manually, instead of on impact, and can only be used in Semiautomatic Rate of Fire.  The gunner fires the grenade round and holds down the trigger, releasing when they desire the grenade to go off.  A benefit of this is that grenades can be ricocheted to reach a difficult target.

- - - - - - - - - -

   The M460 Automatic Grenade Launcher, (abbreviated M460 AGL), is a UNSC grenade launcher that is mounted on the UH-144A Falcon transport/utility helicopter.  The weapon has two firing modes which are similar to those of the M319 Individual Grenade Launcher (M319 IGL). Tapping the trigger causes the weapon to fire a single grenade round that detonates on impact. Holding the trigger fires a grenade that will not detonate until the trigger is released. Grenades fired in this mode release an electromagnetic pulse on detonation; this EMP is capable of disabling most electronics, including those aboard vehicles and energy shielding emitters.

-The M460 AGL is very similar in function and appearance to the modern Mk 19 grenade launcher, as both are automatic aircraft-mounted grenade launchers.
-Despite its name, there is no way to fire the weapon automatically in-game.
-In the level New Alexandria, the second player in co-op receives a Falcon armed with an M460 AGL rather than the M247 Heavy Machine Gun that is used by most Falcons in-game.
-When a grenade fired from the M460 AGL explodes, the weapon's display says "BOOM!". This also occurs with the M319 IGL.

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