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Ord Vaug

Section of Site: Buffy RPGBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Some Assembly RequiredEra: Canon: No


Manticore Transgenic X-5 Series

14-point Quality

Riley: “I'm a human who was used as a lab rat for months.”

-5.4 Out Of My Mind


Based on the characters from the series "Dark Angel" created by James 
Cameron and Charles H. Eglee.

            In the quest to create the perfect soldier, the American Armed Forces tried many methods. None of these procedures worked on a large enough percentage of the population for it to be effective, and the side effects were extremely detrimental with only rare success. It was decided to build a warrior from scratch. The X-5s are the 5th in a series of such transgenic warriors to come from the latest super-soldier program, called "Manticore". As a Manticore they are naturally endowed with the following enhancements and drawbacks from the military trying to put everything they could into them. Learning from past mistakes, the scientists improved each generation of the Transgenics. Relying on the DNA of the greatest and brightest humans available and animal DNA for enhancing their soldiers. Each X-5 is a unique prototype, with slightly different combinations of DNA.

+3 to Strength, +4 to Dexterity, +1 Constitution and +2 to Perception. These bonuses can raise the X-5’s Attributes above the human maximum of six. Also none of the Demon-Tainted Humans physical Attributes can be below three after bonuses are applied.

As a result of their Transgenic DNA they have the Acute Sense (Hearing) and Acute Sense (Sight) Qualities.

Three levels of Hard to Kill (and can buy additional levels on top of that, up to a total of ten). Only the strong survive the Manticore training. So they are harder to kill than normal soldiers.

A free level of Getting Medieval or Kung Fu Skills (they must also spend at least some points on those skills, for a minimum beginning level of two in each).

Damage is regenerated at a rate of one Life Point per Constitution level every hour. The X-5 recovers from injuries unnaturally fast.

Due to the training the X-5s receive they gain the Qualities of Fast Reaction Time, Nerves of Steel, Photographic Memory and Situational Awareness.

Leap an X-5 can jump 2x Strength yards vertically and 5x Strength yards horizontally. +5 on leap attacks, to the roll and to the damage. Like their dexterity, the X-5 series are capable of incredible leaps when the occasion calls for it.

The Manticore X-5s are flawed, due to an imbalance in their serotonin levels.

Addiction (Tryptophan) (6)
X-5s need this to live a normal life, without it they have seizures. Decrease Dexterity by 1 every day as the seizures worsen, when Dexterity is reduced to zero, begin to remove Constitution points in the same way. If Tryptophan is taken and rest for a day the Transgenic will recover their Constitution. Normal Addiction Drawbacks apply as well at -6. One of the disadvantages of all the engineered gifts was a malfunctioning brain chemistry that does not produce serotonin at proper levels. This causes insomnia and eventually seizures. The Tryptophan helps with this, though other methods of increasing serotonin are just as effective when dealing with this.

Adversary Governments & Scientists (3)
Many governments and scientists would like to get their hands on a Transgenic, their DNA alone is worth millions on the black market.

Due to the splicing of cat DNA into some of the X-5 series, about two or three times a year the females enter "Heat". They gain the drawback Mental Problem Deranged Lechery for seven days. When dealing with characters with the Attractiveness Quality, treat the score as doubled. This lasts for a full week (or until they scratch the itch). They must make a Willpower (Doubled) rolls in order to resist opportunities of sex as they present themselves. They add a -1 modifier to the resist roll per day.

Mental Problems (Mild Cruelty) (1)
The brutal training and hard life at Manticore brought this about in all the subjects.

Recurring Nightmares (1) due to the horrors of Manticore and it's training.

Secret (Manticore Transgenic Super-soldier) (3)

There are two basic types of Manticore Transgenics, Escapees and those still working with the government. Those working with the government gain Military Rank (-1) Drawback and Honorable (1). Remove the Recurring Nightmares Drawback.

Flavor Notes: The normal body temperature of an X-5 is over 100F.


TM & ?2002 Twentieth Century Fox and its related entities. All Rights Reserved.

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