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Section of Site: Buffy RPGBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Some Assembly RequiredEra: Canon: No



18-point Quality

Cordelia Chase: “Imagine what could have happened if you’d gone nuts
and slept with Darla.”

Angel: “You know I would never do that.”

-2.17 Disharmony


 The Dhampir quality can be applied only to the Hero character type.

At the start the character gains the following modifiers. +3 to Strength
and +2 to Dexterity and Constitution, and +1 to Perception and five 
levels of Hard to Kill.

They may regenerate 1 life point per Constitution point per hour. They can also drain essence to refill life points on a one to one basis. They can also drain essence to refill life points on a one to one basis.

Dhampirs are considered Gifted and have access to Gifted and Vampiric powers. They appear human but it costs essence to use their unique powers. Unlike mundane humans Dhampirs cannot self-replenish their essence, they must feed like a vampire to do so. Humans only release 1D6(3) Essence points due to fear around a Dhampir. Dhampirs do not gain extra essence due to being a Dhampir.

 In addition Dhampirs have the following powers.

BloodLust A Dhampir can enter Bloodlust and for the duration gain +1 to STR, DEX, CON and PER. They also gain 1 extra level of Hard to Kill. This costs an initial 2 essence points for the first minute and 1 more essence point for each additional minute.

BloodRage A Dhampir can enter Bloodrage and for the duration gain +2 to STR, CON, a +1 DEX, and a penalty of -1 PER and WILL. They also gain 2 extra levels of Hard to Kill. This costs an initial 3 essence points for the first minute and 2 more essence point for each additional minute. Typically a Dhampir will only use this power when their essence is "full" or they have the means (i.e. victims) to replenish it.

Enhanced Vision A Dhampir can also see in the dark as if it were normal daylight. They also can see the aura of Essence. Individuals with higher Essence look brighter than people with lower Essences.

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