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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Dark MatterSubtype: Cast & CrewEra: Canon: Crossover


Character Name: Six
-A.K.A.: Kal Varrick
-A.K.A.: Griffin Jones
Type: Shuttle Pilot, Ex-Galactic Authority Undercover Agent
Gender/Species: Male Human
Age: 46
Height: 1.86m (6' 2")
Weight: 74kg (163.1lbs)

Move: 10
Force Sensitive?: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0/*2
Character Points: 10


Dexterity: 2D+1
   Dodge 3D+1, Firearms 3D+1

Perception: 3D+2
   *Con 5D+1, Investigation 4D+2

Knowledge: 3D
   *Bureaucracy 4D+2, *Intimidation 6D, *Law Enforcement 5D, *Law Enforcement (Galactic Authroity) 7D, *Law Enforcement (Council of Corporations) 6D, *Streetwise 5D+1

Strength: 4D
   Brawling 5D, Lifting 5D

Mechanical: 3D
   Space Transports (Marauder) 6D

Technical: 2D
   *Security 5D, Space Transports Repair (Marauder) 5D



-Memory Loss: The original Raza crew wake up one day on their ship to realize they all have memory loss, not remembering who they are, yet inherently retaining their personal skill sets and specializations (in Six's case, being very good at piloting the Marauder shuttle).  With their memory loss and the possibility that someone in the crew caused this to happen, as well as discovering that they all have criminal backgrounds and are among the "Most Wanted" list of the Galactic Authority, the crew of the Raza find it difficult to trust each other initially, and constantly plot against one another for fear that there is a traitor among them.  Any traits marked with "*" represent a skill or other trait that was lost due to memory loss, and which could be regained if the character ever regains their memories

-Criminal Reputation: Most of the Raza crew have a well established criminal record, and have even been put on the Most Wanted list of the Galactic Authority.  This has proven problematic (to say the least) whenever the crew are docked in port at a space station, populated planet, etc, and are ever required to show their IDs or need to give blood/DNA for identification.

-The General: Kal Varrik's nemesis is the General, a rogue military general who wants to raise an uprising on would-be independant worlds to become an army and fight in his name, glorifying him and dying for his ego and greed.  The General is sadistic, but specializes in inspiring people to follow him none-the-less.  At the start of the Dark Matter series, Sex has never succeeded in taken down the General, and as Kal Varrik he played witness to many of the General's atrocities acorss the galaxy.

-Family: Later in the series, Six becomes aware that he has, or had, a wife and daughter, and he becomes obssessed with finding out whatever happened to them since he lost his memories as Kal Varrik.

Physical Description: Griffin is both intimidating and imposing to look at. He is tall, with a large muscular build such that in the season finale of season 1 Five states that the only person who has a chance against him in combat is Two, due to her inhuman strength. He has brown eyes. He has stubble on his chin and upper lip and has short, cropped black hair.

Equipment: Pistol (4D), shotgun (6D/4D/2D), black ops field clothes (+2 Sneak), black duster trench coat with inlaid fabric shielding (+1D vs physical/energy), 100 credits, The Marauder.

