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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Babylon 5Subtype: TransportEra: Earth-Minbari WarCanon: Crossover


Craft: Earth Alliance Kestrel Class Shuttle
Type: Transatmospheric transport shuttle
Scale: Starfighter
-Length: 25.59m
Skill: Space transport piloting: Kestrel Shuttle
Crew: 3
-Skeleton: 1/+10
-Emergency Evac: 40/1 day
Crew Skill: Sensors 3D+1, Space Transports 4D+2
Passengers: 12
Cargo Capacity: 50 metric tons
Consumables: 3 days
Cost: Not available for sale
Hyperspace Jump Engines: No
Nav Computer: No
Maneuverability: 3D
-Space: 7
-Atmosphere: 350; 1,000kmh
Hull: 4D
Shields: N/A
-Passive: 20/0D
-Scan: 40/1D
-Search: 60/2D
-Focus: 3/3D



-GRAVITY: This class of ship has no artificial gravity or rotating sections.  The crew operate in zero-g when in space.  If they use the available straps to stay seated, they can operate with no penalties.  Otherwise, they incur all the penalties for operating in zero-g.  Luckily, this ship isn't meant to stay in space for long as it's built for travel to and from orbit and a planet's surface.


   The Kestrel Class Atmospheric Shuttles were the most common medium atmospheric shuttle used by the Earth Alliance.

   Originally incepted by Mitchell-Hyundyne in 2241, by 2262 KarmaTech had become the design's primary manufacturer. A notably versatile craft, the Kestrel was easily operated by a single pilot and would have been most often used to ferry cargo and personnel between surface and orbital facilities. They could also be outfitted for scientific survey missions and were carried aboard most Earthforce starships and space stations.

Known Shuttles

-Shuttle 1: Shuttle 1 was the callsign for an Atmospheric Shuttle attached to Babylon 5.

   In 2258, Doctor Tasaki piloted the shuttle with a survey team to Epsilon III. A beacon triggered by the recent surface quakes disabled the shuttle. A Starfury was sent to tow the shuttle back to the station. After the shuttle was repaired, Dr. Tasaki went on another survey mission in the shuttle, this time escorted by the Delta Squadron. The shuttle was attacked by missiles from the surface, and damaged when one of the missiles exploded near the shuttle. The Delta Squadron was able to divert the missiles when they fired into the atmosphere. The shuttle had to be towed back to the station, again. The shuttle was repaired once again, and Commander Jeffrey Sinclair and Lieutenant Commander Susan Ivanova took the shuttle through a newly discovered fissure on the surface. They discovered the Great Machine and the machine's operator, Varn. They brought him back to the station for medical care.

   During the Battle for Epsilon III, Chief Michael Garibaldi took the shuttle in pursuit of Ambassador Londo Mollari's transport down to the surface of Epsilon III.

   In 2259, Captain John Sheridan and Ambassador Delenn took the shuttle to go and meet Draal on Epsilon III.  In 2261, Commander Ivanova used the shuttle to go down to Epsilon III to help get more power in an effort to get the Voice of the Resistance's broadcast to Earth.

-Shuttle 2: Callsign for a shuttle owned by IPX. It was destroyed by a detachment of Drakh soldiers on Ceti IV in 2267.

Design Notes

   While the Kestrel doesn't have much to offer in a fight, it's still a decent transport craft with a good amount of room for people and cargo.  This room could easily be used to convert the craft for other pusposes, such as increased speed/maneuverability, weapons, and equipment needed for longer range of operation.  The ship's speed and maneuverability are already rather good compared to other craft of its size in Babylon 5 (or even Star Wars).  With a little tinkering, the Kestrel could even be rigged for long range flight in Hyperspace from beacon to beacon.

Status: Active (as of 2267)
Affiliation: Earth Alliance
Class: Atmospheric Shuttle
Length: 25.59m
Crew: 3 (Pilot, co-pilot & navigator), At least 6 passengers
Engines: 3 particle thrust ion engines, (Max Linear Thrust: 1Kps/ps)
Jump Capable: No
Gravity: No
Weapons: None

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