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Section of Site: The Force D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Jedi PowersEra: Canon: No

Allyan Magic
        Allyan Magic, also referred to as Dathomiri Magic, was the name given to the Force by the Witches of Dathomir. Approximately 600 BBY, Jedi Knight Allya was expelled from the Jedi Order, and exiled on the world of Dathomir. There, she found Force sensitives from the Republic prison colony and leftover apprentices from the Brotherhood of Darkness and taught them the ways of the Force. She taught those Force sensitives how to establish a symbiotic relationship with the local rancors and other wildlife, and wrote the Book of Law, which was the code of rules by which all should use the Force.
        Unfortunately, Allya died when her oldest daughter was 16, and her children and apprentices never learned that the 'magic' they were using was actually the Force. Later practitioners of Allyan Magic believed they were casting spells and witchcraft, and most were unable to 'cast a spell' without speaking the incantation or performing a ritualized chant, song, dance or writing associated with it.
        With each passing generation, after mating with males who were not Force sensitive, the descendants of Allya's abilities were eventually watered down to a degree. While a single witch could often cast a paticular spell she was proficient in, most witches were only proficient in one or two spells. While most spells were very similar to abilities used by Jedi or Sith, but most often to a degree of far lesser power, some abilities were unique to practitioners of Allyan Magic.
        Utilizers of Allyan Magic have a single unique Force attribute entitled Allyan Magic. This represents the extreme difference in using Allyan Magic compared to using the Force in the more traditional way. A Dathomiri witch who wishes to learn to use the Force as a Jedi (or Sith) does must learn the traditional Force Attributes from scratch just as any other beginner. When a practitioner of Allyan magic casts a spell, it takes two rounds to effect. The first round (unless otherwise stated) is spent casting the incantation or spell, which comes into effect in the second round. An experienced witch in a hurry may attempt to cast a spell quickly, but at a +15 difficulty modifier, with combined action penalties. In very rare situations, a practitioner of Allyan magic may become so skilled at their favored spell that they are able to cast it with a thought, which removes the casting time penalty. This is very rare, however, as evidenced by Teneniel Djo's amazement at Luke Skywalker's ability to "cast spells" without verbalizing.
        Any spells that may be 'kept up', or that last more than one round, can only be done so at the expense of continued concentration and ritual dance and song by the caster. For each dark side point earned by the caster, the casting witch will suffer a physical deformity in the form of a large purplish discoloration of the skin on some part of the user's body, most often on the face. Fully evil witches, members of the Nightsister clan, are often completely covered in the blotchy deforming marks. Characters suffering from a Dark Allyan Blotch receive a +5 difficulty to any roll where their physical appearance has any sway for *each* dark side point they possess. (for example, if a witch were to try and use her charms to distract a guard)

Allyan Spell of Astral Cartography
        A very rare and difficult spell to utilize, the spell of Astral Cartography involves using Allyan magic to influence sand and/or dirt, stones, leaves or whatever other loose objects are in the vicinity to create a current, accurate map of a location. Movements of droids or living beings, wind and other such changes to the environment are shown on the 'map'. Difficulty: Heroic Requires: Spell of Sight

Allyan Spell of Deflection
        This spell allows a Dathomiri witch to deflect a laser bolt. Difficulty: Easy for one laser bolt, Difficult for 2-5 lasers, Heroic for 6+ lasers.

Allyan Spell of Detection
        The Spell of Detection is used to locate a specific presence of a familir individual. If successfully cast, the spell will grant the caster knowledge of the target's general location, but no more specific than within ten meters. Unlike a Jedi's sensing abilities, the Spell of Detection may not be 'kept up', and is far less precise. Difficulty: Moderate (modified by proximity, modified by relationship)

Allyan Spell of Healing
        A very complicated spell, the spell of healing is more like an extended ritual. The user must perform the incantations and ritual chants and songs often for several hours or longer to achieve even a marginal success. (1 hour for Wounded, 1 day for Incapacitated, 1 week for Mortally Wounded). Difficulties: Moderate for wounded characters, Difficult for Incapacitated characters, Heroic for Mortally Wounded characters.

Allyan Spell of Lightning
        This spell channels pure hatred through the user into wild blue lances of lightning, directable by the witch. This energy bypasses all armor worn. Note: characters hit by a Spell of Lightning are stunned for 5D rounds and must make a Very Difficult Stamina check to come out of Stun ahead of time. Difficulty: Easy 2D damage, Moderate 3D damage, Difficult 4D damage (modified by proximity)

Allyan Spell of Leaping
        A witch casts an incantation which allows her to jump to an extended distance or height. Difficulty: Very Easy +2 to jump roll, Easy +1D to jump roll, Moderate +1D+2 to jump roll, Difficult +2D to jump roll, Very Difficult +3D to jump roll, Heroic 4D+ to jump roll.

Allyan Spell of Light
        A power that is as rare as it is simplistic, the Allyan Light Sphere is a literal orb of pure light energy, harmless to the touch, which has no other purpose other than to cast a glow on the caster's surroundings so they might see. Difficulty: Easy for a glow similar to candlelight. Moderate for a glow similar to that of a glowrod. Difficult for a glow similar to a speeder's headlamps.

