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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: Post EmpireCanon: Yes

Model: First Order stormtrooper armor
Type: Military body armor
Game effects:
         Basic Suit:
                 +2D to Strength vs Physical Damage
                 +1D to Strength vs Energy Damage
                 -0D+2 penalty to Dexterity and related skills

         IR/motion Visor:
                 +1D PERC in darkness, smoke and/or against moving targets.

         Filtration Mask:
                 Blocks most harmful molecules in the atmosphere. Has external hook up for adding oxygen tanks for operating in Vacuum, Extremely hostile environments and Underwater.

         Built-in Commlink:
                 Using tongue control can be easily and quickly flipped between channels.

                 Thermally balanced Zero-G vacuum suit, +1D to resist environmental effects

         Survival Pack:
                 Reconfigurable for multiple mission profiles, from hostile environments to hard vacuum.

         Utility Belt:
                 Contains, Water Purification Tablets, 2 Days Microrations, Handcuff Binders, Liquid Rope Dispenser (up to 150m), Grapple Hooks, Blaster Ammunition,  Spare Commlink, Micro Medkit (allows stabilising of wounds only)

Description: First Order stormtrooper armor was the standard armor of the stormtroopers of the First Order, a military junta inspired by the ideals of the former Galactic Empire. Noted for its stark white appearance, First Order armor was derived from the respective designs of its clone trooper and stormtrooper predecessors.

The First Order stormtroopers wore stark white-colored armor, the design of which drew inspiration from that of the foregone Republic clone troopers of the Clone Wars and the Imperial stormtroopers of the Galactic Civil War. The First Order, during its conflict with the Resistance and its supporting government, the New Republic, sought to have the recognizable and once-feared stormtroopers once again lead the charge against the former enemies of the Galactic Empire.

The design of past stormtrooper armor was improved upon, adding at least greater flexibility through an updated joint design. One stormtrooper captain, Phasma, wore her own distinctive stormtrooper armor polished in chromium as a representation of power. Other specialized stormtroopers, such as flametroopers and snowtroopers, wore a variant of the First Order stormtrooper armor representing their specializations. To denote rank, commanding stormtroopers wore color-coded pauldron armor plates.
The stormtrooper helmets had a glossy betaplast finish, which required constant cleaning.] They were also equipped with a smoke filtration system and an external tank hook-up, although the helmets could not filter toxins.] Aside from providing standard protection for the wearer's head, the stormtrooper helmet had both communication and targeting systems for the foot soldiers, although quadnoculars were required for any enhanced imaging. The helmets contained polarized lenses, but lacked advanced imaging gear in order to keep the helmet's weight down. The armor was immune to fire.

The signing of the Galactic Concordance in 5 ABY marked the end of the Galactic Civil War with the New Republic claiming victory over the Galactic Empire. In the aftermath of the war's conclusion, the Empire was further reduced in power through severe reparations and a disarmament policy imposed by the Republic. As a result, the mobilization of stormtrooper forces and the production of their armor were strictly forbidden by the treaty between the two powers. In the galaxy's Unknown Regions, however, a number of former Imperials regrouped and ultimately formed the First Order. Eager to reclaim the Empire's legacy by challenging the Republic's sovereignty over the galaxy,the First Order secretly violated the treaty's stipulations and engaged in a vast rearmament program, resulting in the production of a new set of armor for a new generation of stormtroopers.

Comments made about this Article!

30/Sep/2017 00:51:18 Posted by hellstormer1

I like how the armor this time around shows refinement, allowing more mobility and flexibility in the suit.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts
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