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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Dark MatterSubtype: Cast & CrewEra: Canon: Crossover


Character Name:Three
-A.K.A.: Marcus Boone
-A.K.A.: Titch
Type: Mercenary, Firearms Expert, Ex-Killer
Gender/Species: Male Human
Age: 42(?)
Height: 1.85m (6'1")
Weight: 83kg (183lbs)

Move: 10
Force Sensitive?: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0/*10
Character Points: 10


Dexterity: 3D+2
   Blaster 4D+2, Brawling Parry 4D+2, Dodge 4D+2, Firearms 4D+2

Perception: 2D +1
   *Con 5D+1

Knowledge: 2D+1
   *Intimidation 6D, *Streetwise 4D+2

Strength: 3D+1
   Brawling 4D+1

Mechanical: 3D+1

Technical: 3D
   Blaster Repair 4D, Firearms Repair 4D



-Memory Loss: The original Raza crew wake up one day on their ship to realize they all have memory loss, not remembering who they are, yet inherently retaining their personal skill sets and specializations (in Six's case, being very good at piloting the Marauder shuttle).  With their memory loss and the possibility that someone in the crew caused this to happen, as well as discovering that they all have criminal backgrounds and are among the "Most Wanted" list of the Galactic Authority, the crew of the Raza find it difficult to trust each other initially, and constantly plot against one another for fear that there is a traitor among them.  Any traits marked with "*" represent a skill or other trait that was lost due to memory loss, and which could be regained if the character ever regains their memories.

-Criminal Reputation: Most of the Raza crew have a well established criminal record, and have even been put on the Most Wanted list of the Galactic Authority.  This has proven problematic (to say the least) whenever the crew are docked in port at a space station, populated planet, etc, and are ever required to show their IDs or need to give blood/DNA for identification.

-Sarah: When the Raza crew finally gained access to the secured room in the Raza's cargo hold, inside were many items personal to the crew, as well as money and other resources.  Among the belongings was a cryopod with a woman inside.  Her name was Sarah, and she was Marcus Boone's lover.  When awakened by accident, Sarah's health failed her due to illness, and she died, leaving Three with many unanswered questions.  Later it is revealed that Sarah's mind was saved and stored with the Raza's computer systems, creating a virtual world for herself step by step to make her surroundings more comfortable.  Three struggles in coming to grips with the fact that Sarah is still "alive" and being there for her as she is trapped in her virtual world with no one else to keep her company.

Physical Description: Marcus is tall with messy, dark brown hair. He is of muscular build and has light stubble on his chin and upper lip. He has a scar on one of his cheeks.

Equipment: "Bubba" (6D Stun blaster rifle), "Lulu" and "Pip" (2 heavy pistols, 5D), knife (Str+1D), black ops field clothes (+2 Sneak), 100 credits.

