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General Grievous (as of The Clone Wars)

General Grievous (as of The Clone Wars)

Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Dark MatterSubtype: Cast & CrewEra: Canon: Crossover


Character Name: Two
-A.K.A.: Portia Lin
-A.K.A.: Rebecca
Type: Experiment-Gone-Rogue, Team Leader
Gender/Species: Female Human Synthetic
Age: 5-10 (physically, looks 27 at start of the series)
Height: 1.63m (5'4")
Weight: 63.5kg (140lbs)

Move: 10
Force Sensitive?: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0/*15
Character Points: 10


Dexterity: 3D+2
   Blaster 4D+2, Brawling Parry 4D+2, Dodge 4D+2, Firearms 4D+2, *Melee Combat 5D+2, *Melee Parry 6D, *Thrown Weapons 5D+1

Perception: 3D
   Command 4D, Persuasion 4D

Knowledge: 2D
   *Intimidation 7D, *Streetwise 4D, *Survival 4D, *Tactics 5D+2, Willpower 3D

Strength: 5D
   *Brawling 6D, *Brawling (Martial Arts) 7D, *Stamina 6D

Mechanical: 2D+1
   *Capital Ship Gunnery 3D+2, *Capital Ship Piloting 4D, *Capital Ship Shields 3D, *Space Transports 4D, *Starship Gunnery 3D, *Starship Shields 3D

Technical: 2D
   *Capital Ship Repair 3D, *Computer Program/Repair 3D, *Droid Programming 3D+2, *Droid Repair 4D+2, *Security 3D, *Space Transport Repair 3D+1


-Corrector Nanites: Two's body is populated by a swarm of advanced and specialized corrector nanites.  These are present due to her advanced-but-flawed bio-synthetic nature.  The nanites constantly repair and maintain her bodily functions, as she would slowly die without them.  If she is ever put in stressful or life threatening circumstances, they make her much more durable than a normal human.  They are also related to her enhanced physical strength.  When making Stamina checks, Two has +2D to the roll, and the Difficulty is reduced by -10, and in terms of endurance and time limits she can push herself for at least four times (x4) longer than a normal human.  The nanites also make her effectively immune to virtually all diseases and infections, including the Taurian Alpha Virus which turns humans into raging flesh-eating undead and has no cure.  Her nanites can even be transfused into another human's blood stream and grant them this immunity to disease and improved health for an indefinite amount of time.  Further, when Two is placed in dangerous or lethal situations or environments, her nanites will work hard to keep her alive.  When sustaining damage, the attack must roll +5 on the damage chart to inflict Stuns, Wounds, Mortal Wounds, Death, etc.  Damage rolling under this is considered to have been recovered from through a mix of enhanced durability and healing.  When Stuns are inflicted, the time to recover is reduced by half.  When Wounds are inflicted, the time to recover through healing, treatment, etc, is reduced to 1/4 (time may vary depending on severity of the injury).  When a Mortal Wound is inflicted, the nanites will stabilize her after 2D rounds, and she can then operate as though she is only Wounded twice.  This is only being stable for the moment, and will not last under constant activity (2D rounds max), and still requires proper medical treatment.  Otherwise Two will then drop to true Mortal Wound status and be unconscious until treated or healed.  If enough blood loss is incurred during injury, the effect of the nanites may be negated until blood is regained.  If Two is ever placed in an environmental circumstance of extreme heat, cold, vacuum, etc, her nanites will cover her entire body in a metallic sheath to protect her while exposed.  She may be reduced to "stabilized" status (see above), but she is still somewhat conscious and can act to remove herself from said environment.  If successful in saving herself, the nanite sheath retreats back inside her body, and her body recovers slowly from the exposure, with recovery times being as stated above.

EDIT: All nanite advantages listed above are mainly for enhanced resistance and recovery times against effects such as stuns, unconscious effects, environmental hazards, diseases, etc, but NOT against direct physical damage such as broken bones, cuts and lacerations, dismemberment, gunshots, and the like.  While she will have faster healing and recovery times from these kinds of damage effects if she survives, she has no enhanced resistance to receiving this damage in the first place, aside from her own enhanced physical Strength and any armor she may be wearing at the time.  Also, except under very specific circumstances, if Two is killed by direct physical damage of this type, she will remain dead unless some form of medical treatment can revive her as per the Star Wars D6 rules.  If she dies from the previously mentioned environmental hazards and other such effects, the GM could allow her to recover with a Stamina roll and a high Difficuly Level (Very Difficult, possibly even Heroic, since it technically means coming back from the dead).  Please not that environmental hazards that CAUSE direct physical damage, such as a wave of fire or a cloud of acid, would count as the direct damage examples, not the environmental hazard examples).

