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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Dark MatterSubtype: Cast & CrewEra: Canon: Crossover


Character Name: Android
-A.K.A.: Suki
-A.K.A.: Kiva Ehrens
Type: Anvanced One-Of-A-Kind Synthetic Android
Gender/Species: Female Human Android
Age: 5-10 years(?)
Height: 1.68m (5'6")
Weight: 136+kg (300+lbs)

Move: 15
Cost: Not available for sale/unique custom model (possibly millions of currency)
Force Sensitive?: N/A
Force Points: N/A
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10(?)


Dexterity: 4D

Perception: 2D

Knowledge: 4D

Strength: 6D

Mechanical: 4D

Technical: 4D


-Human Replica Body (built to look human at a glance, but tell-tale signs show the Android's artificial nature)
-Highly Modified Synthetic Brain (originally intended to hold a real human conciousness, instead gives the Android the ability t feel and develop her own personality over time by observation and learning, much like a real human)
-Human Replica Bio-fibers (realistic feeling hair and other artificial fibrous tissues)
-Synthetic Human Skin (looks like human skin at a glance, feels like it with a light touch)
-Ship Computer Core Direct Neural Link (The Raza)
-Correcter Nanites (Can make Technical rolls to repair/recover Injury status; Easy to remove Stun status, once per round, +5 per extra Stun status after the first; Moderate to remove a Wound status, once every 2 rounds; Difficult to remove a Mortal Wound status, once every minute; Double time on repair rolls if the Android is "unconcious" or "dead"; if "dead", Android may need external aid to repair her enough that the repair nanites can kick in and take it from there (Difficult Droid Repair roll); if limbs have been removed, the repair nanites cannot fix these until the limb is reattached; if power systems are disabled, so are the nanites; if Android's "brain" is ever destroyed, then the Android is truly "dead" (unless a backup was made, then all the Android's body needs is a replacement brain, and to upload her backup conciousness and memories))


-Human Synthetic: Human synthetics are designed to pass for human in every aspect, at least visually.  This excludes behavior and biology.  Any normal sensors will allow the Android to pass for a standard "Class 3" model android.  A Very Difficult Sensors roll will reveal "something odd" about her design, revealing that she is NOT a standard Class 3 android.  Upon further scrutiny with Sensors, it will be revealed that the Android is actually a highly advanced custom model with many components that are highly illegal for Androids, and their owners, to possess.

-Neural Link To Ship (The Raza): This allows the Android to (or any Android with this upgrade) to operate their linked ship's systems and weapons wirelessly, as though they were at the control's themselves, or rather more like they actually ARE the ship.  When using the neural link, the Android does not suffer penalties for multiple actions, due to the ship's computer core adding to her own processing power and simply enabling her to do much more.  This effectively means the Android can pilot the ship, while using sensors to find a specific object or target, while simultaneously using all the ship's weapons to defend itself, or attack an enemy (or both), while also operating the ship's repair systems to keep the ship in fighting shape during the confrontation.  GMs wishing to limit this ability can have the Android be limited to as many actions as she has dice in the Mechanical Attribute (4 in this case).


-Naivete: The Android, while designed to look human on the outside, has a personality that at first seems all too mechanical.  Over time, the Android eventually learns to express emotions and thoughts, and shows that she has feelings of her own.  Despite this, she can seem very naive and gullible, but this is only due to inexperience.  Like the rest of the Raza crew, she too lacks memories of her past before the crew awakened from cryosleep.  Like the rest of the Raza crew, the Android is a character with her own objectives and desires, as well as trying to figure herself out and where she belongs, both among the crew of the Raza, and in the universe in general.  The Android's shortcomings in personality are also very obvious signs that she is not human and is a machine.  This can be overcome if she uses the Human expression upgrade chip (see Equipment, below), however she tends to not like using the upgrade as it is false and not her true expressions, and while it allows her to pass for human, the Android never feels comfortable doing this.

