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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: Post EmpireCanon: Yes

HEIGHT - 1.85m
MOVE - 10

         Blaster: 5D
         Dodge: 5D
         Vehicle Blasters: 4D

         Command: 7D
         Search: 4D+2

         Bureaucracy: 7D
         Tactics: 6D
         Tactics (First Order Military): 7D+2
         Tactics (Space): 7D
         Willpower: 5D

         Brawling: 4D

         Communications: 5D
         Capital Ship Piloting: 6D
         Capital Ship Shields: 5D
         Captial Ship Weapons: 7D
         Sensors: 5D

         Capital Ship Repair: 3D
         Capital Ship Weapon Repair: 4D
         Computer Programming/Repair: 3D
         Security: 6D

         Charcoal grey general's uniform, black gloves, a polished officer's buckle, traditional flared-hip breeches, and insulated boots. He also wore a crested command cap emblazoned with the insignia of the First Order and a gaberwool officer's greatcoat.
         Blaster Pistol: 4D


Character Bio - Armitage Hux was a human male military officer who served in the High Command of the First Order, within which he was a leading advocate of the harsh training methods employed to foster absolute obedience amongst its military. As a general in the First Order, he also commanded the Starkiller Base superweapon and led missions of vital importance to the Galactic Empire-inspired regime. He served alongside Kylo Ren, a Force warrior apprenticed to Supreme Leader Snoke who, despite not being part of the military, could also command the forces of the First Order.

Hux was born on Arkanis and was rumored to have been sired from an affair between his father, Commandant Brendol Hux of the Arkanis Academy, and a kitchen worker. Hux and his father, whose ruthless training methods at the Arkanis Academy inspired those of the future General Hux and the First Order, were rescued from the Academy when it was about to fall to the New Republic near the end of the Galactic Civil War. When the war ended with the Battle of Jakku and the signing of the Galactic Concordance, the young Hux and his father were part of the Imperial Navy forces who retreated into the Unknown Regions. These forces later emerged as the First Order. The Republic believed that the First Order was just an unimportant band of Imperial holdouts, but Hux's training methods forged a formidable military. He also longed to use the Starkiller weapon against the Republic; Hux believed that the Republic was a threat to galactic stability, and that it was his destiny to rule the galaxy.
Nearly thirty years after the end of the Galactic Civil War, Hux was part of the mission to recover a map to Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi, on Jakku. Ren led the search for the map, which they were unable to locate. To prevent the return of the Jedi and to eliminate the Resistance, which, under the command of General Leia Organa, emerged to combat the First Order, Snoke allowed Hux to use the Starkiller weapon against the Republic's capital world of Hosnian Prime. The Resistance was left without military support from the Republic, so Hux soon turned the weapon towards the Resistance base on D'Qar. Before he could destroy them, however, an attack squadron led by Commander Poe Dameron-with ground support from Han Solo, former stormtrooper Finn, and the Jakku scavenger Rey-destroyed Starkiller Base, forcing Hux and his troops to flee the planet.

Armitage Hux was born during the last days of the Galactic Empire, and was the illegitimate son of Brendol Hux, a Commandant for the Imperial Academy on Arkanis, the result of an illicit affair with a kitchen woman. While growing up, Armitage always thought it was his destiny to rule the galaxy.

The young Hux remained on Arkanis while the forces of the New Republic laid siege to the system. As he was putting together his Shadow Council (an intended successor to the Imperial Ruling Council) onboard the super star destroyer Ravager, Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax specifically ordered Grand Admiral Rae Sloane to ensure that Brendol Hux and his son were both safely taken off planet, much to Sloane's perplexity. He explained this by saying "The Empire needs children." With the assistance of bounty hunter Mercurial Swift, the two were safely taken off planet as Arkanis fell to the enemy.

Following the Attack on Chandrila, Armitage followed his father Brendol to the planet Jakku. Gallius Rax had proclaimed himself Counselor to the Empire and brought the Imperial remnants to the desolate world for a final showdown against the New Republic. In the months leading up to the Battle of Jakku, Armitage kept away from Brendol, who physically and psychologically mistreated him. Brendol trained 24 local orphans into Rax's personal guard of child soldiers.