-Synthetic Body: Two's body, being artificially created, is actually much stronger than a normal human of her size and muscular build (though the rest of her Attributes seem to be the norm for the most part).  As long as she remains fit, healthy and uninjured, her Strength remains a 5D.  Even if injured, her Strength remains enhanced, as part of her amazing resilience to injury and other damaging factors.  If her nanites are ever disabled for whatever reason, this physical strength can and will diminish, as it is an enhancement directly related to her nanites, and not due to the design of her body (see Dampening Field below).  Aside from the Dampening Field, stun weapons can affect her but not the nanites, but ion weapons and other devices that disable technology will also affect the nanites in her body.

(NOTE: Synthetic Species Rules: As a rule of thumb, where normal humans and other species have set min/mx limits to their Attributes, a synthetic can have less limitations in this way, and set their Attribute dice wherever they wish, as long as this is allowed by the GM)

-Vulnerability (Dampening Field): As Dwarf Star Technologies created Two and the nanites used to maintain her body and keep her alive, they also developed a dampening field to reduce the her nanites to any level of effectiveness desired.  This can be used to render her nanites' life saving ability to the bear minimum which would also reduce her Strength to its bare minimum (2D), and can even render the nanites inert which would kill Two.


-Memory Loss: The original Raza crew wake up one day on their ship to realize they all have memory loss, not remembering who they are, yet inherently retaining their personal skill sets and specializations (in Six's case, being very good at piloting the Marauder shuttle).  With their memory loss and the possibility that someone in the crew caused this to happen, as well as discovering that they all have criminal backgrounds and are among the "Most Wanted" list of the Galactic Authority, the crew of the Raza find it difficult to trust each other initially, and constantly plot against one another for fear that there is a traitor among them.  Any traits marked with "*" represent a skill or other trait that was lost due to memory loss, and which could be regained if the character ever regains their memories.

-Criminal Reputation: Most of the Raza crew have a well established criminal record, and have even been put on the Most Wanted list of the Galactic Authority.  This has proven problematic (to say the least) whenever the crew are docked in port at a space station, populated planet, etc, and are ever required to show their IDs or need to give blood/DNA for identification.

-Rebecca 2.0: Two's nanites eventualy begin to fail her, which also endangers her life.  This is due to her being a prototype that did not have all the design flaws worked out before she escaped their custody.  While looking for a cure, her and the Raza crew infiltrate and assault Dwarf Star Technologies HQ on Terra Prime (Earth).  There they battle "Rebecca 2.0", another bio-synthetic like Two, but with improved physical components and nanites.  The crew defeats the upgraded synthetic just as Two dies from nanite failure.  Six immediately draws blood from Rebecca 2.0 and injects this into Two, along with the new nanites, which immediately begin to spread through her system, and revives her.  These nanites, other than being better designed and longer lasting perform the same functions as the previous batch.

-The Dwarf Star Conspiracy: As Two learns more of her past, she discovers that she is not a human, but actually an advanced bio-synthetic humanoid creation of Dwarf Star Technologies.  It os explained that her nanites are used to help keep her alive as her varied body parts and organs were created separately and were not able to work together as a single living being on their own without help.  The reasons and purpose behind her creation at first seem to be simply "because they could", but over time it is revealed that her creation was the beginning of a much deeper and darker agenda that involved placing synthetics similar to her in high positions among powerful factions across the galaxy, if not the universe, as well as aiding in the invasion plans of an extradimensional alien species that intended to use these synthetic humanoid bodies as hosts to possess.

-Cridan And Carina: Late in season 3, it is revealed by Four A.K.A. Ryo Tetsuda before his near-execution, that Two has a child, a daughter named Carina.  carina was left in the care of someone named Cridan due to Portia Lin's violent ways and not being able to care for a child.  What the implications of this are have yet to be revealed, but now knowing she has a child, Two will not stop until she finds her daughter.

-Dr. Shaw: It is discovered that Two's origin and creation had to do with Dr. Shaw, an employee of Dwarf Star Technologies and undisputed genious in synthetic creation and design.  Dr. Shaw led the project that created Portia Lin, then aided in freeing her, with both of them fleeing for their lives.  Eventually the two found a remote planet, built a base, and Shaw began work involving androids instead of bio-synthetics.  During this time, Dhaw and Portia became strong lovers, caring very deeply for each other.  Unfortunately, Shaw became ill with a terminal disease with no cure, and her health deteriorated.  Seeing no other option, Shaw was placed in cryostasis in hopes that one day a cure could be developed.  After Shaw's internment, an android aid revealed a new android built in the likeness of Shaw, a final gift for Portia from Shaw to take with her as things would obviously be very difficult for Portia as she made her way through the galaxy.  When Portia eventually became a cold, bloodthirsty criminal with a well earned criminal record and a spot of the Galactic Authority's "Most Wanted" list, the android remained the sole emotional soft spot Portia had in a not-so-long life full of hardship and tragedy, being a reminder of a brief time she loved and was loved by someone else.