-Link To Creator: The Android was originally intended to be a replacement body for Dr Shaw, creator of both the Android and the bio-synthetic Portia Lin.  Shaw couldn't bring herself to swap to the android body, instead placing herself in cryostasis in hopes that a cure for her condition could eventually be found.  As Shaw and Portia were strong lovers at this time, the Android was given as a gift to Portia as she made her way through life, a reminder and keepsake of the one person who truly loved her.  Being an advanced and unique creation, the Android had the potential to develop her own personality and feelings over time, and did just that, even despite having "memory loss" with the rest of the Raza crew.  This link to Dr. Shaw inevitably put the Android on a path to seeking her creator and her purpose, and to discover if she was or was not special.

-Seeking Humanity: The Android is conatntly seeking acdeptance among the crew of the Raza, the closest thing she has to friends and family.  She also seeks to develop herself as a person, learning how to think and express herself among her crew amd the rest of humanity.

Physical Description: The Android is tall with dark blond hair which is kept in a bun atop her head. She has a pale complexion with a tattoo on her neck. She has a slim, muscular build and brown eyes.

Equipment: Human expression upgrade chip (allows her to express as a human and seem much more human upon observation (but a Sensors scan would reveal otherwise)), various outfits to dress for the occassion.

Background: The Android is an outsider, constantly searching for acceptance from the crew. She has a child-like demeanor, desperate to fit in. As she engages with the crew she will both grow and learn to understand human actions and emotions. In Season 1 of Dark Matter, the Android is first encountered by a member of the Raza's crew, Marcus Boone.
   In Episode One, when the Android first awoke she attacked the crew. After being shut down, repaired and her security protocols deleted she is awoken again, this time without knowledge of the attack. She also doesn't know her own designation. Later, after looking through the Raza's data she recovered the knowledge of the identities of most of the Raza crew, except for herself and Das as neither of them were on the Galactic Authorities Most Wanted List.
   She has an encounter with Five later, as she can tell something is wrong with her through reading of Body Language and Pheromone levels (Perception check, Moderate Difficulty). Five engages her saying that she is upset because she doesn't have a profile. Before she leaves, she tells the android that telling people she can smell their pheromone levels won't win her any friends.
   In Episode Seven, The Android displayed some jealousy when the crew started to greatly appreciate their newest android Wendy. She tried to get some attention when she told the crew that she fixed and improved the Raza's cooling system and that it would have crippled the ship had she not gotten to it in time. The crew instead, seemed more taken by the improved taste of the food Wendy had prepared for them. She then tried changing her voice accent settings to sound more pleasing to the crew, who seemed to enjoy Wendy's Aussie accent.
   Later, The Android tried to become friends with Wendy. However, Wendy instead shot the Android, which shut her down.
   In Episode Ten, The Android created a simulated projection of herself. She requested the projection observe and record her actions in order to determine whether she had a flaw in her personality matrix. After the crew returned from completing their heist, Wexler approached The Android on the bridge. He spoke to her for a few moments before disabling her with his weapon. Two found The Android lying on the floor of the bridge before she was also incapacitated by Wexler.
   In Episode Twelve, The Android travelled down to Dwarf Star Technologies research planet to save Portia Lin. Later, back on the Raza, The Android was attacked.
   In Episode Seventeen, The Android visited Janah-12 station to observe human behaviour. While hanging out at GREGG & CO, she was confronted by a guard and questioned. Victor stepped in and pretended to be her owner and claimed she was from his ship Ophiuchus. He questioned the guards intentions until he left. The Android finally revealed to him she was shoplifting a toothbrush as a gift for a friend but claimed she'd pay the store back once she got to the Raza. Victor instead choose to buy it for her and asked her to come with him, to which she agreed.
   Victor introduces the Android to his friends that are all androids, and reveals her emotional nature to them. Stating she's special like them. He gives the Android one of their upgrades that would allow her to act more human. The Android expresses her thoughts that she might be flawed, in response to which Victor runs a diagnostic, then takes her shopping. He buys her human clothes and a dress. After their shopping is done, Victor tells the Android that it's time they part ways. She requests to have him meet her crew, to which Victor replies that humans can't be trusted, however he hopes for her sake that her crew can be, even though he doubts it. He then asks her to consider what she's learned and to free herself before it's to late.
   Victor gives the Android her diagnostic results and reveals she is different but it's not a programming error. Her emotional responses are the result of intentional design. This makes the Android view herself as imperfect, however Victor claims this is what makes her special. He then asks to kiss her and she agrees. They then part ways.
   In Episode Eighteen, The Android uses her upgrade to infiltrate a Galactic Authority police station. She purposely gets into trouble so she can plant a bug, and uses the cover name of Kiva Ehrens. The information the Android discovered revealed that the Jace Corso shot One, and was hiding out in an abandoned settlement. She finds and beats up Danny Bones, who knows where Corso is, and takes him to the Raza for questioning. By the end of the op, The Simulated Android informs her that she's been making mistakes and that it will only get worse.
   In Episode Thirty, the Android teaches Three French, which he was stuck in his time loop. They also have a French band in one loop. Later, the Android thought she found a way to stop the loop but ended up launching herself through different points in time instead.
   In one time she's mourning and crying in grief, in another she's being disassembled, and another time far in the future with an old Five. Five tells her to destroy the device to end it. Before she leaves Five informs her of several things to come: Dwarf Stars conspiracy, the double deception, Kryden, Carina, the Accelerated, the fall of the house of Ishida, a meeting with the Android's creator, and the Black Ships. After the time trip The Android destroys the device returning things back to normal.