Background: Marcus Boone, aka Three and Titch, is rough, cocky, and exhibits a strong sense of self-preservation. Marcus is experienced with a wide range of firearms. In Season 1 of Dark Matter, Marcus wakes on board the Raza with no memory of who he is or why he is on a ship. He learns that he is among five other crew members and one android.
   Prior to being on the Raza, Marcus was a mercenary for hire. He lived with his girlfriend Sarah on her farm until she became ill with Tataryn's disease.
   Episode One revealed Marcus is on the Galactic Authority's Most Wanted List for murder, assault, kidnapping and piracy.
   Episode Seven revealed Marcus used to be a mercenary for hire. He received a job from one of Ferrous Corps rivals to steal a shipment of Cyrillium from one of their planets. The job didn't go well and some of his crew died. He was badly injured and when he didn't make it to the meet up point he was assumed dead. A farmer named Sarah found him and nursed him back to health. The two fell in love and Marcus decided to stay with her. When her Tataryn's disease grew worse Marcus placed her in a stasis pod telling her everything would be okay. He had placed her in the Raza, in the locked room.
   Later, when they found Sarah and defrosted her, she told Marcus about the two of them. Soon her disease progressed and Marcus placed her back into her pod vowing he'd find a way to cure her. Unfortunately, a power failure caused her pod to shut down, and without it on the disease was left to run it's course, killing her.
   Episode Eight revealed that Marcus is a suspect in the death of Catherine Moss, One's wife. Marcus doesn't know about this.
   Episode Seventeen revealed that Marcus's name was originally Titch. When he was young his family was killed by Larcan Tanner, who decided to spare Marcus and raise him as his own. Tanner claimed that Titch knew he was the one who had killed them all along but had forgiven him back then. They got separated by on Sarah's Planet, when Marcus's old gang thought he was dead.
   After seeing how ruthless his former crew was, after killing a man they had kidnapped the son of, and realizing it was Tanner who had murdered Marcus's own parents, Marcus killed Tanner and the rest of his former gang.
   In Episode Twenty-Two, Two's nanites began to fail. The Raza crew had to go to a Dwarf Star Technologies Station on Earth to get her better nanites. During the heist Marcus and Six where captured. Alexander Rook took Marcus and made him a host in an attempt to sabotage the Raza. When the crew made it back after Two was given the new nanites, Six noticed Marcus's change in behavior and him and Two caught Marcus at the Blink Drive.
   After realizing something was inside of him, they attempted to put him into stasis only for it not to have worked, as t began it's escape and left Marcus's body. The creature was vented into space and Marcus shortly recovered, not remembering anything of the incident.
   In Episode Twenty-Three, Three's past girlfriend Sarah, appeared to Three via his neural link to the Raza while it was under siege by a virus brought by the alternate universe Delaney Truffault. Sarah tells Three that they can be together again in a place with no pain or loneliness. She convinces Three to kill himself with a shot to the head. Right as he pulls the trigger, Six manages to intervene and Sarah disappears.
   Later, Three is put under pressure to kill The Android, who the crew believes is the source of the Virus. Three tries to convince himself that she's just a machine. In the end he's told to stand down and the crisis is averted.
   In Episode Twenty-Four, Five is kidnapped and Three rescues her on his own and he ends up getting shot in the process. With the Galactic Authority in pursuit, the two flee together. Eventually, Three gets caught by the GA and is threatened with the Raza crew in The Marauder being shot down unless he informs them of the event that took place on Iriden 3. Three gives in and tells them the White hole bomb was originally stolen from Traugott Corp. Afterwards, Three is rescued by the crew.
   In Episode Twenty-Nine, Marcus learned that Five saved his girlfriend Sarah, and that she is alive within the Raza's computer as a digital consciousness.

Personality: In general, Three is rough, cocky, and exhibits a strong sense of self-preservation, sometimes to an unhealthy extreme.  Later in the seriesm however, he tends to soften up, as he has grown comfortable around the crew of the Raza after sharing many dangerous situations with them.

Objectives: Rediscover his lost memories; learn more about Sarah and their relationship; make up for past sins.

A Quote: "It's Bubba Time!", "[I have no intention of harming anyone on this ship] Oh, yeah, except for the part where you nearly killed us all", "[Who are you?] I got no idea", "I'm pretty sure the least we can do is nothing. Which, for the record, is what I'm suggesting we do", "[Obviously we were meant to help these people] We don't know that", "[Yeah, me too, I want to help those people] Wait a minute, she can't vote [Why not?] 'Cause you're a kid..[-disagreements later-]..I vote against her voting!"

Connection With Characters: Woke up from cryosleep aboard the Raza with memory loss, unable to remember who he was or his past, but stil retaining their unique skill sets and specializations, and trying to figure out who they are and what happened, as well as figure out what to do with their lives now.


   Three, A.K.A. Marcus Boone, is pretty simple and straightforward, even without his memory loss.  Without memories, he's a starting character who specializes in guns.  With memories, he;s more if the same, with skills fitting that of a criminal.  Three, while impressive in combat with his guns (especially "Bubba", when it's working), also has many roleplaying opportunities, as he begins the series being very untrustworthy or other people (and in turn they should not trust him), and often his mouth leads to funny (and dire) situations.  Over time, he softens up to the crew and becomes more trustworthy of them and cares for their well being.

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