Background: Kal Varrik, aka Six, aka Griffin Jones, may look intimidating, however, he has a heart of gold. He is extremely intelligent and has the ability to handle issues and disappointment with strength and grace. Despite his memory loss, he has demonstrated a singular aptitude for piloting the Phantom class shuttle Marauder.
   Prior to being on the Raza, Kal was an undercover cop for the Galactic Authority. One of his missions was to go undercover within the Procyon Insurrection with his friend John Anders.
   Episode One revealed Six is on the Galactic Authorities Most Wanted List for murder, assault and smuggling.
   In Episode Two, Six decided to help defend the Mining Colony. In order to send Ferrous Corp a message so that they wouldn't send any more ships to the planet, he came up with an idea to take out the FCS Deliverance in The Marauder, even though it was probably suicide. He was going to go along with it anyway, however he never got that far as he was taken hostage by Voss, Hagen and Tomas. He was let go after the Ferrous Corp Destroyer was forced to leave.
   Episode Six revealed Six used to be part of a rebel group called the "Procyon Insurrection", that is against the Galactic Authority. He unknowingly helped cause a bomb to go off on Hyadum-12 that had been set to blow once they jumped into FTL in the Galactic Authority Destroyer they stole. The bombing killed ten thousand people and Griffin became very ill, throwing up when he heard the news. Then after being told of the plan The General made and being confirmed in his involvement he killed the bomber and then proceeded to kill the rest of the gang, who drew their weapons at him. After they where taken care off he proceeded to put a gun to his own head and pulled the trigger to commit suicide, however the gun was empty.
   In Episode Eight, Six used Transfer Transit to go after The General. He tracked him down and killed him, only to realize it was just a clone and the real General is still out there.
   In Episode Thirteen, Griffin was revealed to have been the traitor of the crew. Delivering the Raza into the hands of the Galactic Authority.
   In Episode Fourteen, it is revealed that Six' real name is Kal Varrik and he is an operative with the Galactic Authority, with Griffin Jones only being his undercover alias so he could become a part of the Raza Crew.
   In Episode Fifteen, Kal turns his back on an obviously corrupt system and undertakes measures to break out his friends. However, as the Crew was boarding their escape shuttle, Kal still debated whether or not to join the Raza again when he was shot. Two/Portia and Three/Boone brought him on board where Devon checked his injuries. As he is unable to stop the bleeding completely and the Raza's medical supplies have been seized, the only way to save Kal is to put him in stasis for the moment.
   In Episode Seventeen, Six is brought out of stasis and Devon operates to stabilize him.
   In Episode Twenty-One, it was revealed that Kal Varrik had been the one that had uploaded a virus to the ship's computer pre-stasis which had disabled the Raza, leaving it dead in space when they had first awakened on the Raza. He had also been the one that had emitted the subspace distress call in order to make the ship easier to track.
   In Episode Twenty-Four, Six tries to convince Two to use the blink drive to become intergalactic cops. They would be against both the Galactic Authority and the Corporations.
   In Episode Twenty-Seven, Six found Two and got her onto The Marauder. The shuttle had no power, navigation, and comms. After they managed to get communications back online, they contacted the Raza, however they couldn't pick them up yet. They did however learn that Nyx was dead and the Android believed Ryo did it.
   When life support shut down, Two locked Six in the back of the Marauder, and transferred most of the remaining oxygen to his section, as well as letting him have the air tank. She reasoned with the fact her nanites could keep her alive without oxygen for at least 30 minutes, so she could make this call despite Six's disagreement. Six tells her she's doing this because she blames herself for what happened on EOS-7 and Nyx's death. That trading her life for his wouldn't fix things, but she ignored him.
   Later, Six tells Two that he was sorry for turning them in. Two responds that she knew he thought he was doing what he thought was right at the time. She concludes that doing the right thing isn't always right. She thinks who they used to be is still influencing their present decisions. That they keep fighting their pasts to be better but they keep failing. Six concludes that all that matters is that they keep trying. It's who they are. Eventually, they are rescued by the Raza.

Personality: He may look intimidating, however, he has a heart of gold. He is extremely intelligent and has the ability to handle issues and disappointment with strength and grace.

Objectives: Rediscover his lost memories; figure out what to do now; take down The General; find out what happened to his wife and child; steer the Raza crew in the right moral direction.

A Quote: "[I possess no personal designation] Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of that going around", "Those people will die if we don't help them", "[Did Hrothgar send you?] Maybe?"

Connection With Characters: Woke up from cryosleep aboard the Raza, experiencing memory loss just like the rest of the ship's crew.


   In the Dark Matter series, Six often seemed like a beginner, new to the lifestyle he has been thrust into, and in many ways so did the rest of the Raza crew.  For this, his stats reflect a starting character, with 18 Attribute dice and 7 Skill dice.  It is possible that he may have had other skills or higher skill dice in the ones that he does, but these may have been altered due to the memory loss.
   One example of this could be his skills in Law Enforcement and related skills, as well as skills related to going undercover which would require him to be much less honest than he has been since awakening with memory loss.
   For character traits listed above such as age, height, weight, etc, where these are not able to be found, the traits of the characters' respective actors have been used instead.  Some traits may be odd due to actors and their characters often not being very similar at all.  In Six's case, the wait listed was for Roger Cross.  Six is somewhat bulked up, but Roger Cross in the past has often not been this big.  Therefor, Six's weight may in fact be greater than that listed.

Comments made about this Article!

09/Sep/2017 03:33:45 Posted by hellstormer1

[EDIT] Though to myself the trench coat could, maybe should, be as much about function as it is about style. Added a little defense into it. Since Six has the making of a human bruiser (when Two or the Android aren't around), having a little armor would help in such a role if he ever needed to fill it. [EDIT] after re-watching episode 1 and 2, added shotgun to his Equipment.

11/Sep/2017 08:47:32 Posted by hellstormer1

[EDIT] removed the "+" at the end of Skill Specializations, making the write-up more in line with standard Star Wars D6 rules.

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