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Section of Site: Buffy RPGBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Some Assembly RequiredEra: Canon: No


Phoenix Avatar

16-point Quality

Cordelia Chase: "That friend of mine, Doyle? He used to get these brain flashes. Messages from the PTB? The Powers That Be. Visions of all sorts of stuff: people in trouble, things about to cause trouble, places trouble is happening in."
Barney: “And your friend left you that little inheritance?
Cordelia Chase: "I’m never gonna forgive him for doing this to me."
Barney: “What? Choosing you? Trusting you with an enormous responsibility? Believing that you where the only one worthy of such a rare and important gift?”  
Cordelia Chase: “Did I mention the drooling?"

-1.10 Parting Gifts


Much to the annoyance of many do-gooders in the Buffyverse, The 
Powers That Be generally shy away from a direct involvement in 
mortal affairs. But there are other, more primal, forces in the universe 
and not all of them are evil. One such entity is the Phoenix, long ago 
worshipped by the first tribes of men as the bright light of the heavens, 
the source and protector of all life. Even today, when its true glory has 
been forgotten, the Phoenix image is still associated with life and 
renewal in many cultures.

Sometimes, apparently on a whim (or maybe not - the acts of a god are usually hard for mortals to comprehend) the Phoenix will bless a mortal child, imbuing him or her with a mere fraction of its nigh-infinite energy. These people are the ones who make quiet (and not so quiet) marks on history, inspiring all those around them with their generosity and sheer energy.

Even more rarely, though, the Phoenix will stir against the rising tide of darkness and specially gift a human by making him into its avatar. The Avatars of the Phoenix are vessels for the universal life force, drawing upon the warm glow of creation itself in order to strike out at the powers of darkness. This is both a blessing and a curse.

The blessings are thus:

+1 to all six Attributes. These bonuses cannot raise the Avatar's Attributes above the human maximum of six.

Acute Senses (All five of them).

A level of Hard to Kill (Avatars can buy up to 9 levels on top of that).

+2 levels of Attractiveness (to the maximum of 5).

+1 skill level of both Notice and Influence.

The Artist Quality.

Regeneration from injuries at the rate of one Life Point per Constitution level per hour.

Sense the presence of unnatural creatures (demons, vampires, ghosts, werewolves and the like) by concentrating for five seconds (one combat Turn) and making a Perception roll to reveal the presence (but not location or number) of any creature within 100 feet.

Psychic Visions.

It's not all perks, though. The downsides of being an Avatar of the Phoenix:

An Avatar of the Phoenix automatically gets Adversary (Creatures) worth five points.

Recurring Nightmares owing to their mental link to the alien mind of a primal force of the universe.

The Reckless quality, another side effect of the nature of the god they serve.

Avatars cannot be twisted into vampires or werewolves, be called as a Slayer, or use magic.

The strict 'defend life' mentality of the Phoenix, and thus its Avatars, counts as a 2-point Honorable Drawback and a 2-point
Obligation Drawback as well.

+1 to all attributes (+6)
Acute Senses - All (10)
+2 Attractiveness (2)
Artist quality (2)
one level of Hard to Kill (1)
+1 to Notice (1)
+1 to Influence (1)
Psychic Visions (1)
Regeneration - 1 LP per Constitution level per hour (3)
Detect Monsters (100 foot range) (1)
TOTAL - 28

Adversary (The Unnatural) (5)
Honorable (Serious) (2)
Obligation (Major) (2)
Recurring Nightmares - Primeval Dreams of the Phoenix (1)
Reckless (2)
Cannot be werewolves, vampires, slayers, or sorcerers
TOTAL - 12



1-point Quality

There is something about you that is just not right. You have the taint of another world, dimension or plane. While that is not a problem under most normal circumstances, how often does that happen? Other otherworldly characters and creatures can detect this on you making it impossible for you to pose as 100% human.  This is often most associated with returning from the dead (such as Buffy and Tara) or spending most of your time on another plane (like Fred).  Note: Demons and Vampires that are ‘native’ to the Earthly plane do not have this drawback nor do they detect it on others as well as ‘out of towners’. To others with this drawback it also gives the cast member a –1 penalty vs. their Notice checks against you. Conversely the cast member with this quality gains a +1 bonus on Notice checks when looking for others with this quality.

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