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Model: Comlink booster pack
Cost: 500 credits
Availability: 2

Game Notes: A Comlink is an amazingly powerful communications device, capable of communicating with orbiting vessels and for many hundreds of miles. However, their signal is easily blocked by objects in the way, so an orbiting vessel may be on the other side of the planet, or receivers may be too distant and blocked by the curvature of the planet. In these instances a Comlink booster pack boosts the signal and aids in communication.
Used by the remotely controlled battle droids during the invasion of Naboo, they allowed the control of Battle Droids on a global scale from a single Droid Control Ship.

Description: A comlink booster pack was a piece of technology worn on the backsides of most B1 battle droids. Numerical markings on the back of a booster pack identified the battle droid wearing it.

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