Physical Description: Two is medium height with long black wavy hair. She has dark brown eyes and strong features. Two has an athletic build which is demonstrated during her fight scene in Episode One.

Equipment: Two pistols (4D), sometimes a rifle (5D), black ops field clothes (+2 Sneak), 100 credits.

Background: Two is tough both inside and out. She has the true makings of a leader, showing both strength and compassion. She is also determined and headstrong and won't let anyone or anything stand in her way.
   In Episode One, Two displays strong fighting skills which indicate she may have had training in the past.
   Episode One also revealed Two is on the Galactic Authority's Most Wanted List for murder, assault, arson, theft and piracy, and that she used to be called Portia Lin.
   In Episode Two, Two is notably distressed by the information The Android recovered about her. She refuses to answer to the name Portia, requesting to be addressed as Two as though she is attempting to distance herself from her past. [1]
   In Episode Five, it was revealed that Two and Marcus had been having a relationship. After getting a mission from their handler, Two boarded the freighter Far Horizon. While on the freighter, she was attacked and bitten by a person infected with the Taurian Alpha Virus. She was brought back to the Raza and placed into quarantine where a scan verified the presence of a Taurian Alpha Virus infection. Two had an anxious wait throughout the incubation period, but when symptoms of the virus failed to manifest, she was retested and cleared of any infection. She later went to visit Marcus in private, but he resisted after what had happened to her. She left and removed her bandage revealing her bite wound had miraculously healed.
   In Episode Ten, Two was blown into space after a group of mercenaries the team had been working alongside on the orders of Commander Delaney Truffault turned on the team.
   In Episode Eleven, it was revealed that Two had managed to survive being blown into space due to the fact that she was a very advanced synthetic. With Five's help, the two were able to take back the ship. Subsequently, the majority of the crew excluding One and Five distrust Two, mainly displayed by Three.
   In Episode Twelve, it was revealed that Two was the intellectual property of Dwarf Star Technologies. Alex told her she is a perfect creation that can withstand any injury but she has a neural flaw that makes her prone to violence. She also has to age to avoid suspicion from the GA so she isn't hunted down since she is illegal technology. She also learned her original name was Rebecca before she changed it to Portia Lin.
   In Episode Fourteen, Two was brought to Hyperion-8 as a Galactic Authority prisoner with Three and Four. While there Three gets in several fights ending with Nyx Harper, whom Two steps in and defends Three. They both fight and are soon incapacitated by head guard Durand. Their both put in solitary and both hang out in the Sim Yard where they became allies. Later, One is killed, whom Two had been in a relationship with.
   In Episode Twenty-Two, it was revealed Two's nanites had been slowly losing power and getting worse, leaving her to a slow death. The Raza crew went to a Dwarf Star Technologies Station on Earth to get her a new generation of improved nanites. During the preparation of the heist she was reacquainted with her past friend Eric Waver. The only survivor Rebecca had left from her first escape from DST, due to his compassion for her. He and his co-workers aided the group with the break in.
   While getting the nanites she was confronted with Rook who now viewed her as a failure to his career and had his new prototype attempt to kill her. Ryo intervened and killed the prototype and Six used its upgraded nanites to revive and heal Two.
   In Episode Twenty-Three, the ship is infected with a virus that causes hallucinations through the neural link. Two has a hallucination of iron-masked people who seem to be sent by Rook. They want to put her in a torture chair. Six and Nyx snap her out of it.
   The Simulated Android attempts to kill the crew and disable the ship, starting with venting toxic gas from the coolant system. Two goes to the computer core to stop the virus, only for her protective suits magnetic boots to be activated by the virus, stopping her from completing the deed. However, the Android manages to pull the core and the Simulation disappears.
   In Episode Twenty-Six, Two and her crew sneak onto EOS-7 and stop Nieman from destroying the station. However, Ryo overloaded the Station regardless while Two was still on board.
   In Episode Twenty-Seven, Six found Two and got her onto The Marauder. The shuttle had no power, navigation, and comms. After they managed to get communications back online, they contacted the Raza, however they couldn't pick them up yet. They did however learn that Nyx was dead and the Android believed Ryo did it. Two questioned how Ryo could have killed her, due to the relationship they had.
   When life support shut down, Two locked Six in the back of the Marauder, and transferred most of the remaining oxygen to his section, as well as letting him have the air tank. She reasoned with the fact her nanites could keep her alive without oxygen for at least 30 minutes, so she could make this call despite Six's disagreement. Six tells her she's doing this because she blames herself for what happened on EOS-7 and Nyx's death. That trading her life for his wouldn't fix things, but she ignored him.
   Later, Six tells Two that he was sorry for turning them in. Two responds that she knew he thought he was doing what he thought was right at the time. She concludes that doing the right thing isn't always right. She thinks who they used to be is still influencing their present decisions. That they keep fighting their pasts to be better but they keep failing. Six concludes that all that matters is that they keep trying. It's who they are.
   As Two's oxygen runs thin, Two hallucinates Nyx. She tells her she's sorry and admits her guilt. She feels upset that she hadn't looked out for her crew as well as she could have. That she hadn't done her job well enough for One or her. She also felt guilty for risking the crew's lives when she could have just let the GA handle the corporations instead. She also admits being a better person then her past self is so much harder.
   Two and her Nyx hallucination say their goodbyes. She told her she's sorry they hadn't had more time to get to know each other and that she was going to miss her. Two then resigns herself that the crew isn't going to make it and that she may die. Nyx then tells her a final goodbye and they share a kiss, before Two passes out.
   Two is then rescued and soon she shares a chat with Commander Truffault about the foreseeable future of Mikkei Combine. Truffault helps her understand what it means to be a leader and that you have responsibilities as a Commander, but with that you shouldn't let the guilt of past decisions become a hindrance or you'll never move forward. Afterwards, Two has a meal with the crew. They discuss what's next for them and Two decides they need to take back the blink drive, then kill Ryo Ishida.