After the Battle of Jakku had commenced, Armitage traveled with his father, Counselor Rax, the Adviser Yupe Tashu, and the child soldiers aboard a transport to the Jakku Observatory. The Observatory was a secret facility in the Plaintive Hand plateau which was instrumental to the later Emperor Palpatine's Contingency plan. Rax planned to detonate the planet Jakku along with the New Republic and Imperial forces. He planned to take Armitage and his father Brendol into the Unknown Regions to rebuild the Empire.
During the journey to the Observatory, Hux found himself alone in the transport hold with the child soldiers. Hux was intimidated by the older children, who had been trained into ruthless killers by his father. Counselor Rax then entered the room and asked Armitage if his father had explained anything to him. Armitage confirmed that this was not the case and indicated that his father did not like him. Taking pity on Armitage, Rax told the boy that he, his father, and the other children would be traveling far away. Rax also hinted that Armitage would have a special destiny to play in the future.
Gallius Rax informed Armitage that he was giving him command of the child soldiers as a gift. Rax told Armitage that he would succeed his father in training the children into tools of warfare. Rax then addressed the child soldiers and instructed them they were bound to serve Armitage and should be willing to give their lives for him. Armitage thanked Counselor Rax, who told the boy that the future of the Empire needed him. After Rax had exited the transport hold, Armitage ordered one of the boys, who had dark hair and freckled skin, to strike his comrade, a lad with sandy hair and sallow cheeks.
After landing at the Jakku Observatory, Rax instructed the Huxes and the child soldiers to board a replica of the Emperor's yacht Imperialis while he and Tashu entered the Observatory to initiate Jakku's destruction. Ultimately, Rax was killed by Grand Admiral Sloane, who managed to stop Rax from destroying Jakku with the help of the rebel couple Norra Wexley and Brentin Lore Wexley. Seeking an opportunity to rebuild the Empire in her own image, Sloane accompanied the Huxes and the child soldiers on their journey into the Unknown Regions.
During the journey, Sloane befriend Armitage and struck an agreement to protect the boy from his father if he kept her safe from the children. Sloane subsequently beat Brendol into submission and forced him to stop hurting his son and to teach the boy everything he knew. For several months, the Imperialis traveled through the Unknown Regions in order. During the journey, Armitage and his father trained the children. He became more vicious during those months, which Sloane regarded as unusual even for such a small boy. After months of traveling through space, the Imperialis rendezvoused with the Emperor's Super Star Destroyer, the Eclipse.

Meanwhile, the New Republic signed the Galactic Concordance with the defeated Empire, ending the Galactic Civil War and dissolving the Empire. Growing up in exile, Hux was raised by his father on stories of great Imperials and how the Empire saved the galaxy from the chaos of the Clone Wars. Due to his upbringing, Armitage believed that the New Republic was weak and would never live up to the supreme power of the Old Empire. Many other Imperial officers also fled to the Unknown Regions along with the Huxes, where they would create the First Order, a military and political junta that rose from the ashes of the fallen Empire and followed its imperial ideology. Using technological terror, Hux achieved military superiority throughout the Order, eventually gaining the rank of General.

As General, Hux had complete confidence in his troops, training methods and weapons. His soldiers, who were often trained on capital ships, underwent vivid simulations to create the most loyal soldiers for the Order. This system was an extension of the ideas of his father's Commandant's Cadets, from the Arkanis Academy.

Around twenty years after the Battle of Endor, Hux ventured to Parnassos to respond to the distress signal sent by Brendol from the crash site of his ship. Hux arrived at the crash site personally, greeting his father, Phasma, Siv, and Frey impersonally and accepting Phasma and Frey into the First Order. As he rode with Brendol, Phasma, and Frey to the Resurgent-class Battlecruiser Absolution, Hux bore witness to Brendol's orbital bombardment of Parnassos.

Dealing with Brendol
Sometime after Phasma's recruitment and Brendol's return from his shipwreck on Parnassos, Phasma and Hux met and conspired to assassinate Brendol. Both agreed that the time had come for Brendol to die, and Hux left the actual killing up to Phasma with his only instruction being that she make it untraceable. Phasma went on to kill Brendol with the toxin from the bite of a Parnassos beetle.

Brendol dead, Hux gave a brief address to Captain Cardinal and the First Order stormtrooper corps to inform them of Brendol's death. Formalities aside, Hux ascended to his father's role in the First Order military, and took his father's suite on the Absolution as his own.
Years later, Cardinal met with Hux to discuss the circumstances of Brendol's death. Cardinal reported to Hux that Phasma had killed his father, information he had gotten from interrogating Resistance spy Vi Moradi, but Hux merely laughed in his face. Hux admitted to his role in Brendol's assassination, telling Cardinal that he had wanted his father dead. After affirming Cardinal's loyalty, Hux let him go, fully expecting Phasma to eventually finish the job of silencing him.

bout 30 years after the Battle of Endor, Hux was the general who commanded Starkiller Base, the primary base of operations of the First Order, as well as the Resurgent-class Battlecruiser Finalizer and answered to Supreme Leader Snoke. Deeming Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi, to be a threat to the First Order, Hux, along with Kylo Ren, were given the directive. Though First Order possessed maps from the Empire that would lead them to the planet where Skywalker was hiding, they lacked a final piece. To that end, the Finalizer traveled to Jakku and dispatches a bridge of stormtroopers to attack the settlement of Tuanul, where Ren captured a Resistance pilot named Poe Dameron, who already acquired and hid the final piece of the map. After Ren interrogated Dameron, he informed Hux that the prisoner had entrusted the map to a BB-8 unit. Hux dispatched stormtroopers back to Jakku to search for it and posted a bounty on the droid.