Personality: Constantly feels like an outsider, searching for acceptance from the crew. She has a child-like demeanor, desperate to fit in.

Objectives: Aid the crew in their endeavors; learn about her own origins; seek acceptance among the crew, and humanity of possible; learn how to be a person.

A Quote: "[What's your name?] I possess no personal designation", "It appears another vessel has entered our scanning range [And their course?] They're headed straight for us but I don't believe they intend to render assistance [Why not?] Because they just launched missiles", "Boobs?  Boobs".

Connection With Characters: Activated shortly after the Raza crew awoke from cryosleep with memory loss, her defensive protocols were triggered and caused her to attack the crew.  She was shut down, had her security protocols removed and her memories and personality reset to base form, then reactivated.  This in turn made the Android very much like the rest of the crew, with no memories or records of her past before the crew lost their memories.


   While designing the Android, some liberties were taken from Guri in the Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook, as Guri is the only known example of a droid in Star Wars D6 designed to look, act and feel like a living person, even upon scrutiny with scanning equipment.  However, since human-looking androids are common in Dark Matter, the droid wquipment listed for the Android, while similar to Guri, has noted difference mentioned above.  The key difference is that where Guri is meant to seem human both within and without, the Android only looks human on the outside, and is fully mechanical on the inside.  Further differences include behavior, as Guri can and does act like a seductive, attractive woman, even using such behavior to her advantage, where the Android is very obviously a machine trying to act like a person and not understanding the nuances of human behavior.
   Also, while the Android has high Attributes that are well beyond a starting character, she has no skills to speak of.  This was done purposely, and the Android's record of past events, as well as her own past experiences, are deleted in the first episode of the Dark Matter series.  She is very much like the rest of the crew in that she has no past at first and os trying to figure herself out along the way.  A big difference between the Android and the crew is that she had no natural experiences or muscle memory expertise to fall back on like the rest of the crew did.  Never the less, her high Attributes would prove to be an invaluable asset in almost any situation.
   Due to her high Attributes and listed abilities like Repair Nanites and Neural Link to the ship, the Android may be best used as an NPC instead of as a playable character.  This is of course up to GM discretion.  If made an NPC, the Android should have no Character Points, Force Points or Dark Side Points, and never be Force Sensitive.

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09/Sep/2017 03:14:59 Posted by hellstormer1

[EDIT] Forgot her name was Suki before the memory loss, fixed.

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