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Section of Site: Buffy RPGBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Veterans and Experienced HeroesEra: Canon: No


Name: Eric "Blade" Brooks            DOB: 31/7/1967

Actor: Wesley Snipes                      DOB: 31/7/1962

Critter Type: Half-Vampire

Motivation: Kill all the Vampires

Life Points: 112          Drama Points: 10


Strength 9 (3 Levels Part of Half-Vampire Quality)
Dexterity 9 (2 Levels Part of Half-Vampire Quality)
Constitution 9 (2 Levels Part of Half-Vampire Quality)
Intelligence 3
Perception 4
Willpower 6


Acute Hearing (Part of Half-Vampire Quality) (2)
Acute Sense of Smell (Part of Half-Vampire Quality) (2)
Attractive +3 (3)
Fast Reaction Time (2)
Half-Vampire (14)
Hard to Kill 10 (2 Levels Part of Half-Vampire Quality) (8)
Nerves of Steel (3)
Reduced Damage (One-Fifth Damage Falls/Large Blunt Trauma) (Part of Half-Vampire Quality) (5)
Regeneration (Constitution Life Points per Hour) (Part of Half-Vampire Quality) (1)
Situational Awareness (2)


Adversary (Vampires) (5)
Honorable (Minimal) (1)
Mental Problems (Cruelty) (1)
Obsession (Killing Vampires) (2)


Acrobatics: 9

Knowledge: 3

Art: 2

Kung Fu: 9

Computers: 0

Languages: 3

Crime: 5

Mr. Fix-It: 2

Doctor: 2

Notice: 5

Driving: 4

Occultism: 4

Getting Medieval: 10

Science: 1

Gun Fu: 2

Sports: 0

Influence: 3

Wild Card: 0

Maneuvers       Bonus Base Damage    Notes
Bite 20 27 Must Grapple First;  No Defense Action

Catch Weapon



Ranged Defense Action




Defense Action




Resisted by Dodge

Jump Kick



Kick 17 20 Bash
Parry 19 None Defense Action
Parry Ranged 17 None Defense Action









Spin Kick



Stake 19 18 Slash/stab
(Through the Heart) 16 18 x5 vs. vamps

Submachine Gun



Bullet; Can Fire Bursts, See P120

Sweep Kick



Knocks Target Down
Sword 19 36 Slash/stab
(Decapitation) 14 36 x5 Damage
(Whirling Sword) 15 36 Attack And Defend Against All In Close Combat
Throwing Blade 18 27 Slash/stab
(Decapitation) 13 27 x5 Damage




Bash; must Grapple first
Background on Blade

            Blade has perhaps the most bizarre origin of all of the vampire hunters. During his labor, Blade's mother was undergoing complications and her friends summoned a doctor of dubious background. The doctor turned out to be the white-haired vampire known as Deacon Frost. He feasted on Blade's mother right before Blade's birth which resulted in Blade being immune to vampire bites. As a result of Frost's attack, Blade's mother died but not before she gave birth to Blade. Blade was raised by his mother's work associates until he was 9 years old. At age 9, Blade helped save the life of vampire hunter Jamal Afari, a musician who took Blade in and raised him as his son. Afari trained Blade as a vampire hunter as well as a trumpet player until Dracula turned Afari. Blade was forced to kill Afari and swore revenge on Dracula.

            As a result of the deaths of his mother and foster father, Blade traveled the world to revenge himself against Dracula and Deacon Frost. Blade traveled the world , his path crossing with many other vampires, including Dracula, including one incident in which Blade and four of his friends lured Dracula into a deathtrap. Unfortunately, some of Dracula's minions soon revived Dracula and the vampire lord murdered most of Blade's vampire hunting friends.

            Over time, Blade met up with Quincy Harker and his band of vampire hunters. At first their relationship was troubled at best, as Blade felt that Harker and his band were somewhat soft. Nonetheless, Blade found himself allied with Harker at times as his search for Deacon Frost often was sidetracked by his battles with Dracula.

            After the death of Quincy Harker's daughter Edith at the hands of Dracula, Blade helped Harker hunt down Dracula and succeeded in killing the vampire lord. Unfortunately, Dracula's minions rescued his corpse and the vampire lord was eventually revived.

            Blade's search for Deacon Frost led to Blade teaming up with the vampire detective Hannibal King. King was a former detective who had been turned into a vampire by Deacon Frost and he too had a vendetta against Frost. Blade very reluctantly teamed with King, and at times, it seemed as if Blade might try to kill King. However, their partnership grew stronger as the hunt continued and over time, Blade began to respect King, especially after King saved Blade from becoming one of Deacon Frost's magically created vampires. Eventually, the two finally found Frost and confronted him. Frost died in an explosion during the confrontation and Blade could finally rest, knowing that his mother had been avenged. After Frost's death, Blade and King went their separate ways, but they parted as friends.

            After his battle with Frost, Blade's future seemed uncertain, his entire life had been devoted to killing Frost, now what would he do? As he pondered his future, Blade occasionally teamed with Harker and his band and from time to time, found himself embroiled in battles with vampires besides Dracula.

            Blade was probably the most dangerous threat to Dracula with the possible exception of Quincy Harker. He possessed a fierce fighting style which helped compensate for Dracula's tremendous strength and was highly skilled with his wooden knives.

            Blade has many of a vampires abilities and powers, though he still ages like a human and can be killed if he is badly injured.

Quote: “I'm getting a little tired of chopping you up. Thought I might try fire for a change.”

Roleplaying Blade

            Blade is very focused on his mission to destroy all the worlds vampires. He can be emotional and if he looses his temper, the world better step aside.

Names of characters and the distinctive likenesses thereof are Trademarks and ? of Marvel Characters, Inc. and are used without permission.

? 1998 New Line Productions Inc. ? 1998 New Line Home Video Inc. All Rights Reserved. Image used without permission.

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