Personality: Two is tough both inside and out. She has the true makings of a leader, showing both strength and compassion. She is also determined and headstrong and won't let anyone or anything stand in her way.

Objectives: Rediscover her lost memories and her past; figure out why she has nanites and is stronger and more durable and resilient than a normal human; figure out the "Dwarf Star Conspiracy"; discover what became of Dr. Shaw and if she can be healed; figure out what happened to her daughter Carina.

A Quote: "Do we really have to have a vote to decide if she gets to vote?", [Enter badass quote of the week here, because you know you want to].

Connection With Characters: Awoke from cryosleep aboard the Raza with no memories of her past or who she was, along with the rest of the crew of the Raza.

   Most crew of the Raza, upon waking with memory loss, acted much like beginning characters in a game.  These characetrs are written up and statted this with, but also have skills listed with a "*" that show skills they had before the memory loss.  If they ever have their memories restored, these skills will also be restored as well.  Otherwise, if these characters wish to regain these lost skills, they must train them as per usual for character advancement.
   Two poses a challenge for character creation, as she is technically not a human, but the equivilant of a very advanced android made fully from artificially created biological parts, custom made to her design.  The rules for playing a synthetic are rather simple, just remove the min/max limits for species Attribute dice, and place them as desired and with GM approval.  This means Two's strength fits within the rules and balance of the D6 game system.
   Her nanites, on the other hand, pose a challnge to ga,e balance.  While her nanites are a part of who she is, their abilities may prove unbalancing, as Two becomes quite resilient when using them.  To balance this out, GMs may feel free to reduce the abilities of the nanites, perhaps even remove portions of their rules stated above (though be warned, this may make Two less like that portrayed in the Dark Matter series if this is done).  Further, if GMs wish to make Two's nanites a part of character creation, the best way to do this would be to remove an Attribute die from her Attributes, and claim that this is used to purchase the nanites at character creation.  Since her min/max limits have been removed due to her being a synthetic, I would recommend this Attribute die be taken from Mechanical or Technical, as Two rarely showed the same apptitude for these or desire to use them when compared to other characters, and her other Attributes may be needed to properly represent her character.

Comments made about this Article!

09/Sep/2017 03:19:22 Posted by hellstormer1

[EDIT] After re-watching episode 1, I saw Two seemed to have familiarity with the Raza's systems, computer, security protocols, and by extension probably had familiarity with The Android as well. She has been give skills to reflect this, although these skills are listed as "forgotten". However if GMs agree, if the characters come into situations where their previous skills would have come in handy, they can have the Difficulty of these tasks reduced (-5 to -10 as a rule of thumb). This would explain how using the Raza's systems was so easy for Two, even with her having 2D in Mechanical and Technical.

11/Sep/2017 08:44:40 Posted by hellstormer1

Looking for feedback on a possible edit. Is 5D too much in Strength for Two? Should it be 4D? And should she have Martial Arts, or just straight up Brawling? She seems effective in hand to hand, but this could be less from training (like Four) and more from first hand experience.

12/Sep/2017 08:36:57 Posted by hellstormer1

[EDIT] After watching more epidoes, her enhanced Strength actually IS directly tied to her nanites. Adjustments made to reflect this. Also added in better definition to how her nanites work, and what kinds of damage and effects are covered, and what kinds are not. Also added in story factor "Rebecca 2.0".

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