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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: LegacyCanon: No

Imperial Sovereign Protectors were the most elite cadre of guardsmen in Imperial service.

Only the best of the elite Emperor's Royal Guard were specially chosen to become Sovereign Protectors. They endured years of selection procedures and training aimed at achieving perfection in soldiering. Extreme standards were set for combat fitness, stamina, strength, dexterity, mental acuity, reaction time, loyalty and intelligence.

Finally, each Sovereign Protector would receive rudimentary training from Senior Dark Side Adepts (such as Arden Lyn) to wield the dark side of the Force?although not enough to provide independence or stoke ambition. The most exceptional Sovereign Protectors were eventually eligible for training as Dark Jedi.

Some of these armored and robed soldiers were charged with the personal protection of Emperor Palpatine, while others were deployed to guard Palpatine's interests throughout the galaxy, including the Imperial Citadel on the Deep Core planet of Byss, as well as other palaces and monasteries. A number of Sovereign Protectors were stationed aboard the Star Dreadnought Eclipse. They were typically organized into regiments of four hundred individuals.

            Blaster: 6D+2
            Blaster Artillery: 6D
            Brawling Parry: 6D
            Dodge: 7D
            Melee Combat: 7D+2
            Melee Parry: 5D
            Bargain: 3D+2
            Command: 6D
            Hide: 5D
            Persuasion: 4D+2
            Search: 6D
            Sneak: 6D
            Intimidation: 5D+2
            Streetwise: 4D+1
            Survival: 6D
            Brawling: 6D+2
            Climbing/Jumping: 6D+1
            Lifting: 5D+1
            Stamina: 6D+2
            Beast Riding: 4D+1
            Sensors: 4D+2
            Space Transports: 4D
            Demolitions: 5D+1
            First Aid: 3D
            Security: 4D+1

Equipment: Heavy Blaster Pistol 5D
Imperial Royal Guard Armor (+2D physical, +1D energy, -1D Dexterity)
Force Pike STR +3D

Comments made about this Article!

04/Sep/2012 15:01:09 Posted by HellStormer1 {}

Is there any source material for these?

05/Sep/2012 02:55:54 Posted by Simon {}

Source materials? We don need no stinkin\' Source Materials!

05/Sep/2012 16:20:02 Posted by FreddyB {}

I\'ve got vague memories of them being in the Dark Empire books, so there may be background/official stats in the Dark Empire Sourcebook by WEG.

06/Sep/2012 15:05:34 Posted by HellStormer1 {}

Ooh, I\'ll have to dig that out of my collection! *dig-dig-dig*

07/Sep/2012 04:42:04 Posted by Simon {}

Hellstormer....would that be a...\"Diggity! Diggity! Diggity!\"

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