Subsequently, Dameron was freed by a stormtrooper and the pair attempted to escape on a TIE/sf space superiority fighter, disabling the Finalizer's turbolasers. Hux ordered the ventral cannons to shoot down the fighter, causing it to crash-land on Jakku. Upon informing Ren of the incident, the dark knight deduced that the traitorous stormtrooper was FN-2187. Hux checked with Phasma, who noted that this was FN-2187's first offense.

Subsequently, Supreme Leader Snoke ordered BB-8 captured or destroyed if necessary. When Hux informed Ren, the latter questioned the competency of their stormtroopers, given that one of them committed high treason, and suggested that the First Order instead appropriate a clone army like the Galactic Republic and early Empire before them. Hux assured him that his stormtroopers were trained from birth to succeed and reminded Ren not to let his obsession with Skywalker interfere with their mission.

After BB-8 fled Jakku aboard the Millennium Falcon, Hux and Ren returned to Starkiller Base, where they spoke to a hologram of Supreme Leader Snoke. Snoke was not happy that they let the droid slip through their fingers and stated that the Jedi would rise again if the map got to the Resistance. Hux humbly took full responsibility for his failure, but the Supreme Leader interrupted him, declaring that their strategy had to change. Hux suggested testing the superweapon and destroy the New Republic for supporting the Resistance, leaving their enemies vulnerable. After receiving authorization for the undertaking, Hux then assembled the First Order army at Starkiller Base and gave a grand speech, proclaiming that the destruction of the Republic would be the beginning of the First Order's rise to power in the galaxy. At his signal, the base's weapon fired and destroyed the Hosnian system, which at the time hosted the Republic's capital and Senate, wiping away its leadership and fleet.

Subsequently, the First Order received a tip from an informant on Takodana that BB-8 was there, so Ren led an attack squadron. However, Ren instead captured BB-8's accomplice, the Jakku scavenger Rey, because she had seen the map, and ordered the division to retreat as the Resistance engaged them. Ren brought Rey back to Starkiller Base and attempted to extract the map from her mind, only to learn that the girl was strong in the Force and turned his own mind probe against him. Hux later walked in a conversation between Ren and Snoke, the latter asking what happened to BB-8. The general humiliated his colleague by telling the Supreme Leader that Ren decided the droid was not longer valuable to the First Order's mission, and that the girl was all they needed. He then informed Snoke that they tracked the Resistance scout ship performing recon on Starkiller Base back to the Ileenium system. Snoke ordered Hux to use the superweapon to destroy the Resistance before they could find Skywalker.

However, while its weapon was charging up, the Resistance led a starfighter assault against Starkiller Base, which resulted in the base's destruction before it could fire on D'Qar. Hux was then ordered by Snoke to evacuate the planet and to take the defeated Kylo Ren with him.

Armitage Hux was a human man with red hair and pale skin. When he was a young child, his father Brendol Hux regarded him as a weak-willed boy. In his childhood, Hux was frequently belittled by his father. Despite Brendol's disdain for his own child, both Gallius Rax and Rae Sloane recognized that Armitage had the potential to become a military commander of the First Order. Under Rax's influence, the boy grew more vicious and was willing to order his father's child soldiers to hurt each other in order to assert his authority. From childhood, Hux was raised on stories of heroic Imperials and how the Empire had brought peace and order to the galaxy following the Clone Wars. Hux believed that the the galaxy needed to be saved from chaos and that the New Republic was too weak to rein in these problems.

As an adult, General Hux was a methodical commander who continued his father's program of training stormtroopers from infancy. Hux was a scientific and technologically-minded man who had little patience and understanding for Force-wielders like Kylo Ren. Hux had an acrimonious relationship with Kylo Ren and the two competed for the favor of the First Order's Supreme Leader Snoke. Hux was rankled by Kylo Ren's questioning of his faith in his men and methods. He also tried to deflect blame onto Kylo after First Order forces on Takodana failed to recover BB-8 and the map to Luke Skywalker.
Due to his upbringing, Hux believed that he was destined to rule the galaxy. He regarded the New Republic as an illegitimate government that had to be destroyed in order to usher in the First Order. Hux believed that Starkiller Base held the key to retaking the galaxy from the New Republic. While Hux was distressed by the Resistance's destruction of Starkiller Base, he nevertheless complied with Snoke's orders to recover Kylo Ren and bring him to the Supreme Leader.

As a General in the First Order, Armitage Hux commanded the First Order's armies and Starkiller Base. He was familiar with the operating systems of a Resurgent-class Battlecruiser and Starkiller Base.

General Hux wore a charcoal grey general's uniform, black gloves, a polished officer's buckle, traditional flared-hip breeches, and insulated books. He also wore a crested command cap emblazoned with the insignia of the First Order and a gaberwool officer's greatcoat. Hux believed that a tidy appearance was essential to maintaining discipline. When addressing his men, he wore a parade uniform designed to broadcast his authority as a First Order General.

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