Allyan Spell of Mind Control
        Difficulty: Very Easy for perceptions, Easy for memories, Moderate for conclusions, (modified by proximity) . Very Easy for slight, momentary misperceptions, minor changes to distant memories, or if the character doesn't care one way or the other. Easy for brief, visible phenomena, for memories less than a year old, or if the character feels only minor emotion regarding the conclusion he is reaching. Moderate for short hallucinations, for memories less than a day old, or if the target has strict orders about the conclusion. Difficult for hallucinations that can be sensed with two senses (sight and sound for example), for memories less than a minute old, or if the matter involving the conclusion is very important to the target. Very Difficult for hallucinations which can be sensed by all five senses, if the memory change is a major one, or if the logic is absolutely clear and coming to the wrong conclusion is virtually impossible.

Allyan Spell of Mindfingers
        The spell of Mindfingers allows the caster to manipulate large objects, or move small objects through simple maneuvers using a telekinetic application. Telekinetically thrown objects may be used as weapons. Such objects do 1D damage if under 1 kilogram, 2D if 1-10 kilos, 4D if 11-100 kilos, 3D Speeder-Scale damage if 101 kilos to 1 metric ton, 3D Starfighter-Scale damage if one to 10 metric tons, and 5D Starfighter-Scale damage if 11-100 metric tons. Difficulty: Moderate for gentle turns, Difficult for light maneuvers

Allyan Ritual of Mindlink
        The Ritual of Mindlink is the act of merging the collective power of several witches together to perform some great act (such as summoning massive storms to use as weapons against an enemy). The witches performing the ritualistic song are in a state of complete distraction for as long as the ritual is in effect. As a result, they are completely vulnerable to attack while in the Mindlink. When the Mindlinked witches attempt to use a spell, such as summoning a massive thunder storm, the character with the highest skill must make the roll, and is known as the 'focuser'. The Focuser will receive +1D for each additional witch in the Mindlink when attempting to make rolls to cast spells. Mindlinked witches can *only* cast spells that operate on a large scale. Difficulty: Difficult

Allyan Spell of Mindspeak
        The incantation of Mindspeak allows a witch to telepathically communicate with another witch or Force sensitive. The caster must verbally speak the words she is attempting to communicate as a part of her incantation. In order to communicate back, the receiver must use the Spell of Mindspeak as well. Allyan witches frequently used this spell in conjunction with the spell of Reavling Knowledge to communicate with their semi-sentient rancor mounts. Difficulty: Moderate (modified by proximity. Modified by relationship)

Allyan Spell of Revealing Knowledge
        This spell allows a witch to gain insight into another being's thoughts. It is commonly used to detect truth in the mind, but other applications include direct mind probing and the extraction of alien languages. The target may add their Control or Willpower to resist. Difficulty: Easy for truth detection, Moderate for language interpretation, Difficult, plus a difficult Alien Languages roll to instantly learn the alien language, Very Difficult to attempt a mide probe.

Allyan Spell of Sight
        This complicated and sometimes lengthy spell allows the caster to literally see a location not within visible distance. The witch must enter a light meditative trance in which her mind leaves her body and travels to the location she wishes to see. This requires constant ritualistic song in order to keep the mind focused on the objective. If successful, the caster may literally 'see' the location they are trying to see in a disembodied state. Difficulty: Moderate for 5 - 10 meters distance, Difficult for 10 - 20 meters distance, Very Difficult for 20 - 30 meters distance, Heroic for 30+ distance (modified by familiarity of target location) Requires: Spell of Detection

Allyan Spell of Silence
        The Spell of Silence is a spell used solely as a weapon. Upon casting, the target of the spell would be unable to speak for as long as the caster maintains their spell through ritual song. Difficulty: Moderate

Allyan Spell of Speed
        This incantation greatly increases the movement speed of the casting witch. This power may not be used to increase the number of actions a character may take in one round. Difficulties: Easy +2 move, Moderate +1D move, Difficult +2D move, Very Difficult +3D move, Heroic 4D+ move.

Allyan Spell of Storm
        This rather difficult spell involves the conjuration of a storm. A skilled summoner can limit the storm's affect into a small area, or groups can work together to create a controllable lightning storm covering kilometers. While the caster could control the clouds and the intensity, control of lightning strikes was not possible. A caster could, for the most part, affect barometric pressure and precipitation in the area, but could not control temperatures. As such, wind storms were the most common variation of this spell, while groups of masters would summon a rainstorm for crops in a dry season. Teneniel Djo was paticularly adept at this power, and the Nightsisters used thunderstorms to assault the Singing Mountain Clan. Difficulty: Moderate for small, temporary wind storms under 5 meters, or bursts of wind, Difficult for a larger wind storm of up to 15 meters in diameter, Very Difficult for the summoning of a rainstorm, Heroic for thunder storms and complicated storm patterns.

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